How to use Guest posts to grow your following on Instagram

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Learn here a new technique on how to grow your Instagram network. Guest posting is a easy and fun way to unite with a like-minded business and grow both of your networks.

Transcript of How to use Guest posts to grow your following on Instagram

  • How to use Guest posts to grow your following on Instagram.
  • Instagram allows you to share photos and videos instantly with your followers. There are so many ways to get followers involved and engaged. Today, Ill be talking about the power of a Guest Post!
  • Gaining a New Audience Are you looking to target a new audience in addition to the one you have already cultivated? Then Guest Posting is an awesome way to receive tons of new followers with different interests.
  • Combine Forces and DOUBLE your Followers By working together, both accounts are endorsing the other, and this will lead to followers on both ends checking out the others feed.
  • Preparation This is essential to reap all of the benefits a guest poster can bring you. Both accounts should be involved in the preparation stage. You should be giving their account shout outs, by either reposting content, or including their account in captions of your own posts. The guest poster should be directing their followers to your account in the weeks and days leading up to their takeover. This way, their followers will know where to look for their guest postings.
  • Real Life Example: Piperlime A few days ago, Liz from the fashion blog, Sequins & Stripes, took over the clothing company, Piperlimes, feed, sharing her favorite spots in Chicago. Liz and her blog were featured on an account with over 98K followers. While posting her favorite spots, Liz was sporting two adorable outfits from Piperlimes newest collection, lending her credibility as a fashion blogger to the brand and introducing her 19K followers to their new line.
  • This is Lizs first guest post on Piperlimes Instagram: Note how Liz told her temporary audience who she was and why she was posting. She also included her own account, so that people from Piperlimes following could easily find her for more of her own postings!
  • This is what Liz Posted on her own Instagram to direct her followers to Piperlimes feed: If you read the caption on the photo, Liz asks her fans to follow along on Piperlimes instagram. I can bet they both saw increases in followers and sales from this awesome collab!
  • Combine networks and increase followers with Instagram guest posters! Click Here to Tweet this tip For more FREE Online Media Tips Visit