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So you have been following our series on how to hire and manage and decided that you want to hire a full time employee to fill a position. Great! The first step is to write a job description which is the topic of today’s article. So let’s get started! Resources:

Transcript of How To Write A Job Description In 5 Steps

  • how to write a job description in 5 steps by
  • Step 1: Make a list of the positions duties and responsibilities
  • Outline in detail what the day to day of the new employee will look like.
  • step 2: List the skills and experience needed to get the job done
  • Order the list from the most important to the least important, by separating the skills and experience an employee has to have to be considered for the position, from those that would be nice to have.
  • step 3: List any other important factors (personality and how they will work)
  • A laud and aggressive personality may be good for outside sales. In other positions like software and IT adding an aggressive personality to the team is generaly a bad idea
  • Other questions you want to ask are: Will this person be working independently or as a part of a team? How much flexibility do they have in how the job is done?
  • Do you need someone who can simply follow instructions or someone that can operate with little supervision? How does doing this job in your company differ from doing a similar job at other company?
  • step 4: decide how much to offer
  • How do you come up with a fair salary? The first thing you want to think about here is: How much experience do you need the person to have? Are you willing to pay extra to get someone who can come in and hit the ground running? Would you rather pay lower salary and train someone less experienced?
  • How do you come up with a fair salary? Now you want to see what data is publicly available that can help you get an idea of how much your perfect candidate may require. Here is a summary of Brad Farriss video on exactly how to do this using an interactive project manager in Chicago as an example:
  • Search Google for Interactive Project Manager Salary Range + Chicago. Look for industry salary surveys.
  • What are the trade associations that these types of people might be a member of? Search for their name + salary data.
  • Talk to other business owners and ask them what they are paying for jobs like this.
  • Go to advanced search on, search for the job title here and then select show only those with salary info.
  • Use this cost of living calculator to adjust the salary levels you find for similar positions.
  • step 5: write the Job description
  • Job Title: Be as specific as possible. for example, instead of Sales Manager a better title would be North East Regional B2B Sales Manager - Plumbing Supplies
  • About Us: Clearly and concisely outline what your company does and why someone would want to work there.
  • About Us: You may want to consider adding: What your company does and how big it is. Your mission statement. Any impressive stats relating to growth. What your company values are. This section should be 3 to 5 sentences max.
  • Position Details Write a compelling job posting highlighting the challenges and opportunities that a successful candidate would face. Position the job as hard work, but rewarding --- then sell the opportunity with your company. Positioning the job this way attracts more engaged candidates who want to make a difference, exactly the kind of people who make great employees. Brad Farris at
  • Position Details Here are some other things to consider including from Why is the job open? Opportunity Lifestyle Team style
  • Required Skills: Go back to the list you made in step 2 and list the top 3 to 5 skills that the candidate must possess to even be considered for the job here.
  • Bonus Skills: The things from step 2 which are not required but would be a nice bonus if the candidate possessed them.
  • Further Instructions: Let them know how you would like them to apply. Another tip is to ask for a cover letter which addresses some specific point. You can immediately discard those who do not address that point.
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