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I. North v. South. Malaria, dysentery, typhoid took 10 years off Southern lifespan - 50 years NE settlers added 10 years to their life – 70 yr. life span; “grandparents.”. Family life. South - 6x as many men; lots of teen pregnancy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I. North v. SouthMalaria, dysentery, typhoid took 10 years off Southern lifespan - 50 yearsNE settlers added 10 years to their life 70 yr. life span; grandparents.

Family lifeSouth - 6x as many men; lots of teen pregnancyNorth stable families, divorce only for abandonment or adultery, Scarlett Letter and the city on the hill

economicsSouth first families/tutors, headright system 50 acres to bring someone here, tobacco overproductionNorth more equality, farming and something else, public ed, 50% literacy and Harvard

reviewName top 3 diseases.Contrast Life expectancy in North and South.Contrast family structure in North and South.What was the headright system?Contrast economic and education system in North and SouthII. Struggling servantsLand became more scarce and harder to acquire for freemen.Gov. Berkeley took away franchise and made land promises to Natives.

Bacons rebellionWhen Gov. Berkeley wouldnt retaliate for frontier attacks, Bacon and his followers didBacon, a 29 year old planter, led the rabble in burning Jamestown and chasing Berkeley out.

What to do?Bacon died ended, 20 hung; Planters feared frontiersmen, needed an easier to control labor force.1680s rising wages in England ==more black than white arrivals

reviewWhat was getting harder for freemen?What did Gov. Berkeley do that angered freemen?Who led the rebellion?What conclusion was reached?III. slavery10 million came over 300 years; 400,000 to N. AmericaTriangular /transatlantic trade Europe Africa Americas; slaves came on Middle Passage; North involved (RI)

New slave trade10,000 slaves brought 1700-1710; half Va population 1750, 2/3 SC populationMore slaves==less assimilation; smaller numbers == more assimilation

Quality of slave lifeOnly imports could replace slaves on rice and indigo plantations of South Carolina.Closer together Tobacco plantations allowed family life, natural reproduction.

Slave cultureMixed African/American language, music , religion Slave rebellions NY; Stono Rebellion in South Carolina, 1739, attempt to march to Florida - not as serious as Bacons Rebellion.

reviewHow many slaves?Whats the triangular trade and the Middle Passage?How did the number of slaves impact culture?How did slaves impact society?What slave rebellions were there?

IV. Halfway covenant, Salem witch trialsJeremiad angry sermons concerning whether the next generation of Puritans was devout enough.Number of conversions declining

way CovenantHalfway Covenant gave partial church membership to the young.Weakens distinction between elect and others; eventually ended it, and women became church majority

Salem witch trials1693 Salem 19 hung 1 pressed; younger girls accused older women.Hysteria ended when governors wife was accused; role of economics?

reviewWhat was the concern about the next generation?What was a jeremiad?What was the Halfway Covenant?What was its effect?Who accused whom in Salem?How did the hysteria end?

I. 13 coloniesThere were 32 colonies; Population doubling every 25 years.Biggest Colonies: Va, Mass, PA, NC, MD; Cities: Philly, NY, Boston, Charleston

Immigrant groupsGermans/Lutherans in Pennsylvania 1/3 of pop.; kept customsScotch-Irish left Scotland, failed in Ireland, came to PA , squatted west then came South.

diversity20% African-American; mostly English in NE, over half non-English in middle colonies Crevocoeur: What then is the American, this new man? Fr. Huguenots, Welsh, Dutch, Swedes, Jews, Irish, Swiss, Scots HighlandersreviewHow many colonies?Biggest colony?Biggest city?What were top 3 foreign groups?What other groups?Where was the most and least diversity?