How to Respond to Negative Glassdoor Reviews

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#Glassdoor Telling Your Side of the Story: How to Respond to Negative Reviews on Glassdoor

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Telling Your Side of the Story:How to Respond to Negative Reviews on Glassdoor

Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorDanielle1Webinar Tips for AttendeesYou can connect to audio using your computers microphone and speakers. Or, you may select Use Telephone after joining the Webinar.All lines will be muted to avoid background noise.You can ask questions at any time by typing them into the Questions Pane.

Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorA few webinar tips you will be muted throughout the session so make sure to ask questions in the questions pane and I will be happy to answer them along the way.2Featured Speaker

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Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorIntroduce yourselfHere today to talk about something passionate aboutLove talking about employer brandingI spend most of my days at Glassdoor marketing the importance of your employer brand and here today to tell you how reviews factor in to your employer brand and how you can effectively manage them.Also love to tell stories want to give stories of companies that are really telling their companys story well and managing their reputation Give you one or two key takeaways to go back to your company and start doing right away


AgendaGlassdoor OverviewBad Reviews Arent Bad for BusinessHow to Get StartedWho Should Respond?5 Tips to Responding to Negative Reviews

Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorSo, heres what were going to go through. Ill give you a quick overview of Glassdoor for those who may not be familiar with the review process A lot of people ask us who should respond to Glassdoor reviews, so Ill give you some advice thereAnd then, of course, some tips on responding to negative reviews specifically so you feel confident tackling these4

A FREE Employer Account Can HelpSet UpCompanyAlertsFlag ReviewsMonitor Your ReputationIdentifyAreas for ImprovementInvite Colleaguesto RespondVisit employers.glassdoor.comConfidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorA Free Employer Account is the most basic first step that any company should take. This is how you can claim your territory on Glassdoor and start to engage with the community.

Set up company alerts Company alerts will be sent to you anytime employees or candidates post content to your profile

Flag Reviews if you feel a review does not meet our company guidelines you can flag it to go back into our review process

Monitor your reputation Free employer account helps you uncover key themes from reviews on your profile

Identify areas of improvement ensure your message is resonating with the candidates that you are trying to reach

Invite Colleagues to respond once you have a Free Employer Account, its easy to invite co-workers to join the conversation 5

Reviews on Glassdoor

Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorIntro to reviews on GlassdoorUse reviews to find out more information about your company and its reputation Rated out of 5 stars and the categories you seeIf you want more info we have a quick video to check out Consider this your first impression for many of your potential candidates6

Bad Reviews Are Good for Business!of consumers trust reviews more when they see both good and bad reviews.95%Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorAre bad reviews bad? This is a question we should all think about. Sometimes getting constructive criticism can sting. Your immediate reaction may be to get defensive and even offended, but we have found that bad reviews can be good for business.

95% of consumers trust reviews more when they see both good and bad reviews. Job seekers spend more than five time as long on a site when they interact with bad reviews. They want complete information. They notice when there are no bad reviews and can become suspicious. They will assume that you are censoring feedback. Think about this you are not losing job seekers by showing bad reviews youre steering them toward jobs and companies that wont disappoint them.

Utilize reviews to make your company a better place and use your response as a powerful recruiting advantage.

Reevoo Insight Research 20137

of Glassdoor members read reviews before speaking with a company or person in charge of hiring. 46%Why Respond to a Negative Review?Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#Glassdoor46% of Glassdoor members are reading reviews when they have just started their job search and have not yet spoken with a company recruiter or person in charge of hiring.

Think about this one. Almost half of Glassdoor members will resort to reading reviews before they ever speak with somone at your company.

First impressions are everything. Responses to a review may be the first thing a candidate sees before the recruitment process even starts.

Responding to reviews demonstrates to job seekers current and former employees that you are interested in feedback, and that you take employee satisfaction seriously.

This is even more important when it comes to negative reviews. If a candidate can see that you took the time to respond to someone who may not have had the best experience, it shows them you are engaged and care about bettering your company.

8Who Should Respond?

Anyone at your company who isin a position tospeak on your behalf.EXAMPLES: CEO, HR, PR OR MARKETING PROFESSIONALSConfidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorAlright so lets get in to some of the details. We are often asked who from your company should respond?

I would say anyone at your company who is in a position to speak on your behalf is an acceptable company representative.

This may include your CEO, PR and Marketing professionals, or other employers responsible for managing your brand.

Note: anyone within the company who responds to reviews as an employer representative will have their title appear next to that employer response.


You may want to write your response in a Word document first so you can spellcheck and edit it until you are pleased with the final product. Before You Respond

Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorKind of common sense but we want to remind you to check for typos.Remember that once its live its live. I recommend you write your responses in a word doc before publishing to Glassdoor to make sure you catch quick typos10

Your title will appear whenyou respond to reviews as a company representative,so make sure your title is correct in the Employer Center.Before You Respond

Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorCheck your free employer account to make sure your title is correctIt will appear alongside your responseThe Employer Center is where employers can go to control the content on their enhanced profile.

