Hungarian Supercomputing GRID .

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Transcript of Hungarian Supercomputing GRID .

  • Hungarian Supercomputing GRID

  • General InformationCo-ordinator:Office for National Information Infrastructure Development (NIIFI)

    Consortium members:Computer and Automation Research Institute Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA SZTAKI)BUTE Dept. Control Engineering and Information TechnologyELTE Network Service CenterBUTE Center of Information SystemsBUTE Intitute of Nuclear TechnicsCompaq Computer Hungary Ltd.

  • Research area: Grid systems Interconnected, geographically distributed, and high performance or large number of resources to solve complex problems


  • Hungarian and international GRID projectsCERN LHC GridVISSZKIGlobus testCondor testDemoGrid - file system monitoring applicationsSuperGrid - P-GRADE portal security accounting

    CondorEU DataGridEU COSTSIMBEX

    APART-2 EUGridLab


  • Infrastructure of the Hungarian Supercomputing Grid


    Compaq AlphaServerCompaq AlphaServerGrid middleware

    Grid fabricHigh-level parallel development layer Grid level job managementCondor, SGEMPIGRID portalWeb based GRID accessCondor, SGEGRID applicationGRID applicationLow-levelparallel development Layers of Hungarian Supercomputing GRIDCondor, SGEClusters

    Condor, SGE

  • Distributed supercomputing: P-GRADEP-GRADE (Parallel Grid Run-time and Application Development Environment)A highly integrated parallel Grid application development systemSupport for programming of GRID:Parallel, supercomputing programmingFast and efficient developmentObservation and visualizationFault and performance analysisFurther development in the: Hungarian Supercomputing Grid projectHungarian Chemistry Grid projectHungarian Jini Grid project

  • Hierarchical design layers of P-GRADE

  • Pre-defined Communication TemplatesMesh

  • Workflow interpretation of P-GRADE applications

  • Features of P-GRADEDesigned for non-specialist programmersEnables fast reengineering of sequential programs for parallel computers and Grid systemsUnified graphical support in program design, debugging and performance analysisPortability on supercomputersheterogeneous clusterscomponents of the GridTwo execution modes: Interactive modeJob mode

  • Condor/P-GRADE on various parallel and distributed systemsSuper-computersGFlops

  • P-GRADE Interactive ModeP-GRADEInteractive mode

  • P-GRADE Job Mode with CondorTypical usage on clusters or in the Grid

  • Berlin CCGrid Grid Demo workshop: Flocking of P-GRADE programs by Condorm0m1