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Hysupplies - Towels

Hysupplies - Towels

HysuppliesWelcome to HY Supplies.com where you will find your entire beauty salon, tanning salon, spa and restaurant linens needs fulfilled. We provide only the highest quality linens and textiles at the best possible pricing for industry bulk buyers or individual product purchases. If you require salon towels, Round tablecloths, table skirts, Spa bathrobes, bar mops, body wraps, salon capes, and so much more, you'll find them at Hysupplies.com.

Nail Salon TowelsThe No. 1Bleach ProofNail Salon towels in North Americaare Black & Color Magic.These Stain ResistantNail Towels are proven in Beauty Industry since1993. Guaranteedto last3 timesthelife of normalColor towels. Ideal for Beauty & Hair Salons.

Striped Pool TowelsHy Supplies offers a variety of quality Striped Pool Towels of various Types, Sizes & Grades.To meet the needs of your company, institution or organization.(Please scroll down & click the product descriptionfor images)White Economy Pool Towels with Blue center stripes in 20"x40", 22"x44", and 24"x48" sizes are ideal for school and university athletic locker rooms, hotels and motels, park district public pools, private clubs and golf courses.

Terry Bar Towels100% Cotton White Terry Bar Towels areusedfor all type of cleaning needs for Restaurants, Bars & Coffee Shops. Our Center Stripe Full Terry Bar Towels helps to Separate when mixed with other White towels. These towelsstand their original form after many washes

Striped Bath TowelWhite RibbedStriped BathTowel with three narrow stripes (Blue, Green and Gold) size 30"x60"- 9 lbs. Ideal for medium-to-high-end pools in hotels and for locker rooms in private clubs and golf courses.

Hand TowelsOur No.1 selling Bleach Resistant Color-Safe Salon Towels (Size 16x27-3.0 lbs) are available in eight different colorsBlack Magic Towel (BMT) 100% Cotton Super Premium Towels are Popular among Beauty Salons Since 1993.16 x 27 - 3.00# / Piece. Bleach Proof / Safe Premium Salon Towels for as low as$ 2.70 / Piece.

White Hand TowelsWide Choice of WhiteHand Towels for Beauty Salons, Tanning Salons & Days Spa. These Quality WhiteHand Towels are Highly Absorbent, Easy Care & Machine Washable.All Towels are 100% CottonTowels Fluff up after WashingWhite Magic Towels are Double Hemmed

Salon Towels

One Hundred Percent Bleach Proof Premium Cotton Towels, Produced By the Finest Towel Manufacturer. Beauty Salons, Tanning Salons, Hair Salons will all be proud and confident to have their customers using these comfortable, Fluffy and Absorbent Salon Towels. Made of Supreme Quality Cotton, These Soft and Stain Resistant Salon Towels are Durable and well crafted. Created With Ring Spun Yarn.

Barber Towels

100% Cotton Barber Towels With Blue and Green Center Stripe Herringbone Weave Towel Virtually Lint Free. 15x26 21 oz. 100% Cotton 100% Cotton Herringbone Weave for minimum lint Available in Green & Blue Center Stripe Minimal Shrinkage

Tanning Salon Towels100% Cotton Economy White Hand Towels available in different sizes. Used for all cleaning applications. Towels stay soft and durable wash after wash. Highly absorbent, Easy-care and Machine Washable. For Price conscious Salons and Spas.Highly absorbent, Easy-care & Machine Washable.Used for all cleaning applicationsPrice conscious Salons & Spas

Body WrapsMade of 100% cotton, Triple Sheared, Terry Velour Men's Wrap is Great for Shaving or After Shower Lounge. Adjustable Velcro Closure with Elastic Waist Band, One Patch pocket and Multi-needle stitching.100% Cotton Velour TerryOne Size 20 LongEmbroidery Done for Minimum 36 PiecesElastic Waist Band and Velcro Closure


Spa Wash Towels100% Ringspun Cotton Wash Cloth. White. Used for all cleaning applications. Highly absorbent, Easy-care, and Machine Washable. Lasts Longer. For Medium to High End Salons, Spas, Hotels, and Motels.Highly absorbent, Easy-care, and Machine WashableLasts LongerUsed for all cleaning applications

