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HURRICANE IRENE 2011. Flood waters leave Vermont facing its greatest natural disaster in decades. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HURRICANE IRENE 2011Flood waters leave Vermont facing its greatest natural disaster in decadesOn August 28, Hurricane Irene dumped enough water on Vermont to demolish the historic landmarks Vermont is known for. It left whole communities stranded and isolated like islands with no way in or out, forcing people to evacuate from their homes.

The tropical storm was one of the greatest devastations Vermont has seen in decades. Irene left Vermont more or less underwater. I love Vermont because of her hills and valleys, her scenery and invigorating climate, but most of all because of her indomitable people. They are a race of pioneers that have almost beggared themselves to serve others. Calvin Coolidge, after the flood of 1927The damage from the storm has devastated Vermont. In small towns, with substantial damage repairs will cost up to 1 million dollars; a sum of money that is hard to come by.

Vermonters ask you for help to bring back our beautiful Green Mountain state.Barre, VTBerlin, VTBethel, VTBrandon, VTThis building, The Briggs Carriage and Co., has survived the floods of 37 and 38 but it seems that this flood has forced it to its knees. To the right of the road is the Neshobe Golf course, which is now gone.Just a few years ago, Brandon built a new park here with commemorative bricks. To the left stands an arch with a small landing over-looking waterfalls that run through the town. The flooding from this river left the arch an island in the midst of all damage.These buildings are the Brandon House of Pizza (left) and the Watershed Tavern. The river runs underneath these buildings, under the road to the park. You can see the water has risen enough to rush through the Watershed building. Notice where the pizza building should stand.As flood waters rose, the Pizza building was pushed off its foundation so it lies flush with the brick building, a Barber shop.Brattleboro, VTBridgewater, VTThis house was swept off its foundation into the river and is now stuck at the bridge. This type of tragedy inevitably resulted in more flooding as the water had to go around the house.Long Trail BreweryBristol, VTCastleton, VT

Castleton State College Athletic Field

Castleton State CollegeCastleton State College parking lot

Duxbury This is Killington Base Lodge at the Killington Ski Resort demolished by flood waters. Killington, VT

Londonderry, VT

Proctor, VTMany cemeteries suffered from flood damages. Some tombs were unburied. Randolph, VT

Randolph Village Auto Sales

Richmond, VTRochester, VTFor several days Rochester was cut off from the world. No one had heard anything from families or friends about their safety. Little did they know, Rochester had no way of communicating because power lines were out, they had no access to internet and no cell phones.

An entire section of houses in the middle of my town have collapsed.

Many more have been completely destroyed.

Families are evacuating and being forced by rising waters to climb to the second floors of their homes. My family is already on the third and final floor of their house.

Vehicles are gone. Buildings, structures, roads all gone.

Cars and houses are floating down the rivers of Vermont.

Bodies are coming up out of the cemeteries.

People are in need of medical attention.

There is no power. No cell phone service. All phone lines are down, so if you have a cord land line phone, its become of no use. Internet is also out.

Killington Ski resort base lodge collapsed, 100 foot craters in the roads leaving major highways obliterated.

The main water line has been exposed, meaning that the likelihood of the water being contaminated is rising higher and higher.

There is no way out. And there is no way in.The following is a blog post from one of the flood victims who managed to find internet.Rutland, VTIn many towns, like Rutland, citizens were forced to evacuate their homes. Taftsville, VTWest Hartford, VTWoodstock, VTMore Roads in Vermont Plymouth Route 2

PlymouthQuechee BridgeQuechee Bridge

Quechee Bridge

Quechee Bridge

Route 73Route 73Route 73Route 4

Route 30Route 44Route 107Route 107Route 132Route 302Many towns were isolated without any way in or out. Eventually, some brave Vermonters tested the flood damage and rode ATV vehicles to the stranded towns to bring in what they could to strangers. But many towns had to have their supplies air-dropped.These Green MountainsDiane Martin - ComposerRita Buglass - Arranger

These green hills and silver watersare my home. They belong to me.And to all of her sons and daughtersMay they be strong and forever free.Let us live to protect her beautyAnd look with pride on the golden domeThey say home is where the heart isThese green mountains are my home.These green mountains are my home.

Many Vermonters have come together to help local business and homes that were damaged by the flood clean up the mess. Other states have sent volunteers in to help as well. The orange arrow indicates the level of flood waters in this building.

Vermont is a land of strong people. We were all heartbroken at the loss of our beautiful covered bridges, our historic buildings, and most simply, our beautiful land. With hurricane Irene bringing so much devastation to Vermont, it became the biggest natural disaster that Vermont has seen since the flood of '27. Damages will cost millions of dollars to repair.

Vermonters are strong, though and come together in times of need. Everyone is helping out their neighbors, whether they know them or not. People are taking risks to get into isolated communities to bring in supplies. We are a strong state.

Vermonters are strong and we will rebound and repair. But we ask for your help. Show your love of our beautiful green mountain state.SkyscraperDemi LovatoSkyscraper - Single, track 1/1, disc 1/12011Pop222524.92eng - iTunPGAP0eng - iTunNORM 0000172B 0000193A 0000C862 0000C7F2 0002B200 0002B200 00008D98 00008E90 000232F5 0002FED6eng - iTunSMPB 00000000 00000210 00000A2C 000000000095AEC4 00000000 0043D759 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000