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How to Choose an Online Casino Here are The Fundamental Steps to Follow in Order to Choose the Best Online Casinos Contents: Chapter 1: List Your Needs Pg 3 Chapter 2: Take Note of Where You Live Pg 3 Chapter 3: Reputation Pg 4 Chapter 4: Is It Licensed? Pg 4 Chapter 5: Security Pg 4 Chapter 6: Is It Fair? Pg 5 Chapter 7: Bonuses and Promotions Pg 5 Chapter 8: The Games Pg 6 Chapter 9: Mobile Gaming Pg 7 Chapter 10: Download vs. Instant Play Casinos Pg 8 Chapter 11: Customer Support Pg 8

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Step by step guide on how to choose the best online casino that fit your needs. This guide is not only meant for beginners but also meant for advanced players, mentioning rich resource about online casinos that offer mobile gaming, trustworthy licensing, reputation, customer support as well as download vs. instant play casinos.

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Page 1: How to choose an online casino

How to Choose an Online Casino

Here are The Fundamental Steps to Follow in Order to Choose the Best Online Casinos


Chapter 1: List Your Needs Pg 3

Chapter 2: Take Note of Where You Live Pg 3

Chapter 3: Reputation Pg 4

Chapter 4: Is It Licensed? Pg 4

Chapter 5: Security Pg 4

Chapter 6: Is It Fair? Pg 5

Chapter 7: Bonuses and Promotions Pg 5

Chapter 8: The Games Pg 6

Chapter 9: Mobile Gaming Pg 7

Chapter 10: Download vs. Instant Play Casinos Pg 8

Chapter 11: Customer Support Pg 8

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The sheer number of online casinos out there can make picking the right one a daunting task,

particularly for those who aren’t quick to hand out their banking information to just anyone,

or others who want to make sure that they stand a fair chance of winning with each bet. The

truth is that picking a great casino isn’t difficult when you know what you want and you

know what to look for, so it is best to start there.

One of the easiest ways to determine if you should stay away from a casino is to check

whether it is black-listed. Sites that void players’ winnings without cause, or take too long to

pay out (or don’t pay out at all) will end up on these lists. When reading through casino

reviews, be sure to keep a lookout for these sites.

With that being said, there are plenty of great quality casinos that offer fair payout rates, top

notch security and unrivalled customer service – you just need to know how to pick them.

Chapter 1: List Your Needs

Do you have a favorite game? Are you looking to take advantage of a live baccarat game or

an exciting new video slot? Would you prefer not to download the casino in order to start

playing? It doesn’t matter how specific your needs are, you need to list them to ensure that

you can point out the casino that will be able to meet with all of these demands.

What’s the point of finding a great casino that doesn’t offer your favorite game, or picking

one with great bonuses but doesn’t offer a live chat option?

Page 3: How to choose an online casino


When you know what you want, you’ll find it easier to locate it.

Chapter 2: Take Note of Where You Live

Not all casinos are available to individuals throughout the world. If you live in the USA, for

example, you might find that many casinos are unable to cater to you because of the specific

laws that apply to online gambling within this country. Luckily, it is easy to determine which

casinos restrict which countries; these are usually listed quite clearly on reviews.

Chapter 3: Reputation

A casino’s reputation means a lot, especially

since players can now share their experiences with millions of people through the medium of

the internet in a matter of minutes. If a casino’s reputation isn’t all that great, there could be a

reason for this and it is usually a good idea to look a bit deeper into why people aren’t

supporting that specific establishment. You might find that they come up with excuses not to

pay out their winners, or that they just don’t have the customer service levels they boast.

How do you find out about the reputation of an online casino? There are two ways you can go

about this; read through reviews or visit online forums where players share this sort of

Page 4: How to choose an online casino


information with each other. Take care when you’re looking for this information, however,

since you will inevitably come across complaints that are made by customers who are

unhappy with the service they received from an online casino; it is how these complaints are

dealt with by the casino that makes all of the difference. If the casino goes out of their way to

try and resolve the issue, this speaks highly to their customer service.

Chapter 4: Is It Licensed?

There are currently a few jurisdictions that license many of the online casinos, including

Malta, Isle of Man, Gibraltar and Alderney, among others. This isn’t an exhaustive list, so

don’t be put off if you find a casino licensed in an area not listed here.

Casinos that are licensed are those that have complied with the requirements of the licensing

jurisdiction in order to obtain the license. Make sure a casino is licensed before spending a

dime within their virtual walls or you could end up handing your banking details to a

fraudster in online casino clothing.

Chapter 5: Security

Page 5: How to choose an online casino


Security is integral to any player looking for a

safe experience when playing online. A secure site isn’t just one that has technologies

protecting their banking information as they deposit to and from their account, but these sites

also install technology that protects the information that is stored by the casino, about the


Good security starts with 128-bit SSL encryption technology, but it doesn’t stop there.

Casinos should also have firewalls in place to protect itself from third parties who might

attempt to gain access to the site’s servers.

Security isn’t something you want to compromise on, so make sure this is one of the first

factors you consider when choosing an online casino.

Chapter 6: Is It Fair?

People don’t just play at online casinos

because they enjoy the games – they also play in order to stand the chance of winning

something. No one should play at a casino for the sole purpose of winning, but standing the

chance of walking away with something makes the game all the more exciting. One of the

questions that many players ask when signing up with a new site is whether they stand a fair

Page 6: How to choose an online casino


chance of actually winning, or whether it is possible for the casino to “rig” the games in some

way to ensure they lose.

