How playing with a ball is necessary for kids? Bright Start Academy

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Kids of two years of age are typically able to throw a ball overhand. Bright Start Academy introduces games for the kids to let them learn throwing and catching and makes it fun and interesting activity. Source:

Transcript of How playing with a ball is necessary for kids? Bright Start Academy

  • Play Ball at Bright Start Academy
  • Bright Start Academy is proud to be centered in the heart of Cardinal Nation! Its great to be part of the traditions of such a great baseball team, and its easy to get caught up in the excitement. Now that the weather is warm and the skies are sunny, the idea of taking your little one outside and playing a little catch couldnt be more appealing! What happens when your child wants to stop when youre just getting started?
  • One look at the children playing at Bright Start Academy and its easy to see that young children have a lot of energy and a short attention span that can keep them from sticking with anything for very long, even when playing catch! But dont give up! Throwing and catching with your little one can be a lot of fun, and it can bring you and your child closer together than ever! You just need to make sure your expectations are age- appropriate so ensure youre both having fun!
  • It seems like as soon as they are able, little ones are throwing things constantly. Here, at Bright Start Academy, they are throwing things off their high chairs, from their bouncy seats, and even when theyre being held in our arms, so we know theyre doing it at home too! As soon as we pick things up, theyre throwing them back on the ground again! It seems like the just want to watch you pick them back up! Thats exactly what theyre wanting!
  • When children have learned the motor skills to throw something out of sight (usually on the ground), they are doing it more so to watch the cause and effect, rather than actually honing their throwing skills. Throwing things off the high chair or stroller doesnt exactly require eye-hand coordination and aim, two skills that are essential for a beginning game of catch; it just takes a little arm strength and a curious baby!
  • Children under the age of two are typically unable to throw a ball overhand, much less with any control, so at Bright Start Academy we introduce games that involve rolling instead of throwing! Rolling a ball back and forth can be so fun for your baby, and its far more appropriate during this time period than trying a game of catch. As they get a little older, between the ages of 18 months and 2 years, children might enjoy practicing throwing a larger, soft ball into a basket.
  • This activity gives them practice strengthening their eye-hand coordination and larger muscle groups, without making your head the target! At Bright Start Academy, we cheer your child on when they make a basket, encouraging them to keep working on their skills, building that coordination up along with their self-esteem! Once they hit age three, most children are able to throw a ball overhand with some control, giving you the perfect opportunity to introduce a short, easy game of catch.
  • The catch part is the tricky part though! Once children learn to throw with some accuracy, its easy to think that theyre ready for the traditional game of catch youd imagined. They might bebut usually only if its a large ball! The bigger the ball, the easier it is for them to master catching it, which is why youll see all sorts of balls around Bright Start Academy! We encourage the children to practice their new skills over and over again, changing the size and texture of the balls until they are ready for a standard sized baseball. The greatest key to success any time youre teaching your child a new skill is allowing them to master it.
  • We know, even as adults, that it feels good to be successful and those little successes build confidence for children to try new things. We set your child up for success at Bright Start Academy by taking things slow and introducing new stages only when theyve mastered the skills they need. We help them push their limits so that they can get better and better at what theyre doing! Keep building your childs confidence and, before you know it, youll be the one having a hard time catching their throws!
  • Its so fun to be in a baseball town, and sharing your love of baseball with your child makes it even more fun! We love the excitement that Baseball Heaven brings and thats why we make sure we have plenty of things to encourage the children at Bright Start Academy! Taking it slow, enjoying the stages, and having age-appropriate expectations are a few of the best things you can do to build up your childs confidence and get them ready for a great game of catch. Once you start, youll find that Baseball Heaven is really in your own backyard!
  • To Contact us : Visit Call Mail Bright Start Academy 864 Homefield Blvd. OFallon MO. 63366 [email protected] 636-379-2600