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    general information


    J. A. BARNES

    Division Operations Manager—Edmonton


    1. USE OF TELEPHONE The service furnished is for the exclusive use of the customer

    and the members of his household or his employees, and the cus tomer shall not extend use of the telephone to any other person nor shall the customer transmit messages for any other person.

    If a residence telephone is used for business purposes. Alberta Government Telephones shall charge therefore the business rate.

    The residence telephone number of a customer may be adver tised only in conjunction with the advertising of the customer's business number.

    The customer may use the telephone set and connecting lines where Alberta Government Telephones has placed them but nowhere else, and he shall not remove or alter them.

    The customer shall be liable to Alberta Government Tele phones for charges for all calls originating at his telephone regard less of who may originate such calls, and for all calls received at his telephone, the charges for which are accepted by any person receiving such calls, regardless of who may accept such charges. Alberta Government Telephones may if it so elects collect all or any part of such charges from the person placing the call or who may otherwise be responsible for the charges incurred.

    The customer agrees to compensate Alberta Government Tele phones on demand for any damage, loss or destruction of Alberta Government Telephones instruments and accessories while such instruments and accessories are in or upon the premises of the customer.

    2 TELEPHONE NUMBERS , . . The customer shall have no right, ownership, or interest in the telephone faciiitiK

    number assigned to him, or any right to continuance of service through any particular offim, ^d the telephone number or central office designation, or both, of the customer may be changed upon reasonable notice to the customer when necessary.

    aii^haroes for installations, moves and monthly rentals shall be paid in advance. Such pay-menU shall e^Ttitle the cul?om^ with all customers connected to t^ sa^ exchange. Ddniiiar fnii rafM shall be charotd for sll service to locetions outside such exchan90» "''"An «!es7 miS cha^S^ be added if a customer is ouUide of the exchange base rate area.

    4 VACATION ALLOWANCES ^ ^ . ' Should a customer wish to have his service temporarily disconnected, he may do » on

    SI s'j.K'&rrSiSs'S r.£s s.iS's-t"' "• This condition shall not apply to multi-party line service.

    4?L^iLr^fFi»son^wto^hares acustomer's exchange service in acwdance with TariffprovistoiSl Thfrales fSTfhis sendee, including adirectory listing, are available upon request 6. crM-iai pfluiomcnt or to incur any unusual expense in order

    a, equipment Installed or other unusual expense incurred. 7 PPP.WIRING AND CONDUIT SERVICE • Exposed wiring is JJe, s«^"djrd d


    ACHESON— See Edmonton and Vicinity Teiephone Directory

    AGRICOLA —See Fort Saskatchewan

    ALBERTA BEACH_Dial service For instructions on how to use the Dial Telephone,

    see Page 2 at the front of this Directory.


    Direct Distance Dialing 1

    Long Distance 0

    Directory Assistance 0

    Repair Service .... Dial "0" (Zero) & ask for Repair Service

    Assistance 0

    For Buried Cable Location, before digging, Diai "0" (Zero) & ask for

    Zenith 07128 (No Toll Charge)

    Business Office .... Diai '*0" (Zero) & ask for Business Office

    (No Toil Charge)

    Hours 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday

    Albert Marvin Box 124 924-2481 Alberta Beach Community League 924-3491 Alberta Beach Garage 924-3280 Alberta Beach Hotel 924-3005 alberta government telephones

    Business Office—Dial "0" (Zero)

    & ask for Business Office (No Toll Charge) Hours 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday


    Almond Carl 924-3206 Anderson Christian E Box 90 924-2478 Andrew Mrs Margaret 924-3263 Andrews AH 924-3147 Armstrong Mrs Ruth 924-3219

    B Bacon Frank 924-3103 Baker J E 924-3428 Bakx Geraidine 924-3182 Barr H G 924-3050 Bateman W C 924-3289

    Bay The—Call Long Distance (No Toll Charge) & ask for. .Zenith 2211

    Beaupre Phillip 924-3028 Berndt Walter Box 26 924-2465 Bickerstaff Edward G 924-2475 Bickerstaff Joseph Darweii 924-2477 Biakeman Norman Box 129 924-2442 Biocher H 924-3033 Blough Mrs Eva C 924-3079 Booker E R 924-3480 Borie Edward 924-3473 Boucher J M 924-2427 Brent E John Box69 924-2451 Brent Edmund Box69 924-2445 Broad Robert 924-3441 Budac Mrs B 924-3007 Burns James J Box 120 924-2476 Bussche Emiel 924-2446


    Cameron Mrs Helen qpaipfin Campbell V H 924-3280 Canadian Pacific Airlines Calgary—Call Long

    Distance (No Toil Charge) &ask for Zenith 3900 Clarke Douglas Box 27 Clarke Jack Clarke Mrs Martha Box 67 924-24^ Colney J COLNEY'S general STORE (kinrad's General Store 924-3232

    Cookman Edith 924-3239 Cressman H 924-3092

    D Dalziel A R 924-3106

    Daughters of Jesus Lac St Anne 924-2489 Davison James A 924-3048

    Deutsch Carl 924-3268 Donald Wm A 924-3176 Dougan W 924-3247 Dowdeii Mrs M 924-3183 Drayton I M 924-3112 Drews Donald Box 60 924-2463 Button DA 924-3225

