How i’ve changed throughout my life

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  • 1. How Ive changed throughout mylife T. Oglezneva

2. "The Lord does not look at the things manlooks at. Man looks at the outwardappearance, but the Lord looks at theheart."A smart coat is a good letter ofintroduction.Character is what you know you are, notwhat others think you have. 3. 3 years3,5 yearsEarly childhood 4. Leavingkindergarten 5. Its time for school 6. Diligent pupil 7. Early teens 8. Leaving school 9. The Lyceum and 10. Adolescence 11. Careless age 12. Lifelong friendship 13. I am red 14. Age of consent 15. Cant imagine my life without it 16. Thank you for attention))