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This powerpoint will help you understand how a person can lose their permanent resident ("green card") status, and inform them on what they need to do to preserve it.

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  • 1. How to Make Sure That You Do Not Lose Permanent Resident Status Ame Coats, Esq.

2. You can lose your residency by: 1. AbandonmentAbsence from the U.S. 2. Voluntary RelinquishmentGive it up 3. Final Order of RemovalCriminal issue 4. Rescission Residency granted by mistake 5. U.S. Citizenship 3. 1. Abandoning Your Residency Absence from the US: Greater than 1 year DHS takes the position that you have abandoned residency. Example: LPR returned to India in February of 2008. Accident in June 2008 required several surgeries. Has just now recuperated enough to return to US. 4. Abandoning Your Residency Absence greater than 1 year: Strategies Reentry Permit Returning Resident Visa Refile 5. Abandoning Your Residency Absence from the US: Between 181 days and 1 year U.S. Port of Entry Officer may question you extensively and determine that you have abandoned your residency. Example: US company sends LPR employee to work for foreign subsidiary for set period of 11 months. What result when employee tries to reenter US? 6. Abandoning Your Residency Absence between 181 days and 1 year: Strategies Evidence of Intention to ReturnTies to US Try to return to US prior to 181 day mark. 7. Abandoning Your Residency Absence from the US: 180 days or less POE can review travel pattern and find abandonment. Example: LPR returned to her home country 3 years ago to live with her husband. They are waiting for his immigrant visa to come through so they can live in the US together. She returns to the US for 1 week every 5 months to retain her residency. 8. Abandoning Your Residency Absences less than 180 days: Strategy Evidence of Intent to ReturnTies to US Stay in the U.S. for longer periods. 9. Determining Abandonment In analyzing whether or not you have abandoned your residency, the POE Officer will look to your intent. You must evidence a continuous, uninterrupted intention to return to the U.S. Factors Considered by POE Officer Reason for your trip Length of trip fixed upon some early event? OR Was trip due to terminate upon occurrence of an event that you expected within a short period of time? 10. Determining Abandonment Additional Factors Residence of Other Close Family Members Employment Property Holdings U.S. Tax Return Claiming Nonresident alien status detrimental Duration of Your Residence in the US 11. Determining Abandonment Additional Evidence that May be Helpful Reentry Permitonly to show intent Miscellaneous Ties to US Maintaining Valid Drivers License Active US Bank Accounts Active US Credit Card Accounts Renewal of US Insurance Policies Storage Unitfurniture, automobile 12. Determining Abandonment If the POE Officer determines you abandoned your residency: 1) Sign I-407 form to voluntarily abandon residency & get back on the plane. OR 2) Stay and let Immigration Judge decide. USCIS must prove by clear and convincing evidence that you abandoned your LPR status. 13. 2. Giving up your Residency Voluntary Relinquishment In person at a U.S. Consulate Sign form giving up residency and turn in green card. Why would anyone do this? 14. 3. Criminal Convictions Leading to Deportation of LPR An LPR can be placed in Removal Proceedings for any of the following criminal convictions obtained after being granted LPR status: Conviction of 1 Crime Involving Moral Turpitude within 5 years of admission for which a sentence of 1 year or longer may be imposed Conviction of 2 Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude Conviction of Aggravated Felony Conviction of Drug-Related Offense Conviction of Firearms Violation Conviction for Domestic Violence Offense or Certain Violations of Protective Orders, Stalking, Child Abuse/Neglect 15. Misc. Offenses Leading to Deportation of LPR False Claim to US Citizenship Unlawful Voting Failure to Register as a Sex Offender Example: LPR files for citizenship without seeking legal counsel. Has 4 prior worthless check convictions that he discloses on his application. What result? In some cases, the LPR may raise a successful defense against deportation or the LPR may be granted relief from deportation. 16. 4. Rescission of Residency USCIS can rescind LPR status if the LPR was ineligible for adjustment. LPR can request hearing before Immigration Judge to review rescission. Example: Client had conviction of simple marijuana possession when he was 18 years old. No evidence to suggest the conviction was waived when he obtained his green card. What result when he files to renew his green card or to apply for citizenship? 17. 5. US Citizenship No chance of losing your US immigration status and being deported if you obtain US citizenship. (so long as citizenship application is not fraudulent) Seek legal counsel before applying for citizenship. US recognizes dual citizenship, although not all countries do. Dual citizens get citizenship benefits of both countries. 18. Thank you for your time. Ame Coats, Esq. Tel. (919) 833-0840 ext. 51 The information provided through this webinar is of a general nature and may not apply to any particular set of facts or under all circumstances. It should not be construed as legal advice.