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Hi, we are Yasmin, Maureen and Ibnu.

Transcript of Hungary timeline

  • 1. LAJOS KOSSUTH 1802: Lajos Kossuth was bornin Monok , Hungary. 1830: Lajos Kossuth was imprisoned for his activities. For his release, he rallied the Magyar gentry and lesser nobility to the nationalist cause and sought political independence for Hungary.

2. 1840: Lajos Kossuth becomes most importantleader of the reform movement and turns it intoHungarian independence movements.1848: French Revolution incites other Europeancountries; Hungary instates a governmentaccountable to parliament. But again many EastEuropeans were against these revolutions. 3. Sep 28 1848: Lajos Kossuth, finance minister, assumed control of the in Hungary. Lajos Kossuth led a failed revolt for Hungarian independence. 4. (1848-49) A revolution broke out in Pest, whichextended over the entire country. The HabsburgEmperor was dethroned after the Hungarian armywon several significant battles. Lajos Kossuth waselected Governor. The longest European nationalrevolution could only be oppressed in the summer of1849 by the Habsburgs with the help of the Russianarmy. 5. 1849 Jun 17: Russian troops invaded Hungary May 1848: Hungary began to gain self-government, Austrians beganto demand a representative government. Metternich resigned andsuffrage was granted. 1867: Francis Deak force emperor Francis to give Hungary equalstatus with Austria so there were two monarchies established. Buteach country have its own separate constitutional government. 6. 1878: Bosnia came under the rule of the austrian-hungarian empire. A representative from vienna, governthe area March 1894: Lajos Kossuth died in the age of 91 yearsold.