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Transcript of I I SAINT GERMAIN SERIES - i Germain Press/Saint Germain... · PDF file"I AM"...

  • \ \ I I / S A I N T G E R M A I N SERIES


    SAINT GERMAIN FOUNDATION The "I A M " Activity represents the Original, Permanent,

    and Highest Source of the Ascended Masters' Instruction on the Great Laws of Life, as first offered to the western world by the Ascended Master Saint Germain, through His Accredited Messengers, Mr. and Mrs. Guy W. Ballard.

    In the early 1930s the Ballards established Saint Germain Foundation and Saint Germain Press, Inc. which under Saint Germain's Guidance, have expanded into worldwide organizations that offer to mankind the true Ascended Master Teachings on the Great Cosmic Word, "I AM" ! Saint Germain Foundation strives to keep the "I A M " Ascended Master Instruction in Its pure, unadulterated form, free from any human interpretation, personal monetary gain, or proselytizing, as It is a Gift from the Great Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings to bring Illumination and Perfection to mankind.

    Hundreds of "I A M " Temples and Sanctuaries exist throughout the world, where the Teachings are applied in "I A M " Decree Groups. The Books of the Saint Germain Series are available in many libraries, bookstores, or directly from Saint Germain Press (address below). For further information, please contact:


    1120 Stonehedge Drive Schaumburg, Illinois 60194 United States of America

    (847) 882-7400 or (800) 662-2800 www.SaintGermainFoundation.org


  • 2006 Saint Germain Foundation 2006 Printing

    Printed in the United States of America

    All rights reserved unconditionally throughout the world, including foreign translation. No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means-graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or by information storage and retrieval systems-without written permission of the publisher.

    TRADEMARKS AND SERVICE MARKS OF SAINT GERMAIN FOUNDATION INCLUDE: The Ascended Masters' Instruction on the "Beloved Mighty I AM

    Presence"*, The Ascended Masters' Instruction SM, "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence"*, Daughters of Light, Honor Cross*, Honor Cross Design*, "I AM"*. "I AM" Activity., "I AM" Ascended Master Youth SM, "I AM" COME!*, "I AM" Emblem*, "I AM" Music of the Spheres*, "I AM" Pageant of the Angels SM, "I AM" Reading Room*, "I AM" Religious Activity*, "I AM" Religious Broadcast*, "I AM" Sanctuary*, "I AM" School*, "I AM" Student Body*, "I AM" Study Groups*, "I AM" Temple*, "I AM" Violet Flame, The Magic PresenceTM, "Mighty I AM Presence"SM, Minute Men of Saint Germain, Music of the Spheres, Saint Germain, Saint Germain Foundation, Saint Germain Press*, Saint Germain Press, Inc., Shasta Springs, Unfed Flame Design, Violet Consuming Flame, Violet Flame*, The Voice of the "I AM"%

    Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data The "I AM" discourses / by the gods of the mountains through Lotus Ray King

    p. cm. -- (Saint Germain series ; v. 20) ISBN 1-878891-79-0

    1. I AM Religious Activity. 2. Ascended masters. I. King, Lotus Ray, 1886-1971. II. Series.

    BP605.I18G73 2006 299'.93--dc22 2006041767


    his Series of Dictations is dedicated in deepest Eternal Love and Gratitude to our Beloved Ascended Masters, Saint Germain, Jesus, Nada, the Great Divine

    Director, our Beloved Ascended Messenger^ Beloved Godfre and Lotus, the Great White Brotherhood, the Brotherhood of the Royal Teton, the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta, the Great Ascended Masters from Venus, the Great Cosmic Beings, the Four Great Gods of the Mountains, the Great Angelic Host, the Great Cosmic Light; and those other Ascended Masters whose Loving Help has been direct and without limit.

  • TRIBUTE ix

    he time is approaching when all the humanity of this planet must give recognition to the Four Gods of the Mountains who are entrusted with

    drawing and controlling the Electronic Force within the Mountain Ranges of the Earth.

    The two Gods of the Mountains who abide in the Western Hemisphere form a Mighty Focus of the Cosmic Currents to this part of the landed surface of the Earth. One of these is the Great Cosmic Presence, Beloved God Tabor, who towers about eight feet tall and comes from a very ancient race of people. His Retreat is in the United States of America. He is the one after whom Mount Tabor in the Holy Land was named. Shortly after the Ascension of Beloved Jesus He came to North America to become the Guardian of the Rocky Mountain Range.

