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HOWLER MONKEYS. By Alexander. Contents. Habitat Climate Food Prey and predator Behavior Reproduction Physical Behavioral Fun facts. Introduction. Howler monkeys are Primates/ Mammels . Their scientific name for a Howler monkey is an Allouatta . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ContentsHabitatClimateFoodPrey and predatorBehaviorReproductionPhysicalBehavioralFun facts

Introduction Howler monkeys are Primates/Mammels.Their scientific name for a Howler monkey is an Allouatta.Lifespan: Howler monkeys can live up to 16 years. Status: EndangeredPhysical features:Weighs from 9 two 22 pounds. Black brown or red hair 6 feet high

HabitatA Howler monkey lives in Tropical rainforest. In Central and South America. They like the humid weather and the trees.

ClimateThe rainforest is humid, wet, hot, and rainy. The temperatures are in a range between 64 and 84 F.

FoodA Howler monkey is a herbivore. They swing from tree to tree finding nuts, leaves, fruit, and flowers.

Prey and predator

A Howler monkey does not eat animals so it is not a predator, but even though a howler monkey is large a Harpy eagle can take down one.

BehaviorA howler monkey knows how to swing the day its born. As a group they feel a lot more confident.

ReproductionA female Howler monkey gives birth to one Howler monkey at a time. A young Howler monkey clings on to its mother when its to tired to swing.

PhysicalA Howler monkey weighs from 9 to22 pounds. It has red, black, or brown fur. It has sharp teeth to chew through leaves and flowers. Howler monkeys.

BehavioralHowler monkeys rarely leave the trees. They roar for three reasons They yell at dawn to announce their location. They also screech when disturbed.

And last of all they howl if 2 groups of howlers meet.

Fun Facts1.A Howler monkey can be heard from 2 miles away.2. Its nostrils could be between 56 and 92 inches round3. Often swings tail when feeding.