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  • 1. The Brand Experience People An introduction to our work globallyi-am associates Mumbai London Istanbul

2. We design 360 customer experiences. We help you define and influence how your customers experience your brand across the multitude of touchpoints. To do this we are experts in: Brand Identity and Communications Digital Design Interior Design Architecture Employee Engagement 3. We design experiences that delight customers, build brand advocacy and deliver improved business performance. We are i-am 4. Brand Mark in English: Shortened Name Version We conducted a lengthyinternational search to select our design agency and are absolutely delighted with the impact i-am has had on our business. Hiren Bhanu Chairman, New India BankBy working closely with a very ambitious and willing board, we implemented a radical shake-up of the business, touching every aspect of the bank's workings and functionality. The new identity is both ultra-modern and corporate, yet radiates warmth and simple accessibility. The functionality of the branches now places the customer and their needs at the heart of the banks operations. The new brand and branch experience is being rolled out across the entire New India Bank estate. Twelve months after the opening of the first site the performance has greatly exceeded the board's expectations and has been warmly received by both customers and staff. 5. New India BankNew India Bank Branch & Collateral 6. i-am associates are a well organised, highly creative well organised, i-am are ainnovative company and trulyhighly creative and truly Husnu Erel innovativePresident, Garanti Executive Vice company.Bank Husnu Erel Executive Vice President, Garanti BankThrough the concept of 'Living Green' we created a radically enhanced customer Through the concept revitalised the Garanti experience that of Living Green has created a radically enhanced customer experience revitalising brand, bringing it to life and connecting with the Garanti image, bringing it to life and connecting customers. This approach brought warmth with customers. This approach brought warmth and and vitality to the experience and has now vitality to the customer customer experience been appliednow been applied throughout and has throughout the branch network. the branch network.The new branches include eye-catching contoured frontages that work alongside a suite of branded Over A powerful combination of environment collateral. the last 5 years the new brand experience andhas been applied to over 500 sites across brand communication.Turkey. The new branches include eye-catching contoured 'Living Green' frontages that work alongside a suite of branded collateral. A powerful combination of environment and brand communication. 7. Meeting Rooms 8. i-am provided us with essentiali-am provided us with essential knowledge and expertise knowledge and expertise in underst in understanding customer preferences. This has lead to customer preferences and meeting t a branch design that is market expectations. This has lead to a bra leading. design that is market leading. Diarmuid OConghaileAn Post Martin Bolton The Co-operative BankWorking in partnership with the Co-op team we are proud to have created the most eco bank branch in the world, in all materials and finishes Co-op team Workingwithpartnership with theadhering to best-in-class environmental standards.w proud to have created the most eco bank bran in the world, with all materials of the finishes We also introduced the centralised role and host to manage the front of house experience and adhering to best-in-class environmental standa allocate staff to look after the specific needs of each customer.A deliberate clockwise customer journey The business performance has continued ahead of was created to ensure maximumfurther target andthe concept has been applied to customer sites across the UK. engagement. We also introduced the centralis role of the 'host' to manage the front of house experience and allocate staff to look after the specific needs of each customer.The first new branch was built and opened to g 9. Consultation Area 10. i-am created an interactiveenvironment that targets all our customers. Marketing Director AveaAvea is a leading GSM operator in Turkey that serves to 12 million subscribers in its 700 stores. Avea wanted to familiarise its customers to the values it added to the mobile communication world, one of the fundamentals of our times. We set off understanding the value that mobile communication adds to life and focused on how communication language differs between lifestyle groups. We reflected Aveas young, dynamic and innovative character throughout the store zones and colour palette. We defined employee personalities as well as he architectural and graphic language. With its stronger customer experience, Avea decided to implement the new design to all service points. 11. Thanks to i-am we now have a showroom with a WOW factor. Sadk zgr DirectorThe objective was to design a space where Kale Kilit could demonstrate its integrated security products and services to its customers. The customer experience was based on highlighting Kale Kilits innovative products. i-am was inspired from the British artist Antony Gormleys Breathing Room III that was exhibited at the White Cube Gallery. Rather than creating a standard showroom, i-am have developed a giant labyrinth effect, and presented a customer journey which allows the customers to discover different experience zones. Digital boards and transparent glass surfaces were used to create elements of surprise. Interactive screens gave customers the opportunity to design their own unique door through a digital interface. A space was also created that could be used for exhibitions, seminars, and events, turning the environment into a social space as well. 12. i-am are genius brand consultantsand designers, they are the people weve been to consistently over the past 12 years. They have guided us, steered us and given us a huge amount of creative intelligence.Jon Newey DirectorHaving previously worked with the team at Domus tiles in the review and development of their brand and sales process, it was great to reunite in the creation of this inspirational new showroom in the heart of Clerkenwells design district. Domus has provided a unique environment for clients to explore new ideas. The overall design concept, that weve called Back to Front, was inspired by visiting the Domus warehouse in West London and their many suppliers in Northern Italy. The showroom itself has been returned to its foundations, stripped of artificial display walls and counters to reveal the body of this generous space. 13. i-am created a world classbrand identity and sales lounge which we intend to roll out Pan-India. Amit Mavi Founder, BOPWorlds trusted realty expertsAn ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company Over 40,000 satisfied customers 14 studios across 10 cities in India 2 international offices in Dubai & Singapore Great investment advice and insightBOP also known as Better Options Propmart is amongst Indias largest and fastest growing real estate brokers. As the company has grown rapidly and internationally there was a need to create a brand identity that would have a stronger recall value and global appeal. For BOP the customer is at the heart of the business. BOP wanted to create a truly magical experience for their prospective customers visiting their sales lounge. i-am created a strong brand identity and a stand-alone sales lounge environment that is industry leading. This was achieved by creating a recognisable logo that represents a young, professional, moving brand and a sales lounge that incorporates new technologies and allows greater product engagement and comfort. This allowed BOP to take brand ownership in collaterals, adverts, campaigns, and other media, whilst having a fresh impact in India and appealing to new markets overseas. 14. Lounge: Host & LoungeSales Lounge and Visual Language 15. Since working with i-am andre-thinking our perception of our offices, we have pioneered a new brand of estate agents. This has certainly been reflected in our sales figures and company growth. Ivor Dickinson Managing DirectorDouglas and Gordon are professional, innovative and caring, qualities rarely associated with their profession. By expressing their unique qualities through their brand experience they would gain a significant advantage in such a competitive sector. 'i-am' were asked to design striking modern environments and a distinctly memorable client experience that reflected their brand values and personality. First 'i-am' analysed every element of the Douglas and Gordon customer experience and then proposed a bespoke design solution in the form of a rich, warm and inviting environment. 16. Interactive Screens, Shop Front, and Waiting Area 17. i-am are a well organised, highly creative and truly innovative company. Marketing Director PanchshilPanchshil is a high-end luxury sector real estate company based out of Pune, working with designers such as Philipe Starck. They have built several iconic buildings in Pune including luxury hotels. Over a period these structures have become landmarks throughout the city, however the public in general are not aware that Panchshil built these. i-am were asked to tidy up the existing brand mark and establish the brand hierarchy for Panchshil. It was important to re-associate the Panchshil brand with their developments. i-am were also asked to look at the tone of voice and visual language of the brand. i-am created a visual pattern that would allow Panchshil to take brand ownership across a range of different media and communication platforms. The tone of voice was warm and friendly and the elegant visual language used helped portray a premium sense of luxury. 18. MERCHANDISING - CARRIER BAG & BOXESApplication Folder usi