    E Eaton's of Canada—Call Long Distance

    (No Toll Charge) &. ask for. .Zenith 15000

    Edwards Mabie E 924-3204 Eidstrom E 924-3044 Ernes Wes 924-3288 Enzenauer EG 924-3178 Erichson Harold 924-3047 Erickson Chester 924-3145 Erickson Neis 924-3094 Eveieigh John 924-3451 Ewanyshyn Frank 924-3052

    F Fedorek T Norris Box 130 924-2435 Fedunec Alex 924-3165 Flelden Barry 924-3471 Formanski Arthur Box 16 924-2467 Freeborn Mrs Myrtle 924-3256 Frick P 924-3479


    Gamble Neil L 924-3084 Gilien Fred 924-3171 Ginther Bernard 924-3148 Goth Robert J 924-3124 Gourlay William A Box98 924-2433 Gregory F N 924-3015 Griggs S H 924-3458


    Habke Henry 924-3484 Hahn Elmer 924-3466 Hahn Eric 924-3287 Hahn L 924-3117 Heaiy Frank 924-3090 Heron CMM 924-30% Heron G 924-2468 Heron R J 924-3461 Heron William Box 40 924-2432 Hetman Wilham 924-3401 Hickie Henry Box 56 924-2452 Hickie Joseph Box 89 924-2458 Hickie Martin Box 58 924-2462 Hodgson AS 924-2436 Hodgson Ranch Lac Ste Anne 924-2434 Hofer Adoiph 924-3207 Hofmann Lome 924-3195 Holland Edward 924-3108 Howard Maurice 924-3241


    Johanson Mrs Mona 924-3105 Johnston Donald 924-2437 Jones John 924-2479


    Kaun K W 924-3412 Keir Dr W R 924-3091 King C 924-3267 Kirk J T 924-3485 Knight Lillian 924-3403 Kormendy John 924-3265 Krause Norman Box 9 .924-2460 Krobei Oswald 924-3474


    Lavallee George Box76 924-2485 Le Blanc G 924-3257 Ledger Wilfred 924-3081 Leiman John 924-3497 Leskow John 924-3432 Letendre Artiiur Box 39 924-2487 Letendre John Box 64 924-2439 Litzenberger Jackie 924-2447 Litzenberger Jacob P 9 -t Lutz Adam 924-3419

    M MacGREGOR real estate 924-3040 MacKenzie Herb 924-3039 MacLean Ian 924-3159 MacLean Neil 924-3279 Macmahon J B 924-3068 Magee Mrs K 924-3291 Mainhood Theima A 924-3116 Maiand Herman 924-3169 Maione Mrs M 924-3057 Marshall Lawrence E 924-3236 Martel Betty 924-3002 Maughan M 924-3431 McKenzie Dr A H 924-3128 Mintenko William 924-3447 Monckton Henry 924-3248 Morton M 924-3253 Murray Robert 924-3254 Muttart Builders' Supplies 924-3197

    N Nicoll Bill 924-3076 Nieman Herbert 924-3172


    Call Long Distance (No Toil Charge) & ask for. .Zenith 07228

    w Walker Mrs Gordon 924-3422 Wallace Robert 924-3448 Watson Harry A %4-3026 Weberg MrsD 924-3141 Weils Gwen 924-3230

    WEST END HI-LOW FOODS 924-3150 Westcove PayStation Westcove 924-9407 White T M- Bob 924-3255 Winters Mrs Rose 924-3283

    Ziebarth Gordon Box 8 924-2469 Zolmer H Wayne 924-2470

    ALCOMDALE—See Morinville


    For Buried Cable Location, before digging. Call Long Distance

    & ask for. .Zenith 07128 (No Toll Charge) Alder Flats Community Association 28 Alder Flats General Store 17 Alder Fiats School 25 Bay The—Call Long Distance

    (No Toil Charge) & ask for. .Zenith 2211 Blades Mrs Marie 33 Bohning Donald 30 CALGARY POWER LTD

    4912 50Av Drayton Valley 542-3582 Canadian Legion Aider Flats No 267 Br 1 Canadian Pacific Airlines Calgary—Call Long

    Distance (No Toll Charge) & ask for Zenith 3900 Canadian Pacific Railway

    Edmonton—Call Long Distance (No Toll Charge) & ask for. .Zenith 07155

    Danyluids Ltd 11


    Matt J. Leake, Mgr. res. 542-2329 1542-3072

    MnFir TowerBldg .. .Drayton Valley \542-3077

    Olson Mrs A 924-3215 Orchison John 924-3264

    P Pardee Equipment Ltd—Call txrng Distance

    (No Toll Charge) & ask for. .Zenith 07153 Park & Auto Court 924-3131 Patterson Arthur 924-3086

    Patterson Hugh 924-3021 Patterson Roy 924-3155 Payzant Mrs Hazel 924-3430 Pettigrew Lome 924-3140 Pilz Horst Box 66 924-2457

    Pilz Peter 924-2459 Plischke W Box 10 924-2464 Purvis Nell 924-3001

    R C Rectory lacSteAnne 924-2420 Renz Jacob 924-3166 Reschke Clarence Box87 92^2456 Reschke Leonard Box 29 924-2453 Robinson C E 924-3031 Rook Ron 924-3481 Royer Mrs Mary 924-3179 Ruhl Margaret 924-3285