11How Often Should I Respond?

of job seekers find employer perspective useful when learning about jobs and companies90%RESPOND PROMPTLY BUILDS TRUST WITH CANDIDATESConfidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#Glassdoor90% of job seekers find the employer perspective useful when learning about jobs and companiesSet up alerts using your Free employer account so youll know when fresh reviews are posted Pick a schedule that works for you. Whether it be weekly or monthly, set apart some time to comb through reviews and respond. This will build trust with your candidates. When they see you constantly setting aside time to respond, it shows you care.125 Tips to Follow WhenResponding to Negative ReviewsConfidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorAlright! So lets get in to tips to follow when responding to negative reviews. 13

Tip No. 1: Be Professional

Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#Glassdoorother candidates will be reading your response, and you are responding on behalf of your company. If you believe the person who posted was out of line -- others will often come to the same conclusion so use the opportunity to show what a gracious and understanding employer you are.

Id also like to add when you believe the person writing the review is false advertising, telling lies, or accusing an employer of things that you did not do .Its prudent to take a deep breath and even sleep on it for a night or two nights if needed!

At Glassdoor, we take a neutral stance in all reviews (we do not act as the finder of fact), there could be false information posted by an angry employee. In these cases, it is best again to respond as professionally as possible while also refuting the post (with fact, not defensiveness.)

These are the hardest ones for folks to reply to, so lets talk about some other tips that might help.14

Responding to a Negative Review Shows that You Careof consumers who experience a quick and effective brand response on social media are likely to recommend that brand to others. 71%Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorSo we already harped on the face that responding to negative reviews shows that you care.

71% of consumers are likely to recommend your brand to others if they experience a quick and effective brand response.

This is important because it means that just by responding, regardless of what you say, youre changing the perception of over 2/3 of your audience. 15

Case Study: Chipotle

Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorCase Study: Chipotle received a negative review and lets break down how the company dealt with it.

They start by thanking the reviewer which we will chat aobut next. Then, Chipotle also recognized that Glassdoor reviews are anonymous, and offered an outlet for the employee to go to so Chipotle could address that particular issue the employee was having.

They show they care and take it seriously and offer to continue the conversation offline.

They show they want to improve the situation.

This is all around a great example of a professional response. They are not defensive and take the feedback.

This is Chipotles opportunity to show prospective talent how the organization handles problems. Here, the recruitment communications specialist, Jen, is showing how much she cares.

16Tip No. 2: Say Thank You

Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorTip #2 -- Saying thank you shows that you are listening and sets you up in a position to be gracious and professional

A case study example is to follow where CEO Spencer Rascoff of Zillow responds first by saying thank you. You will have noticed this in the Chipotle example above.17

of organizations suffer from a deficit in recognition according to a recent Bersin study.Saying Thank You Shows You Are Listening83%Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#Glassdoor83% of organizations suffer from a deficit in recognition according to a recent Bersin study

Saying Thank You shows you are recognizing and are listening

Action Plan: Engage with EmployeesShow that youre listening and appreciate the input to make your company an enjoyable place to workThe best approach is to thank your reviewers for providing feedbackIf you really do feel that the review includes inaccurate information or a false view of the company, you can flag the review to be re-reviewed by our content team

Also in case any one had any questions, our community guidelines are posted on under the clients tab


Case Study: ZillowZillow CEO Spencer Rascoff responds to reviews on behalf of the company.

As a result, four candidates in a recent 30-day period said that reading the employer response solidified their decision to accept the job offer.

Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorCase Study: Zillows CEO Spencer Rascoff makes time every week to respond to reviews

Responding to reviews can help you recruitWe have all heard there is a war for talent. Responding to reviews can help you stand out from the pack. Spencer Rascoff, CEO atZillowresponds to reviews every Friday. As a result, four candidates in a recent 30-day period said that reading the employer response solidified their decision to accept the job offer.

Whether or not you respond to reviews can literally be the deciding factor in whether or not a candidate comes to work at your company.

This is a powerful thought. Take a minute to think about how this could benefit your company. This is a FREE way to actively show you care, leading to more candidates.


Tip No. 3: Address Specific IssuesLOOK AT THE PROS AND CONS IN THE EMPLOYER CENTERConfidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorIts important to address issues and also show what your plan is to fix those cons mentioned.

In the Employer Center, we offer a Word Cloud to our clients that crawl all the feedback left on your site.

It inflates the size of the word based on how many times it is mentioned.

This give anyone in HR, Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, the opportunity to quickly scan employee sentiment.

Use this feedback to adress both pros and cons!