This is where companies such as eCOGRA and iTech Labs come in, because it is their job to

ensure that all play is fair and regulated. Casinos that make use of software such as RNGs

(random number generators) will turn to eCOGRA and iTech Labs for testing so that they can

be certified as fair and safe by these organizations.

It is the responsibility of the players to determine whether the site on which they are playing

makes use of this software and is certified by the appropriate bodies.

Chapter 7: Bonuses and Promotions

A good bonus can draw players from all corners of the

internet, but since just about all casinos offer them, how do you set a good bonus apart from

the rest? Start off by finding out about the different types of bonuses a casino will potentially

offer, then look into the finer details of each one.

1. Sign Up Bonuses

If you don’t get a bonus for signing up with an online casino, you might want to reconsider

signing up at all. Signup bonuses can be deposit or free bonuses and they range from a $100

to thousands. Keep in mind that the larger bonuses tend to be match bonuses, which means

you’ll need to deposit a certain amount in order to receive the bonus.

2. Reload Bonus

Page 7: How to choose an online casino


Reload bonuses are offered to players who return to a casino. These bonuses might be small

or they could match the signup bonuses; it all depends on the casino.

The Finer Details

Just about all bonuses come with terms and conditions. These conditions outline the wagering

requirements (how many times a bonus and deposit need to be wagered before a player can

withdraw their winnings), as well as any other requirement that needs to be met before a

player can withdraw their winnings.

Not all casinos offer fair terms and conditions and this is one of the most important things a

player will need to look out for. Wagering requirements vary and could end up forcing a

player to wager their bonus and deposit more than 45x before they can make a withdrawal.

What is more, players will be limited to certain games that count towards these wagering


Because of these terms and conditions, players shouldn’t simply focus on how great the

bonuses and promotions being advertised by the site; they should take the terms and

conditions into account before making any decisions.

Chapter 8: The Games

Different casinos offer different games and this is, partly, because they are built on different

software platforms. Betsoft, for example, specializes in 3D slots, so the players that tend to be

attracted to these games will be those who appreciate graphics and consider this facet to be an

Page 8: How to choose an online casino


important aspect of their gaming experience. Microgaming, on the other hand, specializes in

poker. This most certainly doesn’t mean that Microgaming isn’t a great platform to turn to for

slots, but it does mean that players who are particularly interested in poker might have a

much better experience when playing through a Microgaming casino.

Many review sites list their casinos by software platform and this makes it easy to seek out

those sites that will best suit your needs. The trick is to take a bit of time to get to know the

various casinos on the market and then make a decision about which ones will suit your needs


Chapter 9: Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is becoming more and more popular these

days because it allows players the chance to access their online casino accounts and play

games from just about anywhere.

Do They Offer Mobile Gaming?

Not all casinos offer a mobile gaming platform, which is why players will want to make sure

they choose correctly. Players should start off by determining which sites offer mobile

gaming, before taking the time to find out whether their mobile device will be compatible

with the platform. These days, most sites are compatible with Android and iPhone software,

but this is not something a player will want to take for granted.

Page 9: How to choose an online casino


Fishing for Bonuses

Just as a player should never sign up with a casino without a bonus, players should also

ensure they receive a mobile bonus for signing up for a mobile account. These bonuses are

usually much smaller than the signup bonuses offered to players opting for traditional

accounts, but they give players the chance to win that bit extra by increasing their online

accounts just a bit.

Many sites offer a free signup bonus to new mobile users. This allows players the chance to

try their hand at some of the games on offer without having to make a deposit of their own.

Just like traditional bonuses, these will be subject to wagering requirements and other terms

and conditions. Players should make themselves aware of these before picking a specific


Chapter 10: Download vs. Instant Play Casinos

When you are in the process of choosing an

online casino, you’ll probably come across the download vs. instant play option many times

over. Understanding the difference between these two is important because it will assist you

in making the right decision one way or the other.

What are Instant Casinos?

Instant casinos are just that - they don’t require players to download casino software in order

for the player to enjoy what the site has to offer. Players who are dealing with computers with

low memory capacities will find this option preferable because they can access the games

directly from the browser, utilizing flash technology.

Page 10: How to choose an online casino


What is the Difference Between the Two?

You will most likely be aware that instant casinos don’t need to be downloaded, and

download casinos obviously do, but how does this impact play? Very often, flash casinos

have a smaller range of games for players to choose from. This is something many players

will deal with because these casinos tend to be simpler to access and they can be enjoyed

immediately. There isn’t a wait for the software to download and players can easily switch

between one computer and another.

Overall, flash casinos tend to be more popular with many people, but this is something that

each player will need to decide for themselves.

Chapter 11: Customer Support

Customer support is generally available with every quality online

casino, but this doesn’t mean all casinos offer the same quality of support. Some casinos offer

the works, which is 24/7 customer support with a live chat feature, as well as email,

telephone and even snail mail options available. There are other casinos, on the other hand,

that offer email and telephone only, within business hours. Players need to make a decision

about what is important to them and whether they’re willing to sign up with a casino that

offers less than the best.


Page 11: How to choose an online casino


Choosing an online casino can be somewhat tricky, which is why players need to know what

their options are, what they want and how to find it. By following this step by step guide,

players can do just that.

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