Humanitarian Diplomacy Humanitarian Diplomacy in Action ! Surein Peiris Humanitarian Diplomacy...

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Transcript of Humanitarian Diplomacy Humanitarian Diplomacy in Action ! Surein Peiris Humanitarian Diplomacy...

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Humanitarian Diplomacy Humanitarian Diplomacy in Action ! Surein Peiris Humanitarian Diplomacy Delegate-Pakistan Slide 2 How HD relates to Working in the field OPERATIONSCOMMUNICATIONSCOORDINATION Slide 3 HD in action- voice for the vulnerable! Slide 4 People who deserve..but Pressure from various angles deprive the Needy Slide 5 Try to address social injustice issues Stand up against social Injustice! Slide 6 Issues of Gender & Social exclusion Gender discrimination, Deprivation of Rights based on Gender in a Male dominated society Slide 7 Gender based Domestic Violence This Picture tells it ALL ! Slide 8 Stigma and Discrimination PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV AIDS SOCIAL EXCLUSION Slide 9 Disaster Relief - Fundamental Principles Upholding the Principle of Neutrality,Independence Impartiality Slide 10 People most vulnerable Disabled, blind, crippled, children, Pregnant Women, Elders..People special based on their condition Slide 11 People affected by Floods but No legal land Title THEN WHAT ? Humanitarian Diplomacy comes in to play . Lobbying for Laws to address these issues long term Short term, speedy an alternative Possibility to lobby the Government to provide state land ? OR Talk to the Landlords, Convince them to sign an Agreement which will elevate their status provide minimum Tenure security FROM NOBODY TO SOMEBODY ! Be a Stronger voice for the vulnerable ! Right to Shelter but No legal title ! Slide 12 HD promotes partnerships/coordination Partnerships and Collaboration with other Humanitarian Actors! Meetings with Other actors on the field is Important ! Information Sharing is Vital! Slide 13 Networking for a stronger voice ! Many Humanitarian Actors You are Not the only One! UNITED WE STAND ; DIVIDED WE FALL ! Slide 14 Communications is vital for HUMANITARIAN DIPLOMACY It is about Building the IMAGE of the PRCS. YOU are the face of the PRCS on the Field. Actions speak louder than Words First WALK THE TALK Then TALK THE WALK At all times be mindful to Show case the PRCS ! Slide 15 Communication on the field- Be careful ! Consistency in the Messages we give to Media.., Beware of the camera and Mike! Slide 16 Beyond Beneficiary Communications Mechanism to address the Needs of the Beneficiaries is important HD element comes into play ! PRCS Branches to take the Lead with IFRC support It is not an overnight process .Takes time .But Results last long ! Act and Not be Passive..It is your Responsibility! Slide 17 No One size Fits All approach Play it by Ear...Feel it.Smell it..Use your head ..Not your Heart YOU BE THE JUDGE! Slide 18 SOME Tools for HD Sphere Charter RC/RC and NGO Code of Conduct for Disaster Relief P&V based checklist for Disaster Managers and Health Professionals Code of Good Practice for NGOs responding to HIV/AIDs Principles and Rules for RCRC Disaster Relief The Hyogo Framework offers guiding principles, priorities for action, and practical means for achieving disaster resilience for vulnerable communities. Inter-Agency Standing Committees (IASC) Guidelines for Protecting Persons Affected by Natural Disasters: Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement Slide 19 Humanitarian diplomacy is about a change of mind set. It needs to be a part of daily work within all National Societies. RC&RC is to act, and not to remain passive. HD urges action on the part of National Societies and IFRC to measure up to that responsibility. Slide 20 Be a stronger voice for the vulnerable !