How 3D Printing Can Power your Business

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An high level look at how people are making money by leveraging 3D Printing & the truth about how cheap it really is.

Transcript of How 3D Printing Can Power your Business

  • Shapeways: Empowering the Future of Design How Art, Technology and Crea?vity are intersec?ng to create the the most inspiring 3D Prin?ng Community and Ecommerce PlaCorm, Ever. Savannah Peterson Shapeways Global Community Manager @SavIsSavvy
  • Given Access to the Tools of Manufacturing
  • People Make EXACTLY What They Want
  • Complexity is Free
  • Customization is Free
  • Supply EXACTLY Meets Demand
  • Brands Can Engage & Create Custom Products
  • The Future of Small Business: Age, Money and Occupa?on No Longer Impose Barriers to Innova?on We have Shapies as young as 4 and as old as 84 Part-?me Shop Owners are everything from high school students to neuroscien?sts and coal miners 94% of our Shop Owners spent less than $1,000 to get their shop open 70% of Shop Owners spent less than $100 The barrier of entry will only get lower over ?me
  • Proof Anyone Can Use Shapeways, Im a 12 year old and I modeled my own iPod Case Brendan, 12 year old Shapie I Love Shapeways, I think it is the coolest thing in the world. Zach Tsiakalis-Brown, 13 year old Shapie
  • Start Shaping your Future Today! Check out: Ques?ons? Say Hi! @Shapeways @SavIsSavvy