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  1. 1. H.R. Management Final Presentation Team: LEO Class: VISK2012B PETS HOUSE
  2. 2. Outline Introduction and logo Business card Mission statement Organization Chart Job Description & Advertisement for the job Application Form Action Plan Strategic Plan for Each Team Member Code of Ethics
  3. 3. Logo & Business Card
  4. 4. Here at PETS HOUSE we know the value of family members, your pet will be treated as one of our own. MISSION STATEMENT
  5. 5. ORGANIZATION CHART V.P HUMAN RESOUCES Ms. Thao V.P FINANCE Ms. Quynh V.P MARKETING Ms. Thuong V.P PUBLIC RELATIONS Accoutantrecruiter Promotions Manager Event Manager Pets take care
  6. 6. ORGANIZATION CHART HUMAN RESOUCE MANAGER Ms. Thao FINANCE MANAGER Ms. Quynh MARKETING MANAGER Ms. Thuong PUBLIC RELATION staffstaffAccout ant recruiterrecruiter production Promotions Manager Event Manager editor MANUFACTURING DEPARTMENT Distribution Pets take care
  7. 7. Action Plan Major Problem: Veterinary employee Few in number Lack professional experiences training and education information
  8. 8. Action Plan Solving Plan: Fewer in number: Contact to training centers and universities: Hanoi University of Agriculture Vocational College of Transport and Communications Recruit employees who love and care for our service
  9. 9. Action Plan Solving Plan: Lack professional experiences: Organize training classes Consult and provide information about service for clients and employees
  10. 10. A code of ethics is a collection of principles and practices that a business believes in and aims to live by. Outsiders Partners Employees Vendors
  11. 11. Code of Ethics 1. To provide conscientious care for the animals entrusted to us, being constantly attentive to their security, safety, and wellbeing, and to place their welfare above all other business considerations. 2. To take every opportunity to learn more about our profession and to improve our services. 3. To deal honestly and fairly with the public, and to avoid misrepresentation of our services. 4. To respect the confidence of every customer served. 5. To place service to our customers and to the pet care services industry above personal gain.
  12. 12. Code of Ethics 6. To avoid unfair competitive practices, any slander or defamation of our competitors, and actions or business 7. To support our association, its policies and programs, and to participate as fully as possible in its activities. 8. To be respectful of, and to cooperate with the other professions and trades 9. To obey all applicable nation laws governing animal care and business practices. 10. To operate our business in such a manner as to reflect honor upon the pet care services industry within our local community. 11. To encourage responsible pet ownership, and to promote, especially through the charitable programs.
  13. 13. Code of Ethics In the relation with employees Treat employees with dignity, respect and justice No Discrimination No Violence & abuse Recognise the rights of association, union membership and collective negotiation. Guarantee health and safety on the job Look to achieve the occupational integration of persons with incapacities or handicaps
  14. 14. Thank you for listening! Team Leo: Tran Thuy Linh Tran Thi Hoai Thuong Le Thi Thuy Quynh Nguyen Thi Thu Thao