Nobody Is PerfectBAD REVIEWS PROVIDE THE OPPORTUNITY FOR AUTHENTICITYConfidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorNobody is perfect. We all know that. Glassdoor is not even perfect, despite what you might be thinking. JK!

We have our fair share of things that can be improved and our CEO really values this feedback to make our company the best place we can.

Even negative reviews provide an employer with opportunity to show their authenticity and that they care about their employees.

Consider this free advice to make your company better. By being receptive to the concerns, you give the reviewer a sense of ownership that they contributed to making your company better!

The trick is to shift your thinking to realize what bad reviews are really providing you: a transparent look at what its really like to work at your company. Embrace the bad as you would the good. 21

Case Study: 1-800 Contacts

Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorDont be discouraged by a really bad review. Recognize that bad reviews offer the opportunity to bond with employees and candidates.

Take constructive feedback to heart.

Do not go on the defense; recognize that even the best companies have room for growth.

In the 1-800 CONTACTS example, an employee left the company with a truly negative outlook. The Director of Software Engineering responded back, which allowed for an open and transparent conversation. And, it allowed the employee and the employer to be heard.

The Director did not come across defensive or short, but rather took the time to carefully craft a kind note back. The note demonstrated that the Director understood the employees frustrations, recognized growing pains and also took the opportunity to explain the positive steps the company is taking.

It is crucial that you turn negative feedback into a positive learning experience. 1-800 Contacts great example of companies that responds to reviews both good and bad, and importantly, the company states openly that it welcomes both the positive and the negative, setting employees up to feel empowered and comfortable sharing honest feedback.

22Tip No. 4: Be Authentic

Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorSet Expectations up front by being authenticDont use staged responsesRather than perfection, todays candidates want transparency and authenticity from employers. Employees dont want to wind up with buyers remorse when the job doesnt meet their expectations down the road.23

Set Expectations Up Front by Being Authenticof employees say new job realities differ from expectations set during the interview process.61%Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorThis is even more important as 61% of employees say new job realities differ from expectations set during the interview process.

They crave this authenticy and job seekers want to know exactly what they are getting themselves in to when they read reviews and decide to apply online.

Sound like a human when you respond.

24Case Study: loanDepot

Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorCase study:loanDepot takes time to respond to all reviews and tailors the response to each post in an authentic way. The company also address specifics of the review and state the solution in place to work on their strategy.

Responses typically close with a genuine expression of how much the employer appreciates the feedback and how that helps them grow as an org and tailor their strategy for success!

Keep in mind, its not a terrible thing for people to know your pros and cons. Job seekers with enough knowledge to self-select out of applying for your company before you hire them actually saves you money in the long run. 25

Tip No. 5: Utilize Reviews to Fix ProblemsConfidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorWe have really harped on this one but dont respond to just negative reviews, respond to positive as well!

Make sure you are also really using these reviews to fix problems. 26Case Study: Lithium Technologies

Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorCase study: LithiumLithium does a great job in thanking the employee that wrote the review, acknowledging that they arent perfect (which no employer is) and addressing items addressed or brought up in the review. The CEO then states they are working to fix the problem and how they want employees to feel when working there. This reiterates the companys values and gives a very authentic and genuine response for any person reading the reviews to see both sides and that Lithium is in fact a proactive employer that takes employee feedback seriously.

Action Plan: Highlight the positiveJob seekers use the reviews on Glassdoor to make decisions about where to apply or what job offer to accept, so use a response to emphasize what makes your company an attractive place to workRefer to one of the reviewers positive comments about your company to both personalize your response and to reiterate the compliment to potential job candidates

Utilize reviews to identify problemsPerhaps there are areas in your company that could use some work. identify trouble spots in your company. Read read and respond to both positive and negative reviews. They look for trends to identify areas of their company that need improvement.

If you are seeing multiple reviews discussing poor culture, maybe you should consider creating an action plan to address those issues. If you see negative reviews about benefits, maybe it is time to reconsider adjusting the benefits your company offers. Reviews provide a deeper look at employee sentiment, and you can use this to your advantage.


Benefits of Responding to Reviews

Find out more about OpenCompany at

Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorThere are certain benefits to responding to reviews

OpenCompany is a relatively new program that Glassdoor offers to show that you are embracing this feedback and are truly giving candidates an inside look at your company.

You only need to take 5 steps to become a Glassdoor open company.

Update your company info, get reviews, add photos, responding to reviews and promote your profile on your career site, on your signature, etc.

If you are interested in this, you can check this out on as well. Once you receive the open company status you will see a little green check mark and badge on your profile. 28

Shay [email protected]@GDforEmployers Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015#GlassdoorAlright so with this, I am going to take some questions! As always, if we do not get to your question, please email me at [email protected] and I can answer your questions or get you in touch with someone today.

Thanks all so much!29