How to keep kayak fishing gear secure tips and tricks

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  1. 1. Securing Tools Pliers are a necessity in kayak fishing for retrieving hooks that are stuck deep in the mouth. There are a number of different tools that you need to have on hand, but they also need to be secure. Most kayak anglers preference here is to secure them to your seat with some kind of retractable product. There are plenty of great products that you can tether your tools to.
  2. 2. Securing Gear with a Storage Container For storage containers, there is nothing better than the Yak Attack Blackpak. This box (pictured below) has bungees to secure the lid on your crate so your fishing tackle doesn't fly out. This box has many mounting options so it is as versatile as it is secure. For a cheaper solution, simply use a milk crate to store your fishing tackle. If you use a milk crate or other DIY crates, we highly recommend using a bungee to secure your gear so you don't regret it later!
  3. 3. Securing Paddles Use a paddle clip to secure your paddle to your kayak, especially in rough or choppy waters. Shoreline Marine Paddle Leash Keeps your paddle securely attached to your kayak. Your paddle is your most important item so make sure to keep it leashed!
  4. 4. Keep Valuables Secured in a Dry Bag Shoreline Marine Dry Bag This is great for keeping your items clean and dry while kayak fishing. You may want to keep a set of extra clothes in a dry bag when paddling in cold weather.
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