How to Create Authentic Assessments Michelle A Micheal, E-magine Learning, LLC

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Transcript of How to Create Authentic Assessments Michelle A Micheal, E-magine Learning, LLC

Authentic Assessments

How to CreateAuthentic Assessments

Michelle A Micheal, E-magine Learning, LLCObjectives

After this presentation attendees will be able to:define Authentic Assessmentmake a comparison with traditional assessmentsprovide examplescreate an authentic assessment

Characteristics of Authentic Assessments

Similar to the real work done in professional contexts Performance-based and require students to demonstrate mastery of professional practices. Reflect clear alignment between desired learning outcomes, curriculum content, and future career-based knowledge. Integrate required workplace skills with university academic requirements - Deakin UniversityLets Compare

Selecting a Response Performing a TaskTraditionalAuthenticAbstract ConcreteTeacher-structured Student-structuredDisconnected AppliedObservational ExperientialQuiz

Assessment should

Ask a learner to apply his/her knowledge and comprehensionAsk the learner to analyze informationChallenge the student to synthesize informationHave the learner evaluate and make judgements

Objective: Students will be able to use knowledge of macro & micronutrients, dietary recommendations and diet related illness to develop healthy eating plans.Task: Each Group will work together to create a 7 day healthy menu.

(Worth up to 50 pts. per group member).

Objective: Student will use critical thinking skills to .Task: DiscussionHow do you determine if a source of information or advise is credible?

Medical TerminologyObjective: Interpret, read, and comprehend medical language.

Replace the underlined terms with the appropriate medical terminology.

Ester, a 75-year-old woman, is admitted with difficult breathing and the feeling of not enough oxygen in the blood. It is noted that she has swelling of the feet and ankles. Additionally her lips and finger nails have a bluish appearance. Ester was diagnosed with the inability of her heart to pump enough blood.

*RubricsMeets all requirementsNeeds ImprovementPointsPosts early enough to allow maximum time for responsePosts on the last day/minute/3Responds to 2 discussion questionsResponds to 1 or no discussion questions/10Responds to at least 3 peers - more betterResponds to less than 3 peers /3Comprehensive and insightful posts and repliesComments not comprehensive or insightful or missing./4/20*

IdeasWebquests PortfoliosVideo/animationsPowerpointsConcept MapsWikis/blogs/newsletters Peer AssessmentSelf-Assessment

Your TurnLets do something. Authentic!

SatisfactoryObjectiveReflects some mastery of knowledgeAuthenticUses real-life skillsApplicationCan be adapted for class or online Essential Points

Start with an objectiveIdentify a task that demonstrates that objectiveCreate a rubricResources1. Rasmussen and Northrup 19992. Deakin University article on Authentic Assessment Authentic Assessment Toolbox Jon Mueller

4. E-magine Learning (

Less than 5 terms usedIncorrect term or partially incorrectNot found in textbookSpelled incorrectly- 2 each5 terms includedCorrect term or part of termFound in textbookSpelled correctly2 each

10 pts possible