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  • 8/9/2019 how to buy art


    How to buy art

  • 8/9/2019 how to buy art


    How to buy art

    Escutcheon, 2000-2006, by Virginia Bodman,rom work available at Globe Gallery. Photo: Colin Davison

  • 8/9/2019 how to buy art


    The best reason or buying art isbecause you like it, and likebuying anything else o quality it is worth trying to buy the bestyou can even i it meansstretching your budget slightly,

    or paying in instalments.

    Why buy art?

    Kt 28 , by Antonio Riello, rom work available at Globe Gallery.Photo: courtesy o the artist

  • 8/9/2019 how to buy art


    This is a brie guide or thosewho want to have the thrilland satis action o owningoriginal works o art byliving artists.Buying contemporary and original workso art can make your world a better place: art can enhance your home or

    working environment

    art can be or a special occasion(wedding, birthday, retirement present)

    buying art helps support an artists career

    This guide ocuses on what is o ten describedas contemporary art or modern art, thatmeans it is usually by a living artist and caninclude drawing, painting, sculpture, print,photography, an artists book, video, lm,live art and new media.

    Why buy art?

    Cat from next door, 2007, a plastic modelling compound,enamel paint, 14x15x8cm model by Jock Mooney.Photo: Colin Davison. Courtesy: the artist/Vane

  • 8/9/2019 how to buy art


    Look around and get in ormation

    visit as many galleries as possible, talk tosta and sign up to their mailing list orin ormation on upcoming shows and events

    visit art school degree shows which usuallytake place in June

    visit artist studios on open studio dayswhen you can meet and buy work romthe artist

    visit art airs where you can see manydi erent galleries in one place

    theatres, ca es, and libraries o ten showart which is or sale

    look at art magazines or in ormation

    look on the internet

    Here are some tips to helpyou orm your own opinionsbe ore you buy:

    Ceramics by Sun Kin, rom work available at mima.Photo: Gilmar Riberio at g2 photography

  • 8/9/2019 how to buy art



    galleries have price lists on display; i not,ask to see one

    research the price range o the sort o workthat you like and x your budget

    you may have to rame, transport or insureyour works o art; check exactly whatis included in the price you are quoted:the rame? VAT?

    does the gallery provide an interest ree loan

    scheme such as Own Art*? i you want to buy art as an investment, then

    be prepared to invest substantially to beginwith; study the market very thoroughly orpay or speci c independent advice

    You may choose to take higher risks buyingmore works that are very a ordable i youbuy the work because you genuinely like itthen you will not mind i it does not become

    an investment, but it might! red dots by a work indicate that it has been

    sold, a hal dot that it is reserved, but ask anyway

    Sky print by Chiho Aoshima, 2005. Courtesy Blum & Poe,

    Los Angeles/Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris & Miami2005 Chiho Aoshima/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.From work available at BALTIC.

  • 8/9/2019 how to buy art


    Where to look:

    gallery is a name or both commercialdealers and publicly- unded exhibitionspaces. Prices may not be available andquestions about sales are o ten re erredback to the artist. This may take time,so do persist

    artists studios provide opportunities orbuyers and browsers to meet artists andbuy rom them at open studios on speci cdays, or a weekend in the year

    print studios or workshops are placeswhere artists make and sell original prints

    degree shows are usually held or a weekin June at universities. The public can see

    and buy work rom that years graduates art airs are held annually in London,

    Glasgow and many other cities. You cantalk to gallery sta , attend talks, and lookat art magazines

    For lists o galleries in the North East checklistings magazines such as The Crack and lookonline at

    For national listings and in ormation aboutartists and exhibitions there are severalwebsites including:

  • 8/9/2019 how to buy art


  • 8/9/2019 how to buy art


    He Loves Me, a piece rom As soon as youve got it you want something else series by Rachel Gretton, available romDesigned & Made. Photo: Steven Landles Photography

    Frequently asked questions

    Q. Why is this work not signed?A. Contemporary artists sometimes do not

    sign their work. A painting is sometimesidenti ed on the back. It is usual to expectan invoice or receipt that states exactly whomade the work and details o materials anddate. You should keep this.

    Q. Why is this painting not ramed and hasunpainted edges?

    A. This is how the artist wants it shown.

    You can make your own decisions a teryou have bought it but you will be alteringthe artists intentions.

    Q. Can I visit the artists studio?A. This is ok as long as you really want to see

    or buy more work. An artist is unlikely tosell their own work i they have a galleryrepresenting them.

    Q. How do I know that this work is not

    overpriced?A. I you like the work enough, have donesome research, made some comparisonsyou should eel reassured and con dent.

    He Loves Me, a piece rom As soon as youve got it you want something else series by Rachel Gretton, available romDesigned & Made. Photo: Steven Landles Photography

  • 8/9/2019 how to buy art


  • 8/9/2019 how to buy art


    Other techniques and care:

    oil and acrylic acrylic is a cheaper, quickerdrying, and modern version o oil

    support oil and acrylic are usually paintedon to a support o canvas, cotton or linen.Paintings are susceptible to changes in

    temperature and humidity and may warpor crack. Avoid hanging over heat sources.Screwing the rame or stretcher to the wallinstead o hanging rom hooks may help

    works on paper drawings, watercolours,prints and photographs will discolour romexposure to strong light. They should be

    ramed under glass or Perspex to protect them

    mixed media exactly what it says and

    could include anything, so askA terwards

    Contact a good ramer who will advise you onmounting and raming. Ask or advice aboutlighting and displaying the work sa ely.Take a photograph o the work and keep it withthe artists CV or insurance purposes. Ask to bekept up to date with uture exhibitions.

    Congratulations!You have started a collection.

  • 8/9/2019 how to buy art


    This leafet was produced byArts Council England, North East

    We would like to thank the Scottish ArtsCouncil or permission to reproduce the text. Scottish Arts Council

    *Typical 0% APRRegistered address: Arts Council England, North East,Central Square, Forth Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1

    Designed by Sumo and Printed by Potts printers.

    Petal surface detail Orchid 2 , 2006,(SEM Microscopy), a digital print by Claire Davies.Courtesy: the artist/Vane

    Front cover image:Grindon Lane Series, screenprint by Bridget Jones,

    rom work available at Northern PrintPhoto: David Lawson