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A summation of who Hyperloop is and what services we offer.

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2. FOCUS & SUSTAINABILITYBeing a small business ownerrequires investment in time, money,patience and skill. Starting abusiness is not creating a job, butcreating a career. A career thatbuilds wealth over time andprovides security and a sustainablesource of income for your family.Hyperloop strives to be the partnerthat equips you with best of breedtechnology and with our decades ofexperience in business, enable youto deliver on your vision. 3. ART & MAGICSCIENCERUNNING A BUSINESS IS AMULTIDISCIPLINEUNDERTAKING. BALANCINGPRODUCT, ENGAGEMENTAND ROI IS NOT EASY. 4. What do we mean by that? Running a healthy budget, having a staff remunerationsystem in place and managing stock levels are some of thevaried tasks that entrepreneurs complete each day. Thesecompleted tasks ensure that the business operatesefficiently. Understanding the nuances of the market, shifts in consumerhabits and defining a trend, that's an art! 5. CO-FOUNDER AND HEAD OFSTRATEGYSAREL DUPLESSIS 6. REINARD DU PLESSISCO-FOUNDER AND HEAD OFMARKETING 7. BRINK OLIVIERCO-FOUNDER AND HEAD OFPLATFORMS 8. At Hyperloop, we run our business on the same principles weadvocate to our clients. We believe that best of breed technologyis important no matter the industry you're in. As with any business,experience and skills are paramount to success and, between the 3partners, we have over 50 years of experience in the mostimportant elements of running a business. 9. OUR PHILOSOPHY AND PROCESSQUESTIONS + IDEAS = SOLUTIONS. 10. SERVICESWE PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH AND WE HAVE APPLIED THESE SAMEPRINCIPLES TO OUR BUSINESS. IT IS IMPORTANT FOR US TO UNDERSTAND THEINTRICACIES OF YOUR BUSINESS TO BEST ENABLE US TO ANALYSE THEMEASURABLES THAT ARE MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU.THEREFORE WE HAVE SERVICES SQUARELY AIMED ATACHIEVING EFFICIENCY AND INCREASING IMPACT, THOSEELEMENTS OF YOUR BUSINESS THAT HAVE DIRECTIMPACT ON YOUR BOTTOM LINE. WE ALSO STRIVE FORTHAT BALANCE AND THUS HAVE SERVICES TAILORED TOREACH THE HEART OF YOUR CUSTOMER, SUCH AS BRANDDEVELOPMENT, CONTENT CREATION AND VISUAL DESIGN. 11. Things that keep youawake at nightFINANCEWe facilitate cost effective solutionsto simplify invoicing, increase cashflow and reduce cost. All oursolutions are compliant with localand international auditingrequirements and can be scaled tosuit your needs. Our vendorsprovide internationally acclaimedSaaS products that will save youtime, ensure security of your mostvaluable information and give youpeace of mind. 12. SALES AND CRMThe lifeblood of your business. It isbecoming imperative for everybusiness to not just convert leads tosales, but also measure the efficacy oftheir processes, gather data abouttheir customers and clients to ensuresustainability and increase profits.COMMERCE!BRICK-AND-MORTAR STORES ARE STILL THEMAINSTAY OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN ECONOMY. BUTTHIS TREND IS QUICKLY CHANGING AND IT WILLBECOME MORE IMPORTANT FOR BUSINESS (WHERERELEVANT) TO ADOPT STRATEGIES THAT WILL ALLOWTHEM TO SUCCESSFULLY TRADE ONLINE. ATHYPERLOOP WE CAN ASSIST YOU WITH THISTRANSITION AND ENSURE IT ADDS VALUE TO YOURCUSTOMERS' EXPECTATIONS OF YOUR PRODUCT ORSERVICE. 13. HUMAN RESOURCES!Your staff are your greatest asset.They deserve the investment andattention. Let us assist you inimplementing a system thatmanages all your HR needs fromleave management, training,benefits and hiring are only someof the services we can facilitate. 14. MARKETINGMarketing doesn't justrefer to advertising. Thisservice offers end-to-endplanning including goalformulation, strategy andimplementation ofmarketing effortsthroughout your business.THINGS THAT DONT KEEP YOU AWAKE BUT SHOULD 15. MEDIAOnce you know who to speak toand what to say, you need to reachthose customers in the mostefficient and effective way possible.This service gives you access to ourwealth of experience in TV, radio,Magazine, newspaper and digitaladvertising experience, negotiatingpower and relationships to ensureyour message makes the impactyou require.BRANDMANAGEMENT YOUR BRAND IS YOUR MOSTVALUABLE ASSET. IT DETERMINESHOW THE MARKET PERCEIVES YOUAND THUS HAS A DIRECT IMPACTON YOUR BOTTOM LINE.HYPERLOOP HAS MULTIPLEDECADES OF EXPERIENCE INMANAGING AND GROWING LARGECONSUMER BRANDS AND WE CANLEVERAGE THOSE SKILLS TO GIVEYOU THE EDGE.DESIGNAny message worth communicating, is worth communicating well. What you say and how you say itis as important as the message itself. With highly creative and experienced copywriters anddesigners, we will ensure that your message stands out. 16. PlatformsOne of our core tenets, is thatwe aim to reduce cost andincrease efficiencies for theSME. However, we do alsobelieve in best-of-breedtechnology to ensure that ourclients gain the most valuefrom the solutions we offerwhich translates into betterbusiness. 17. PLATFORM 18. PLATFORM 19. PLATFORM 20. PLATFORM 21. PLATFORM 22. ACCOUNTING 23. CRM 24. CRM 25. CRM 26. CRM 27. SALES AND MARKETING 28. SALES AND MARKETING 29. EMAIL 30. SOCIAL MEDIA 31. HR 32. ANALYTICS 33. ANALYTICS 34. ANALYTICS 35. ANALYTICS 36. ANALYTICS 37. ANALYTICS 38. CONTENT MANAGEMENT 39. CONTENT MANAGEMENT 40. CONTENT MANAGEMENT 41. ADVERTISING 42. ADVERTISING 43. ADVERTISING 44. ADVERTISING 45. ADVERTISING 46. DESIGN 47. CLOUD STORAGE 48. CLOUD STORAGE 49. CLOUD STORAGE 50. CLOUD STORAGE 51. PRODUCTIVITY