How to self publish your book!

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How to Self-publish Your Book "the no-fluff guide"

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This slideshow will show you how to self-publish your book. You will learn about the options available and what you need to do.

Transcript of How to self publish your book!

  • "the no-fluff guide"
  • Based on the free eBook
  • Why self-publish? To publish immediately. Its not a mass-market book. Publishers are not interested in it. To attract a publisher. The keep all the profits. Youre the boss.
  • Risks and rewards Self-publishing is not the road to riches. Some people do get rich self-publishing. It takes a lot of effort to promote your book. It takes no effort to get the book accepted by a publisher.
  • Types of self-publishing Traditional self-publishing you print the book yourself. Print on demand the book is printed one copy at a time as people order it. eBook publishing available to read on computers and mobile devices.
  • Traditional self-publishing Edit the manuscript. Typeset the pages - professionally. Design the cover to the printers specifications. Print the book. Store the book. Distribute the book. Download the free eBook for detailed tips and advice
  • Print-on-demand Publishers offer packages. Some charge up front, some charge royalties, some charge both. Some will take care of editing, typesetting, cover design, etc. Main advantage of POD is storage and distribution. Marketing is still 100% up to you.
  • eBook publishing PDF best for free downloads, sample chapters and universal access. Kindle format important. Smashwords gets you on most other devices. Each eBook program has its own guide and format to follow.
  • Traditional publishing If a self-published book sells well, traditional publishers might want to sign you up, so try to... Maximize sales. Maximize downloads. Maximize book reviews. Maximize author interviews. You can turn your book into a screenplay. You can sell foreign rights.
  • The cover The cover sells the book. Make it easy to see in miniature (online). Check with printer for specifications (bleeds, spine, etc.) before designing the paper version. Title, subtitle, authors name
  • The back cover Back cover is a sales pitch. Summary or blurb. Advance reviews. About the author. Author picture. ISBN and bar code (for store sales, only).
  • Copyright Make sure you own the copyright. POD or eBook publisher might own the ISBN. Dont give away the copyright.
  • Author website List of books. Distribute the books. Offer free sample chapter. Post video trailers. Post reviews of your books. Authors biography. Authors blog.
  • Need help with editing or writing? We can help you with the editing. We can help you with ghostwriting. We offer you premium quality writing that remains true to your voice. We dont come cheap, but we do keep fees reasonable. We can also set up your website, design your cover and arrange a video trailer. Visit us at