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The Hudson~Litchfield News is a free weekly newspaper delivered to every home in Hudson and Litchfield, New Hampshire every Friday.

Transcript of Hudson~Litchfield News 12-31-2015

  • Hudson - Litchfield News | December 31, 2015 - 7










































    submitted by David S. Morin, HFD Public Information Liaison Hudson fi refi ghters on Monday, Dec. 28, were alerted by a box alarm to a commercial oven fi re at 4

    Industrial Dr. at 10:18 a.m. Captain Jim Paquette, fi rst arriving fi re offi cer, found smoke showing from the large one-story commercial building and requested additional companies to the scene.

    Fire crews found fi re burning in a large walk-in oven located inside the building. The fi re involved several wooden pallets that had ignited during the manufacturing drying process. Firefi ghters used several water fi re extinguishers to keep the fi re in check while a hose line was taken into the building for fi nal knockdown of the fl ames.

    The fi re was placed under control at 10:38 a.m. A venting system cleared the smoke from the building limiting damage to the oven.

    The departments Fire Prevention Division was requested to the scene to investigate for a cause of the fi re. The fi re remains under investigation.

    A total of 12 Hudson fi refi ghters, offi cers and chief offi cers staffi ng one engine, one ladder, one ambulance and three command vehicles, and an engine company from Nashua operated at the scene. Mutual aid from Windham covered Hudson Central. There were no injuries reported.

    by Jay HobsonThe Rodgers Memorial Librarys fi fth annual

    gingerbread house contest awards were handed out on Monday, Dec. 21, at a small ceremony in the Childrens Room.

    The awards went to: Happiest House - Tiana Bertrand, 5; Most Likely To Be Eaten - Abigail Conroy, 7; Most Creative - Angela Howe, 10; Coziest House - Cedi Rousseau; Most Original - Maddy Nicolosi, 12; Brady Nicolosi, 9, and Carlo Catalan, 10; The Cutest House - Simon Conroy, 4; Best Scene - Elizabeth Howe, 12; Best Use of Chocolate - James Rousseau, 3; and Best Landscape - Anastasia Rousseau, 9.

    Weve had some very interesting entries. We saw some very cool creative houses and we have an award for everyone, Adult Services Department Head Amy Friedman said. During the ceremony the children snacked on punch and cookies, and each was given their award to applause from the other children and parents.


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    Children up to age eight entered the Rodgers Memorial Library Gingerbread Contest held annually at the library. Th is year the winners are, from left: Angela Howe, 10, Elizabeth Howe, 12, Simon Conroy, 4, Abigail Conroy, 7, Carlo Catalan, 10, Maddy Nicolosi, 12, Brady Nicolosi, 9, Tianna Bertrand, 6, Anastasia Rousseau, 9 and James Rousseau, 3.

    Firefi ghter Justin Tracy smiles as he observes a job well done.


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    Support from surrounding communities made short work of controlling a commercial oven fi re.

    Rodgers Memorial Library Gives Gingerbread House Awards

    Firefi ghters Quickly Control Oven Fire

    Th e aftermath

  • Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?Thumbs down to the Litchfield Business

    Administrator for creating a hostile climate in the District. How long will the madness continue? The arrogance, attitude, and condescending attitude toward staff, administrators, community members, and parents need to be addressed now! Please superintendent rescue the District from this terrible dynamic.

    Thumbs up to Susan Haley for all she does for GMS!

    Thumbs up to Carolyn Leite for her deification to the kids in Litchfield. She is truly amazing and we are so fortunate that our kids have the opportunity to learn from her.

    Thumbs down to the senior citizen who purports to speak for all seniors in saying the light display on the Hudson Town Common is socialism in action. Dont speak for me, thank you very much! As a senior I happen to love the display and applaud the Town for doing such a nice job. Ill happily pay a few cents to help fund it. We need all the joy we can find this holiday season given the state of the world. By the way, why would you, as a senior, vote for a party that wants to take away your Social Security and Medicare? That doesnt make any sense. Think about it.

    Thumbs up to the staff of the Aaron Cutler Library in Litchfield for all you do to enrich our community: lectures, concerts, Downton Abbey night, craft projects, Polar Express. Thank you!

    Thumbs up. Say Luna, then sotto voce if I _had_ thumbs. To the person who dropped a Levana baby monitor receiver at the corner of Kienia Road and Edgewood. It has a belt clip, and Id put it on my collar, but again, no thumbs to turn it on or off. If you want it back, talk to the guy in the blue coat, I tow around Kienia daily. Or call him at 880-2077.

    Thumbs down to the person complaining about a restaurant customer exercising his right to bear arms. Who are you going to turn to when the police are eight minutes away and the real monsters start shooting? Stop living like a naive victim.

    Thumbs down to the landscaper on Robinson Road. Not only is your yard always full of trash and debris, but shocker, you are the first in the neighborhood to litter the road in front of your house with political signs.

    Thumbs down to the good ol boys club. When the first Bush won the presidency it was tantamount to winning a lottery. The odds of a second Bush winning were even greater odds. Do people really see a third Bush? This is not good politics. Its money and power ruling the land. This country needs change. Trump is very rough around the edges but at least he is open and honest. A novel idea, an open an honest candidate who speaks his mind.

    Thumbs down to the person complaining about someone open carrying in a local breakfast establishment. How ignorant can you be? Youd be kissing his shoes if he stopped someone that came in to shoot the place up. So what he had

    it visible. I bet there were five times as many people in there carrying concealed, all to protect themselves, their loved ones or maybe even you. If you dont like it go back under your rock and stay there. Those of us not afraid to go outside where the light is will keep calm and carry on.

    Dont be so afraid and learn about gun safety yourself and get prepared. By the way maybe you should watch the news and see why we need to be armed nowadays. Sad but true. Our Police officers are awesome, but theyre not on every corner or in every place of assembly.

    Thumbs up to the cheery little elf that stood in front of the Hudson Walmart asking for Salvation Army donations. This young girl was so sweet and happy as she asked us to help the less fortunate in our community, and she made my entire day better each time I saw her! She is an absolute Angel and I hope her stocking is full of the love and happiness she deserves! There is a place for you in Heaven, sweetheart ... for your heart is as warm and bright as the sun, and I thank you for being so special! Merry Christmas to you!

    Thumbs up to Bryan Lane for realizing that they need to monitor staff email accounts as there is a lot that may have been overlooked. It is not about who seems friendly up front, computer accounts are mixed, too.

    Thumbs up to the Litchfield Police Association for their generous donations to local families!

    Thumbs down to the Dad that was drinking with his young daughter at the pizza/bar restaurant Sunday night. No adult enjoys a night out for a cocktail with your child running all over the bar. You drank more than two alcoholic beverages and then drove that child home. The Hudson and Litchfield police have been notified of the vehicle that you drive. My husband and I have been in the restaurant several times and this is not the first time weve seen you in the bar drinking to excess with your children in tow. Its despicable. You want to drink be responsible and leave your child(ren) at home.

    Thumbs down to the homeowners on that keep putting up obnoxiously bright lights right next to the road on those eye-sore pillars. If you really want to light up your house, why not just put some spotlights that light only your house and dont interfere with visibility on the road? I seriously hope that plow trucks will soon have

    their way with those things, and that fence you apparently find absolutely necessary. By the way, the front of your house now looks crowded and para