Table Napkins

100% Momi Cotton Napkins are used in hotel, motel, resort, cruiseline, time shares, bar, vacation hideaways, restaurant & infinity. Momi is traditional crepe weave of cotton table linen fabrics its distinctive silky texture allowing for greater durability.distinctive silky texturegreater durabilitytraditional crepe weave of cotton

Spa Pillow Cases & Spa Sheets

50/50 Poly/Cot Pillow Cases In White are Suitable for Day Spa, Massage Center, Hotels & Motels. These Pillowcases Offer Unquestionable Quality and Impressive Durability.PILLOW CASE - 42x34 - 4#50/50 POLY/COT - T-180WHITE

Round TableCloths

Our Basic Polyester Round TableCloth is made of 100 % Polyester and has a soft feel, Excellent Color Retention, Absorbency and Durability. Ideal for Resort, Hotel, Motel, Restaurant, and Banquet Hall.Shrinks evenlyReversibleLooks BetterAvailable in 64 Colors

Mammography Gowns & Capes

Mammography gowns are available in heavyweight and feminine rosebud print, solid rose or pink. The kimono style, front opening gown, is knee length or hip length.Perfect for Imaging with a long open frontAvailable in Knee length/Hip length

Fitted Tablecloths

These Fitted Tablecloths made of Basic Poly Seamless give rich look to your rectangular banquet tables. They drop almost all the way to the floor. They are used as an economic alternative to using table skirting on the banquet tables. Perfect for Hotels, Caterers, and Party Rentals.Shrinks evenlyReversibleLooks BetterIn 74 attractive Colors

Banquet Chair Cover

Our chair covers are very high quality, at reasonable prices. These covers are used for Wedding, Banquet and Restaurant Chair Covers.Reasonable prices and high qualityFits the Chair and gives a soft and draping look

Hy Supplies 13.5 Foot By 29 Inch Standard Height Shirred Table Skirt Is A Good 3 Sided Fit For A 6 X 8 Foot Table And 48 Inch Circular Table. See Our Photos For Particulars. These Table Skirts Give An Elegant Touch For Any Function Or Event. Ideal for Trade shows at Hotels, Resorts and Banquet and Wedding Facilities.

Shirred Table Skirts

Sweat TowelsThese Sweat towels are plain, lightweight, and elegant health club towels. Very useful for wipe down equipment in gyms and excellent for health clubs. Soft and Highly Absorbent of sweat and perspiration after a work-out or game.Soft and Absorbent for wiping sweatServes as a wipe down in spas and gym100% Cotton

Huck Towels Huck towels are 100% cotton, absorbent, and lint free. Suitable for Healthcare, Hospitals and Fitness clubs.100% Cotton, Absorbent & Lint FreeMedium(24 oz.) & Heavy Weight(28 oz.) AvailableBest suited for Health care Institutions, Fitness Clubs & Hospitals.

Gym & Fitness Towels

100% Cotton Economy Hand Towels. Easily Washable & Dries Quickly. Perfect for Price Conscious Salons, Spas, Hotels and Motels.Easily WashableDries Quickly

Table Toppers

Multi-Colored Knitted Poly Fabric Table Toppers For Six Or Eight Foot Tables. Will Go Well Together With Table Skirts For Wedding And Banquet Facilities For Any Uniquely Elegant Event Or Group Social Function. Comes In Many Exciting Colors.Six Foot And Eight Foot Table Toppers In Multiple ColorsGreat For Weddings Or Banquets, Any Special Event Or Gathering

Cotton Adult Terry Bibs With Snap

Our Adult Terry Bibs made from High Quality Cotton comes in Snap Closures. They are available in different sizes with different colours. Our Bibs have variety of ties which makes them best suited for Hospitals, Nursing Home and other Health Related Areas.BIB-18X30W/SNAP

Pediatric GownsAll kids garments are made of 100% Woven Polyester with Prints to meet the Federal Children Sleepwear Acts.100% Woven PolyesterClown print in Yellow, Blue, Mint and Pink backgroundWith Ties

Reusable Underpads-Chair PadsUnderpads are designed to control and absorb liquids. The quilted design and three-layer construction will not slip, ball or shift. Brushed polyester top sheet with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal finish wicks fluid away from patient and inhibits bacterial growthProtects bedding and chairs, Fill is 10 oz. poly/rayon soaker that absorbs and traps fluidsPVC/polyester back sheet is totally waterproof and provides a non-slip surfaceOne underpad per package