How do consumer characterstics influence buying behaviour

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Transcript of How do consumer characterstics influence buying behaviour

  1. 1. How do consumer characteristics influence buying behaviour ?
  2. 2. Consumer behaviour Study of how individuals, groups and organizations select, buy , use and dispose of goods, services, ideas or experience to satisfy their needs and wants
  3. 3. Influences Cultural Social Personal
  4. 4. Different cultures Different values Comfort Freedom individualism Practicality progress Respect Honesty Integrity Hard work Rituals
  5. 5. Members of a social class share similar interest ,values and behaviour
  6. 6. Social Economic Classification Urban Areas (Occupation and education of chief wage earner ) Purchase potentials A1 A2 B1 B2 C D E1 E2
  7. 7. Rural Areas (occupation of chief wage earner and house type ) purchase potential R1 R2 R3 R4
  8. 8. Influences Cultural Social Personal
  9. 9. Reference Groups Direct influence (Membership groups ) Indirect Influence Dissociative groups Whose values and individual rejects Primary groups Continuous informal interaction includes family, friends ,neighbours and co- workers. Secondary groups Non continuous informal interaction. Includes religious ,professional, trade union groups Aspirational groups Person hopes to join
  10. 10. Reference groups influence in three ways Expose individual to new behaviour and lifestyle Influence their attitude and self concept Create pressure for conformity
  11. 11. Family Family of orientation Consists of parents and siblings. Influence on behaviour is significant. Choices affected by them. Family of procreation Consists of persons children and spouse. Influence wielded by both.
  12. 12. Roles and Status People choose products that reflect and communicate their actual or desired status in society
  13. 13. Influences Cultural Social Personal
  14. 14. Age and stage in Lifecycle Family life cycle Psychological life cycle Adults experience transformations as they go through life. Marriage, childbirth, illness, divorce ,career change e.t.c Needs change
  15. 15. Occupation and Economic circumstances Occupations influence consumption patterns Economic circumstances influence product and brand choices
  16. 16. Personality and Self- Concept Consumers choose brands with brand personality similar to their self concept
  17. 17. Lifestyle andValues Shaped by customers being Money constrained Prefer lower cost products and services Time constrained Multi tasking, will pay others to perform task on time
  18. 18. Srishti Chaturvedi Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur B.Tech Student