Human Resource Management - Willkommen — Study Human Resource Management? 4 HRM Past and Present 6...

download Human Resource Management - Willkommen — Study Human Resource Management? 4 HRM Past and Present 6 Past View of HRM 6 ... Bd(i) lhf—' (eoottwwa ... Common Problems With the Performance

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Transcript of Human Resource Management - Willkommen — Study Human Resource Management? 4 HRM Past and Present 6...

  • Human ResourceManagement

    Functions, Applications, Skill Development

    Robert N. LussierSpringfield College

    John R. HendonUniversity of Arkansas at Little Rock

    USAGELos Angeles | London | New Delhi

    Singapore | Washington DC

  • Detailed Contents

    About the Authors xxiv

    Preface xxv


    Chapter 1 The New Human Resource Management Process 2

    SHRM 3

    Why Study Human Resource Management? 4

    HRM Past and Present 6Past View of HRM 6Present View of HRM 6

    21st-century HRIi 8HRM Challenges 8The HRM Strategic View 9/Technology and Knowledge 10Labor Demographics 11Productivity and Competitiveness Through HRM 12

    HRM Skills 12Technical Skills 12Human Relations Skills 13Conceptual and Design Skills 13Business Skills 14

    Line Managers' HRM Responsibilities 15Line Versus Staff Management 15Major HR Responsibilities of Line Management 15

    HR Managers' Resonsibiiities: Disciplines Within HRW? 16The Legal Environment: EEO and Diversity Management 17Staffing 17Training and Development 20Employee Relations 20Labor and Industrial Relations 20Compensation and Benefits 20Safety and Security 21Ethics and Sustainability 21

    HRM Careers 23The Society for Human Resource Management 23Other HR Organizations 24Professional liabiliy 24

  • The Practitioner's Model for HRM 24The Model 24Sections of the Model 25

    Trends and Issues in HRM 27Technology and High-Performance

    Work Systems 27Increasing Globalization 28Ethical IssuesReverse Discrimination 28

    Wrap-Up 29

    Chapter Summary 30

    Case 1.1 33

    Chapter 2 Strategy-Driven Human Resource Management 38

    SHRM 39

    Strategy and Strategic Planning in the 21 st Century 41

    The External Environment 41

    Strategy 45What Is Strategy? 46Visions and Missions 47Types of Strategies 48How Strategy Affects HRM 49Strategic Analysis 50Designing a Strategy 52How HR Promotes Strategy 53

    Structure 54Basics of Organizational Structure 54How Structure Affects Employee Behavior 56How Structure Affects HRM 57

    Organizational Culture 57What Is Organizational Culture? 57How Culture Controls Employee Behavior in Organizations 59

    Measurement Tools for Strategic HRM 60Economic Value Added 60Return on Investment 61Balanced Scorecard 61HR Scorecad 62

    Human Resource Information Systems 62WhatlsanHRIS? 62How HRISs Assist in Making HR Decisions 62

    Trends and Issues in HRM 63Globalization Increases the Need for Strategic Planning 63EthicsOutsourcing and Employee Leasing 63Does a Small, Entrepreneurial Organization Need a Strategic Plan? 64

    Can Sustainability Create a Competitive Advantage? 64

    Wrap-Up 65

    Chapter Summary 66

    Case 2.1 69

  • Chapter 3 The Legal Environment and Diversity Management 74

    SHRM 76

    The Legal Environment for HRM-Protecting YourOrganization 78

    A User's Guide to Managing People-The OUCH Test 78Objective 79Uniform in Application 79Consistent in Effect 79HasJobRelatedness 80

    Major Employment Laws 81The Equal Pay Act of 1963 82TitleVIIoftheCivilRightsActofl964 82The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 85The Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 86The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 87The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 as Amended in 2008 87TheCivil Rights Act of 1991 90The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 91The Veterans' Benefits Improvement Act of 2004 91Title II of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 91The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 92Immigration Laws Relating to Employment and Equal Opportunity 92ReminderState and Local Laws May Be Different 93

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 93What Does the EEOC Do? 93Employee Rights Under the EEOC 95Employer Prohibitions 95

    EEO, Affirmative Action, and DiversityWhat's the Difference? 96Affirmative Action 97The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs 98Diversity in the Workforce 98

    Sexual Harassment-A Special Type ofDiscrimination 101Types of Sexual Harassment 101What Constitutes Sexual Harassment? 103Reducing Organizational Risk From

    Sexual Harassment Lawsuits 104

    Religious Discrimintion 106

    Trends and Issues in HRM 106Religious Discrimination 106Is Managing Diversity the Path to Corporate

    Sustainability? 107Are Global Employees Subject to U.S. EEO Laws? 107Help! My Small Organization Can't Comply With This Law! 108

    Wrap-Up 108

    Chapter Summary 109

    Case 3.1 113

    Case 3.2 114

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