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Book Trailer of Paul Volponi's Hurricane Song produced by S. Hinton

Transcript of Hurricane song

  • 1. Hurricane Songby Paul Volponi Book Trailer produced by Stacey Hinton San Jos State University Photos and music in public domain

2. Miles is passionate about football 3. Doc, his dad, is passionate about Jazz. 4. Miles believes that Doc loves music more than him. 5. Tragedy can bring people together 6. or tear them apart. 7. Imagine the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina 8. Miles, Doc & Uncle Roy seek refuge in New Orleans Superdome 9. All that water outside, but not enough inside. Not enough food, water, or diapers for the evacuees. 10. Thugs begin stealing, restrooms overflow, anda section of roof is ripped out 11. Imagine surviving in the shelter, struggling to breath, amidst the stench of garbage, urine, feces and blood. 12. Will this tragedy bring father and son closer? 13. Join the Tween Travel Clubs visit to New Orleans in August, 2005