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To get the aircraft maintenance will lead you to the rewarding career in the airlines. License is the standard qualification in aviation, like pilot license, cabin crew license and air traffic controller license.

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  • WHAT IS THE LICENSE The license is the document to say that you an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer It means that you had passed the exams, acquired the skills and had sufficient experience You may exercise its previleges.
  • The Size of Your Aircraft Maintenance License The Malaysia license is bigger than the international passport Looking inside, you will have the license number, mine was M600 The number has to be quoted when you sign the jobs
  • PREVILEGES OF THE LICENSE What the Holder Entitled to Do (2) An aircraft maintenance engineers licence shall authorise the holder, subject to such conditions as may be specified in the licence, to issue- (a) a certificate of maintenance review in respect of such aircraft as may be so specified; (b) a certificate of release to service in respect of such overhauls, repairs, replacement, modifications, maintenance and inspections of such aircraft and such equipment as may be so specified; or (c) a certificate of fitness for flight under "A Conditions" in respect of such aircraft as may be so specified. (reg 31 CAR 1996)
  • DAYS BEFORE LICENSING Before ICAO 1944, there was not standard set of rules to control and license pilot and engineer. Each Country set his own rules.Wikipedia Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License
  • PARIS CONVENTION 1919 1919 - first international licensing standard as Annex E of the Paris Convention. Mainly for air crew and this licensing was based on medical fitness as well as experience.
  • ICAO 1944 In the midst of 2nd WW, a convention in Chicago was organised to create ICAO A licensing standard was set up with using categories, groups and ratings. ICAO set the licensing standards and guidelines for contracting states, however ICAO is not responsible to enforce these standards enforcement of standards is the responsibility of the government of each country.
  • EASA PART 66The European Union set up EASA to control the civil aviation in Europe. The aircraft maintenance licensing are divided as follows..a) Category A (Aircraft Maintenance Technician)Subcategories:i) A1 - Aeroplanes Turbine ii) A2 - Aeroplanes Pistoniii) A3 - Helicopters Turbine iv) A4 - Helicopters Pistonb) Category B1 (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Mechanical) Subcategories:i) B1.1 - Aeroplanes Turbine ii) B1.2 - Aeroplanes Pistoniii) B1.3 - Helicopters Turbine iv) B1.4 - Helicopters Pistonc) Category B2 (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Avionics)
  • PATHS TO APPLY FOR LICENSEMalaysia AN 1101 states the three Paths:1. From ATO like APR2. Airline/Air Operator or AMO personnel3. Application from Military PersonnelWe will discuss applications from ATO and Airlines/MRO ATO = approved training organisation under 147 / MRO = maintenance repair organisation AN1101 is the airworthiness notice about part66 EASA regulation.
  • APPLICATION FROM ATO (extracted from 1101) Evidence of competency in theoretical knowledge and the English language; ii) Evidence of competency in practical skills certified by a Validator; iii) Evidence of practical assessments in aircraft maintenance experience certified by a Practical Assessor; and iv) Recommendation from the ATO. (? All due fees paid)
  • APPLICATION FROM AIRLINES/MROFor personnel working with airlines/mro but do not attend an approved course: Evidence of validated aircraft maintenance experience shall be recorded in DCAM Part-66 Log Books Evidence of competency in theoretical knowledge and English language; Evidence of competency in practical skills certified by a Validator; Evidence of practical assessments in aircraft maintenance experience certified by a Practical Assessor; Recommendation from the AMO candidate is currently working with.
  • EVIDENCE OF THEORITICAL KNOWLEDGE Attended the class. Pass the module exams. Syllabus AN1101 appendix 1 Level AN 1101 appendix 1 passing mark 75% Failure 3 months waiting. 5 years maximum to complete zerorised. Multiple choice except 7, 9 and 10
  • Evidence of Skills: Training and Validation The practical training element shall cover the practical use of common tooling/equipment, the disassembly/assembly of a representative selection of aircraft parts and the participation in representative maintenance activities being carried out relevant to the particular modules such as Modules 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 of Appendix 1 specified in AN No. 1101. b) The skills and experiences acquired by the trainees at the ATO or maintenance organisation shall be validated by a Validator. c) Basic practical validation shall be carried out during the basic maintenance training course by the Validators at the completion of each visit period to the practical workshops/maintenance facility. d) The evidence of validation shall be documented using a document approved by DGCA.
  • BASIC PRACTICAL ASSESSMENTa) be conducted by an approved practical assessor and carried out in a manner that is acceptable to DGCA; andb) ensure evidence of skill and experience acquisition and determine whether the student is competent at using tools and equipment and working in accordance with maintenance manuals. The student shall also be assessed on their situational awareness ability.
  • SEMESTER SYSTEM Why? Requirements for sponsors Semester system is understood by all level Provide framework for planning
  • RESOURCES Website: email : [email protected] Thank You JohaI was working as an aircraft maintenance engineer and currently serve as a trainer in an approved training organization.