    The second God of the Mountains in the Western Hemisphere is Beloved God Meru, the Guardian of the South American Range. He


  • viii TRIBUTE

    guards magnificent wonders of wealth, jewels, and beauty in the caves of the Andes and is the Giver of certain Currents that form the great Strength and guarding Purity for the Three Americas. God Meru stands seven feet tall and is of the most wonderful proportions. He calls the Mountain Ranges of South America the "Treasure Chests of centuries past," and like the Himalayan Mountains, they guard many wonderful Secrets of Nature. His Retreat is located in the vicinity of Lake Titicaca, Peru, and His Messenger is the Beloved Lady Master Nada. Beloved Pearl tells us that "The God Meru, the God Tabor, and the God Himalaya are Beings who, the first time one sees Them, seem almost terrifying in Their Majesty, Their Beauty, the intensity of Their Light, and the Perfection which They are!"

    Volume 6:321

    The Great God Himalaya, from whom the Himalayan Mountains received their name, holds under His Direction the tremendous Electronic Force focused within the Himalayan Range. From there He governs the Electronic Force which surges throughout India and China. He has much to do with the governing of the Air Currents. One example is the releasing of His Golden Snow

  • TRIBUTE ix

    over the United States of America. He has been the Guardian of the Himalayan Range since the beginning of this planet. He stands over seven feet tall and holds under His Protection many places of Beauty and marvelous Treasures in these great mountain peaks.

    In India there resides the Ascended Master Orion, known by the people as the Old Man of the Hills. He is closely connected with the God Himalaya. Beloved Orion is the Guarding Presence of the Nation of India and the Guarding Presence of the Himalayan Range. He comes under the Beloved Mighty Elohim, called Orion as well, one of the Builders of this System of Worlds. There is also the Great Cosmic Hierarchy which governs the Galaxy of Orion, composed of uncountable billions of Suns and Systems of Suns and Systems of Worlds. The God Himalaya, the Ascended Master Orion, and the Constellation Orion are part of the same Activity, but of varying intensity.

    In Europe the Beloved God of the Swiss Alps has guarded a very ancient Focus of Mighty Cosmic Power for thousands of centuries in the Alps. It is His privilege to be the Guardian of certain Substance, Fire, and Power for the


    stabilization of that portion of the Earth around the Swiss Alps. His Retreat is located in the Monte Rosa. He tells us, "The Power which is drawn from the Retreat in the Swiss Alps, from Mighty Himalaya's Retreat in the Himalayan Mountains, from the Mighty God Tabor's Retreat here in your Rockies, and Mighty Meru's Retreat at Lake Titicaca, means the focusing to a given point of four of the Mightiest Streams of Electronic Force to this Earth! And that is necessary to hold certain balance in the structure of the Earth itself in and around the Three Americas.

    "This forms a Mighty Cross over the Western Hemisphere, and It is no imaginary thing. The Mighty Electronic Currents which flow through the Mountains are all purifying in their nature. They are also protective and powerfully energized, of course. Mankind little dreams that there stand in the atmosphere of Earth two Great Electrodes between which can pass Cosmic Power and Electric Force which the mind of man has never comprehended or even imagined.

    "Call to the Gods of the Mountains to give you the Blessings, the Power, and the Protection of the Mountains in whatever you are doing and wherever you move in the rest of the world; and

  • TRIBUTE ix

    We shall become a Cross of Electronic Force over you, and in and around you, which will give you the feeling of Mastery over all energy wherever you move, but you must remember Us!

    "May you live within It and BE Its Protection to all that is of Freedom and Victory of the Light for America and to all who seek the Light throughout the Earth!"

    The Voice of the "I AM," 72.5:6-8, 20, 25


    O Mighty God Tabor of Glorious Light! Great God of the Mountains, whose towering height

    Majestic, Commanding, in Silence Divine, Thou dost guard and control by Power all Thine!

    Great Guardian of Treasures and Blessings untold, Through Thee, Nature's Great Heart of Love, we

    behold Thine own Shining Presence is governing all,

    Releasing Thy Miracles through each Heart's Call.

    We love Thee and praise Thee, Beloved Tabor Dear! Enfold us and hold us and ever stand near

    To bless us and raise us unto Thy Great Height, To guard and protect us by Thy Cosmic Might!

    Illumine and charge us with Thy Wisdom too; Prepare now the way and in Glory step through!

    We long have beheld Thee in Great Cosmic Power, We stand at Thy side now each blest shining hour!

    Expand all God's Light now throughout the whole world, Until mankind all see Light's Banner unfurled



    Held high in