How to lose weight fast and easy at home with best weight loss diet plan

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Are you so obsessed with losing weight fast and safe? If you are, do not worry almost everyone today is in that

There is this secret weight loss diet plan that can make it a lot easier for you.

In fact, you can be able to cut down your weight significantly within a week.This weight loss diet plan is commonly referred to as the GM diet


The benefits of the GM diet plan: Lose between 5 and 8 kilograms within a weekBetter skin health and appearanceEliminate toxins from your body and therefore leave you feeling young and energeticReduce the fats around your waist and tummy areas

The fat loss diet plan involves consumption of starch, fruits and vegetables.

In preparation for this diet you should avoid alcohol for a few days before you start.

You have to increase your water intake to about 10 glasses every day to substitute carbohydrates and also give you the energy that you

Day 1 This is the hardest because you have to fight the cravings and only consume fruits.However, avoid fruits such as mangoes, grapes and

Day 2 You are only allowed to eat vegetables and nothing else on the second day. You can eat any vegetables whether boiled or raw. You are allowed to take boiled potatoes with a spoon of butter to give you enough energy for the

Day 3 This is a combination of the first two days. That means you can eat all the fruits and vegetables mentioned above. You should also remember to drink a lot of water. You should avoid potatoes because your carbohydrates will come from the

Day 4 This is the day that you are allowed to eat a maximum of 6 bananas, which you have been avoiding since day 1. You can also drink up to 4 glasses of milk. In addition to bananas playing a crucial role in weight loss they are also a source of sodium and

Day 5 This is the day that you can have a tasty meal. You can eat sprouts, tomatoes and cottage cheese, referred to as paneer in India. It is recommended that you add soya chunks to the meal. You also need to increase your water

Day 6 You can eat the same stuff as in day 5 but without the tomatoes. A tasty soup and a lot of water will get you through the

Day 7 This is the final but still the most important day of the entire diet plan. You can take fresh fruit juice, a cup of brown rice and other

Few Important Points to Keep in Mind:

Avoid fruit juice for the first 6 days of the diet plan and drink as much as 15 glasses of water by the fifth day.

Avoid alcohol, tea and coffee. Replace with black tea, black coffee and lime. All drinks to be taken without

Work out every day for about 45 minutes The vegetables can be taken as salad or in whole.You are not limited in your soup

Once you are done with the diet plan you are only expected to maintain yourself. This is to prevent you from regaining the weight that you lost. You have to monitor the fat loss diet charts so as to have an idea of how you are