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How to Transform Your CareerAdvice by Petra Nemcova

2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.On April 2, 2014, LinkedIn had the opportunity to sit down with model, ambassador, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Petra Nemcova to talk about career transformation and professional brand as part of the LinkedIn Discussion Series in NYC.

"What you think, you visualize, you materialize.Preach, @pnemcova #InDiscussion

@stephcastilloPetra at the 2012 Happy Hearts Fund Land of Dreams Gala in New York


"As long as your intentions are pure, trust that good things will happen. @pnemcova #InDiscussion


2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Petra sharing with children a mini geography class at a Happy Hearts School in Haiti.

Listen to your instincts, in whatever weird shapes they come - Petra Nemcova #InDiscussion @pnemcova@levoleague

Petra discusses her transformative career at the LinkedIn Discussion Series in New York.

"Confidence is a magnet... people follow you and they don't know why." -@pnemcova shares keys to success at @LinkedIn #InDiscussion@mcwellons

Petra in Elie Saab Couture at the All Is Lost Cannes Film Festival Premiere, 2013

Petra Nemcova: Build credibility and be consistent with the actions you take. #InDiscussion with @LinkedIn

@angELLEnisePetra receiving her honorable title as the Ambassador at Large for Haiti.

To transform your career, you have to have passion because its like wildfire. @pnemcova #InDiscussion

@LinkedInPetra greeting school children in Haiti that now have safe, resilient schools with empowering educational opportunities thanks to the Happy Hearts Fund.

"Create your goals and dreams and then let go - just trust, because something more beautiful may arise." -@pnemcova #InDiscussion @LinkedIn@wearepucker

Petra with the hand-crafted Haitian Hibiscus Breeze candle by Be The Light New York at the La Perla event in Chicago to benefit the Happy Hearts Fund.

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