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  • 1. How are optical illusions created? Objectives To develop an understanding of how optical illusion images are made. To understand the importance of using media carefully in order to produce an accurate image effective image. Outcomes A page of 4 mini optical illusions

2. Starter activity Your teacher will hand you a sheet with 4 optical illusions on it. In your table groups discuss how illusions are possibly constructed. Be prepared to feedback answers to class. 3. Wavy line illusion Repetitive wavy line. The lines have been repeated in order to create a sense of movement, also making the surface seem raised. 4. Circles within circles. Start with small central circle Draw another circle around this circle. Repeat this so you have 4- 6 circles . Add lines within circles in opposite directions. 5. Draw a wavy line, then produce parallel wavy lines and shade alternately. 6. How has the artist created this image? How would you re- create this? 7. Are these lines straight? 8. Concentric circles Concentric circles, divided into four and then each alternate quarter shaded black and white. This illusion also works with other shapes. E.g. triangle, square, rectangle, hexagon. 9. TASK : Split page into 4 sections In each section re- create the images shown on sheet. Go over these using felt tip pens. t 10. v=NCOrROnV588&feature=related 11. Homework : Create your own Op art design: Filling a whole page. Changing shape of illusions created today Or invent one of your own