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Use Pinterest to engage and grow your tribe, get new ideas for products, services, promotions, marketing, & reach, get new website and blog traffic to help create residual income, find new leads, and increase you conversion, expose your brand to a huge market of browsing consumers.

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2. Create ContextNameWhere are you fromWhat do you do / working onHow did you hear about Eureka/My talk 3. What is a TRIBEA tribe is a group of peopleconnected to one another,connected to a leader,and connected to an idea.A group needs only two things to be a tribe:a shared interest and a way to communicate. Seth Godin, Tribes: We Need You to Lead UsPeople Helping People 4. Social Media Rules#StartupPhoenix Every social site has a culture -understand, engage, innovate Everything has balance. Make sure profile / content, and contest matches business. if you wouldnt do it offline, dont do it online Strategize, Plan & Test 5. What is Pinterest The Family Scrapbook - Business Portfolio Image-based social network 3.8 billion dollar valuation - 2014 70 million users Started by a male college kid TRAFFIC GIANT - 4th total 3rd most popular social network 47% of online purchases were suggestions frompinterest Some brands said traffic from pinterest spent 2xas much $ as other social networks 80% of pins are repins 6. The HOW basics1. Create account - business vs personal2. Email (can be changed), username,3. Picture - Match other SM sites, or be descriptivea. About you - give them a reason WHY they should follow you. Follow for up-to-date5. Location - Use this6. Website - Verify - add code line to your website7. Link to social - helps CURRENT tribe find you & drives traffic 7. The HOW practical - pinWhat to pin: Goal (of pin): get their attentionQuestions I followUseful to youUseful to your followersUseful to your customersDoes it help expose you Show benefit of your product/service Food, fashion, fitness, crafts, photography Travel sites, sunsets, sunrises also do well Pretty not required (just eye-catching) Can use screenshots (& Google Docs) Dont sell - use the $ sparingly Dont forget the videosBusiness doing it right - BENCHMARK: 8. The HOW practical - boardsSEARCH-FRIENDLY HEADLINES Name: use keywords (check Google &Pinterest) Description: what youll pin in that board Keep most popular boards above foldVISUALLYTell StoriesConvey IdeasTO Dos and Donts: 9. The HOW1. Add pin button to browser2. Add Pin It button to site / blog3. Gain followersa. Comment, like, repin, followb. Inform, Inspire Interact4. Create your own content - Image searches, events, products, services, brands, news,5. Link to yourself - this leads people to you, and ensures YOU reap the benefit6. Create virility - use trends & keywords in board titles & descriptions7. Engagement - gives people & groups way and reason to communicate8. Exposure - giving people way to find YOU9. Cross promotion - create convo to other business, across multiple platforms, build brand valuefor others (partners, sponsors, etc)10. Measure ROI - Use analytic tool in pinterest, 3rd party -Pinterest Analytics Tool 3rd party: 10. Hashtags on PinterestUse them only create context:for keyword searchPinterest has gotten smart enough tosearch keywords - doesnt needhashtags, but you can still use them 11. To create a tribeWhy Use Pinterest Current tribe, potential tribe - tap into other influencers tribe To stay relevant Understand culture, engage, innovate To bring traffic to site (potentially create residual income) To understand what others are doing To do research, stay creative Add / create context Increase visibility Add humor TRAFFIC GIANT - 4th total 3rd most popular social network Some brands said traffic from pinterestspent 2x as much $ as other socialnetworks 80% of pins are repins 75% women 12. THE RULES:Dos and Donts:^^ Hits on things we didnt have time for: First 10 boards to create Secret Boards Contests on Pinterest Rich Pins Balance in key Test Test Test Keep doing what works Promote your profile on & OFFline 13. TO DO cont...A) Join: Come visit me - November TalksNov 5: DEEP Dive - Twitter for Business - bring phone / laptopUpcoming?1) Offline Marketing & how to integrate2) Facebook DEEP Dive?3) Business Model / Launch?4) Youtube, G+, InstagramWhat do you want to hear about?Hashtags, Facebook Contest, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging, Wordpress, Instagram, Graphicshelp, iPhone tips, creating a website, email campaigns, OTHER CONTENT 14. Connect:Chelsea DygertDygert #ConsultMentChelsea@DygertConsultMent.comLinkedIn@cimforgivenat Local coffee shop#StartupPhoenix