How To Grow Your Business Through Blogging

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Imagine that you’re businesses blog is an employee. A living, breathing, employee that plays an integral part of your businesses growth (as it should). Now, how is that employee performing? Would you give them a raise? Do they consistently generate business and help establish you as an authority and thought leader in your industry? Some of you are probably shaking your heads as you realize that your business blog is not performing the way that you want it. Thankfully for you, our Lunch Lesson at Roam focused on how you can use your blog to grow your business, and turn it into an employee worthy of a corner office. In this interactive lunch and learn session, which you can download here, we covered the following topics: 1. Blog Strategy 2. Blogging Must-Haves 3. Ideal Blog Length And Frequency 4. Content Campaign Essentials

Transcript of How To Grow Your Business Through Blogging

  • 1.How To Use Your Blog To Grow Your Business

2. 98toGo presented by 3. Today Well Speak About: 1. Blog Strategy 2. Blogging Must-haves 3. Content Campaign Essentials 4. Why Blog? 5. Step 1: Know Your Audience Step 2: Create Editorial Calendar Step 3: Keyword Research Step 4: Promotion Blog Strategy 6. Step 1: Know Your Audience 7. Interview: Current customers Prospects that didnt choose you Your sales people 8. Audience Insights What is their title/role in the company? o Influencer o Decision Maker What caused them to look for a solution? What did they want to change? What was the goal of their search? 9. Audience Insights Cont... Where did they look for information? What questions do they ask? What keywords do they use? What social media channels do they frequent? How do they use social media? 10. Step 2: Create an Editorial Calendar Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail 11. Key Dates For Your Audience Holidays Industry Events Seasonal Events Films, Music News Events 12. Create Monthly Themes Customer Pain Points Find Posts That Work Industry Trends 13. Step 3: Keyword Research Does It Still Matter? 14. Google Hummingbird Update 15. Keyword Research Tools Google Keyword Planner Google Suggest and Related Search Google Trends Social Media o Topsy and Social Mention o LinkedIn Groups 16. Using Keywords In Your Blog Post URL Post Title Meta Description Image alt tag H1 tag (subheader) 17. Using Keywords Cont... First paragraph Keyword variations throughout the post body Anchor text of links pointing to the post 18. Promotion If You Build It They Might Not Come 19. Promoting your blog Determine Channels Create a distribution plan Build relationships with influencers Find guest blogging opportunities 20. 3 critical items Blogging Must-Haves 21. 1. Clever Titles Weally Weally Work 22. 2. Eye Catching Images 23. 3. Include a Call-To-Action 24. Call-To-Action examples 25. Writing Titles That Get Noticed 26. Experimentation Is Key 27. Types Of Titles Normal - Ways to make tea drinking more delightful Question - What are ways to make tea drinking more delightful? How-to - How to make tea drinking more delightful? Number - 30 ways to make tea drinking more delightful Reader-addressing - Ways YOU need to make tea drinking more delightful source: 28. Marketers Title The Ultimate Content Marketers Guide To Writing Blog Titles That Dont Suck! 29. Rule Breaking Title You Might Have Thought You Knew How To Write Titles Before, But The Results Of Our Research Are Going To Blow Your Socks Off! Breaking rules isnt always a bad thing! (but best practice says 70 characters or less) 30. The Point Is Experimentation Is Key 31. Lets Look At Some Studies 32. source: 33. Heres What Works Graphic language: Google kills feature vs. Google shuts down feature Use the negative form: Without vs. With Go big with #s: 50 ways vs. 5 ways A promise to teach: The Beginners Guide or DIY or Step-by-Step Piggyback brand names and topics: name drop Twitter, Facebook, others source: 34. A HubSpot A/B Test Demonstrated Pose a question Use broader topics Unique adjectives you-focused titles Exclusive info State your offer at the front of your title Begin with a # Unique description of your content Fun toneEmphasize the content Make it clear source: 35. Using The Right Tools (and make your life easier) 36. My Favorites! Title & Content Topic Generator Tools Portents Content Title Generator Tweak Your Biz Title Generator Link Bait Title Generator Ubersuggest 37. Takeaways Experiment with different types of titles Pay attention to best practices from studies Use title tools to help get you started 38. Ideal Length & Frequency 39. What is your opinion? 40. Its About 41. Think About These Things Why are you blogging? What value do you want to provide to your reader? What are YOU looking to gain? The goal of your blogging should dictate everything else 42. Different Goals In My Writing To educate To entertain To provoke To stimulate To rank Each goal has an ideal length and frequency! 43. Lets Look At A Few Studies 44. Longer Is Usually Better 45. source: 46. source: 47. source: 48. The Data Says 1000+ 2000+ 3000+ 49. Longer Is Usually Better (We recommend shooting for 1500 words) 50. A Smart Person Said [The study] is a perfect example of high quality content rising to the top. Now, it doesnt always take thousands of words to create value for your readers, but thats the case more often than not. source: commenter on 51. How Often Should You Post? 52. Just like it does with length, frequency depends... 53. Depends On Why are you blogging? What value do you want to provide to someone? What are you looking to gain? The goal of your blogging should dictate everything else 54. No One Size Fits All Find what works for you, and stick to it! 55. Takeaways Goals and value first Longer articles usually perform better 1500 words if you must Post when you can regularly share value 56. Content Campaign Essentials 57. Tactic 1: Create a Campaign 1. Blogging 2. Premium offer 3. Calls-To-Action buttons 4. Landing page 5. Segmented leads 6. Drip emails 58. Tactic 1: Create a Campaign Premium Offer Action button 59. Tactic 1: Create a Campaign 60. Tactic 2: Measure & Improve 61. What Blog Measurements? exercise 62. Measure Blog Activity: 1. Top-viewed 2. Conversions 3. Shares, Comments 4. Attracted links Tactic 2: Measure & Improve 63. What To Do Next? To access presentation deck: ROAM help hours: Monday June 9 at 11am Tuesday June 17 at 10am *Blogging questions, inbound marketing help, what the heck is HubSpot?? Ready to explore a content strategy, grab Ron after the session ([email protected]) 64. Take A Leap And Start Blogging It can be exhilarating!