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This is the presentation we gave at the 2010 Brooklyn Planning-Ness Conference

Transcript of How To Do Propagation Planning

  • HOW TO DO PROPAGATION PLANNING Griffin Farley & Mike Monello Planning-Ness Brooklyn 2010
  • THE PHONE CALL WITH MARK LEWIS Specifically, what do you want me to talk about? 1. How should we rethink the way we talk about things? 2. Tell us the different kinds of data that go into propagation planning 3. How do we work with creatives to develop spreadable ideas? 4. What type of ideas are spreadable? 3 I got a phone call from Mark Lewis and he asked me to speak at this conference. Besides how to do propagation planning what specifically do you want me to talk about? He laid out four points for me.
  • STRING OF PLANNING THEORIES Account Planning Connection Planning Field Services Propagation Planning Transmedia Planning 5 Connection Planning has been around for 10 years and has been practiced at agencies like Fallon and ChiatDay. To be a part of the next shift in industry thinking we needed to know, what comes after connection planning?
  • WTF IS PROPAGATION PLANNING? The new marketing landscape is paving the way for propagation planning to exist in ad agencies and communication planning shops.
  • A LEGEND In 1999, The Blair Witch Project changed the way we look at marketing. Digital and Word of Mouth now had a powerful case study. Ivan Pollard from Naked presented the theory of propagation planning at the APG Battle of Big Thinking in October of 2006. Faris Yakob wrote an award winning IPA essay on the subject in 2007 that was featured in Campaign Magazine. In 2008, Nikki Stammers, one of the first planners to have the title Propagation Planner wrote an article titled a Controlled Explosion for the Australian B&T. In December of 2008 Griffin Farley created a Blog called Propagation Planning. In 2010, Anjali Ramachandran created a Wiki for Propagation Planning and was the first to truly organize the 5 or 6 planners worldwide who concentrated on this. 7
  • A HOPE When the phase Word of Mouth is bandied around, more often than not, what is being referred to is an immeasurable yet highly desirable campaign side effect. But things have moved on: the muddy and mystical times that once defined attempts at harnessing it are changing. Propagation planning - a technique capable of kick-starting, controlling and exploiting the WOM affect - is moving the area forward. - Nikki Stammers for B&T 8
  • A THEORY PROPAGATION PLANNING Plan not for the people you reach, but the people that they reach 9
  • AN INTEREST IN THE BLACK ART Propagation Total Visits 60000 50000 40000 30000 20000 10000 0 DEC 2008 DEC 2009 SEPT 2010 10 This is a very narrow subject, a type of planning within account planning... yet we have seen interest sky rocket in the last year.
  • THE DIFFERENCES 1 2 3 Rethink Timing Rethink Audience Rethink the Brief 13
  • RETHINK YOUR TIMING 1 Awareness Funnel Propagation Model (Paid Media) (Earned Media) 14
  • ADOPTION CURVE OVER TIME BROADCAST MEDIA Early Majority > < Late Majority (Most creative targets the mass majority) Early Adopters > < Laggards Innovators > TIME AND SALES 15
  • EARLY ADOPTER MOTIVATION BREAK THE STORY I KNEW THEM BEFORE THEY WERE BIG 16 In high school my girl friend gave me a cassette tape of the Omaha, Nebraska band 311. I played it, recommended the discovery to others and once they got big I stopped listening to them. Many Bloggers, Power Tweeters, Journalists are like me and want to BREAK THE STORY! Some people are not like me and want to see other people share it first before they feel comfortable sharing things.
  • ADOPTION CURVE OVER TIME BROADCAST MEDIA Early Majority > < Late Majority Early Adopters > < Laggards Innovators > (This creative targets the inuencers) (This creative targets those the laggards) PROPAGATION TIME AND SALES STIMULUS 17
  • THE PROBLEM WITH INFLUENCERS if I could just get it in this guys hands... it would go big! 19 SOURCE: BuzzFeed In my experience, the social media influencers or Power Tweeters have followers that may not have relevance with the brand or story that I am pushing.
  • THE CIGARETTE METAPHOR this is a good forest for an arsonist but that wasnt an influential cigarette that burned the forest 20