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  • 1. @GetTrainedUK Please post your questions throughout Public and in-house Training Courses - for any size business with a web presence - Leveraging all areas of Social Media and Social Platforms; Online Advertising; Google Analytics. for business

2. Summary 1. Boards 2. Pin descriptions 3. What to Pin 4. Widgets 5. Engage 6. Analyse 7. Inspiration @GetTrainedUK 3. Stats 1/3 of US women now use Pinterest 40% of women who use the platform are aged between 25 and 45 Only 8% of US men use the platform Pinterest drives more traffic to publishers than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+ combined @GetTrainedUK 4. Boards Keep your boards and board names specific. E.g. Rather than having 1 board called Social Media Tips have multiple boards about the specific platforms @GetTrainedUK 5. Fill your boards. Add at least 5 Pins to each board to make them look complete Full board Empty board @GetTrainedUK 6. Create a Top Pins board This tells people your most popular Pins and will encourage them to Pin them @GetTrainedUK 7. Choose the right cover image for your board Entice users by using eye-catching cover imagery @GetTrainedUK 8. Think about creating a Group Board A group board is a board where you and others that you invite can adds Pins to. @GetTrainedUK 9. Pin Descriptions Provide context Why you liked the image, what idea does it represents, what tips you have to go along with it, additional information related to the image. @GetTrainedUK 10. Link to your website You can add live links to the captions, just copy and paste the URL in. Adding a link to a Pins description encourages people to click through to your website @GetTrainedUK 11. Include a call to action Research has shown that including a call to action shows an 80 % increase in engagment. Read more ways to here For more information click here Sign up here Get a free quote Watch a video Learn more @GetTrainedUK 12. Use keywords and hashtags Using keywords in your description where appropriate can increase the chance of your Pins being discovered @GetTrainedUK 13. What to Pin Long tall images Research shows that tall images get Pinned more frequently and drive more traffic when compared with short images. Infographics of this shape are very popular @GetTrainedUK 14. A range of content from other social media sites You can embed content from other sites such as videos from YouTube and slides shows from SlideShare Just embed the code into the description box @GetTrainedUK 15. Repin old content Dont be afraid to repin old content onto other boards if they are relevant. This will increase the chance of them getting Pinned again. @GetTrainedUK 16. Widgets Get Pin it buttons on your website. If you have a Wordpress blog you can download a plugin that will put all the social sharing widgets next to each of your blog posts. E.g. Really simple Facebook Twitter share buttons Install a Pin it button in your browser. This will allow you to Pin content easily when browsing the internet @GetTrainedUK 17. Engage Dont forget to reply to comments just like you would on any other social media platform. Like and repin back to people who like and repin your content. @GetTrainedUK 18. Analyse Use Pinterest Analytics Use Pinterest Analytics to track which Pins are more popular. Learn from this information and use it to plan your future Pins. @GetTrainedUK 19. Inspiration @GetTrainedUK 20. Questions @GetTrainedUK 21. Upcoming Hangouts and Courses Next Hangout LinkedIn and Lead Generation on the 1st May Coming soon (May) Pinterest and Instagram half day course Digital Content - 15th April Social Media for Business 23rd April Facebook for Business 24th April 22. Follow us on Pinterest 23. Follow us for hints & tips, current Social Media news and training information @GetTrainedUK