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  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook


    A Study of the Book of


    Bruce Leonard

    "The Prophet Hosea" by James Tissot

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    NAME: Hosea means Jehovah is salvation

    MESSAGE: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (4:6).


    Hosea was the last to prophesy before the northern kingdom fell to Assyria (about 722 B .C.).When he began his ministry the northern kingdom was experiencing a peace and prosperity notexperienced since the days of Solomon. This prosperity led Israel to moral decay. They turnedfrom God to worship idols. God instructed Hosea to marry a wife of whoredom. Herunfaithfulness would serve as a living illustration of Israels apostasy and Gods love for thisunfaithful nation. Hosea then gives Gods complaint against Israel and warns that punishmentwould come if they did not return to God and be faithful to h im. Hosea shows the deep love Godhas for his people and that he would not tolerate idolatry.

    DATE:Prophesied in reigns of:

    JUDAH ISRAELUzziah 783 -742 B.C. Jeroboam II 786 -746 B.C.Jotham 745 -735Ahaz 735 -715Hezekiah 715 -687

    THEME: Hosea characterizes the loving -kindness of God. Therefore, Hosea is called theprophet of love or the prophet of a broken heart.

    CHILDREN: Son, Daughter, Son1. Jezreel to sow or to scatter The h ouse of Jehu will perish in the Valley of Jezreel2. Lo -ruhamah not pitied or no mercy God withdraws His love from Israel.3. Lo -Ammi not my people the covenant with God is broken


    2. 4:9 3. 6:4

    4. 6:6

    5. 8:7 6. 10:7 7. 10:12

    8. 11:1 9. 12:1

    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, Ireject you from being a priest to me.

    I will punish them for their ways and r epay them for their deeds.Wha t sha ll I do with you, O Ephra im? Wha t shall I do with you, O Juda h? Your love is

    like a morning cloud, like the dew that goes early away.For I desire steadfast love and not sacri fice, the knowledge of God rather than burnt

    offerings.For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whir lwind.

    Samaria s king shall peri sh like a twig on the face of the waters.Sow for yourselves r ighteousness; reap steadfast love; br eak up your fa llow ground,

    for it is the time to seek the LORD that he may come and rain r ighteousness upon you.When I sra el was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt I called my son.Ephraim feeds on the wind and pursues the east wind a ll day long; they multiply

    falsehood and violence; they make a co venant with Assyria, and oil is car ried to Egypt.

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    10. 13:14


    The successive steps taken by Israel that led them down the road of ruin and led to helplessnessand destruction:

    1. Lack of knowledge 4:62. Pride 5:53. Instability 6:44. Worldliness 7:85. Corruption 9:96. Backsliding 11:77. Open Idolatry 13: 2

    CONCISE OUTLINE OF HOSEA:I. THE TRAGEDY OF UNFAITHF ULNESS 1 3A. An Unusual Marriage 1:2 -3B. A Symbolic Family 1:4 -9

    1. The Name of Jezreel 1:4 -5 2. Lo -ruhamah 1:6 -7 3. Lo -ammi 1:8 -9 4. Rever sal of the Names 1:10 2:1

    C. An Extended Metaphor: The Adulterous Wife 2:2 -71. Her Shameless Profligacy 2:22. Her Certain Punishment 2:3 -43. Her Disgusting Behavior 2:54. Her Future Repentance 2:6 -7

    D. A Concrete Illustration: Perverted Prosperity 2:8- 131. The Source of Prosperity Ignored 2:82. The Removal of Prosperity Threatened 2:9 -113. The Abuse of Prosperity Reiterated 2:12- 13

    E. A Triumphant Announcement: Love Wins Out 2:14- 231. A New Cou rtship 2:14-15a2. A New Response 2:15b -173. A New Covenant 2:184. A New marriage 2:19 -205. A New Prosperity 2:21 -226. A New Privilege 2:23

    F. An Action Parable: Love Risks All 3:1- 51. Love for a Fallen Woman 3:12. Loving Discipline 3:2 -33. Symbolic Significance 3:44. Prophetic Anticipation 3:5

    Shall I r ansom them from the power of Sheol? Shall I redeem them from Death? ODeath, where ar e your plagues? O Sheol, where is your sting? Compassion is hidden from myeyes.

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    II. THE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE 4:1 6:3A. The Sin of the Land 4:2 -19

    1. The Sins of the People 4:2 -52. The Sins of the Priests 4:6 -103. The Sin of Idolatry 4:11- 14

    4. A Warning to Judah 4:15- 19B. Judgment on the Land 5:1 -151. Impartiality of the Sentence 5:12. Basis for the Sentence 5:2- 33. Necessity of the Sentence 5:4- 54. Certainty of the Sentence 5:6- 105. Portraits of the Judgment 5:11- 15

    C. An Appeal for Repentance 6:1 -31. First Exhortation and Incentive 6:1- 22. Second Exhortation and Incentive 6:3

    III. THE LACK OF MERCY 6:4 8:14 A. Mercy, Not Superficial Religion 6:4- 111. The Charge 6:4 -52. The Contrast 6:6- 73. The Confirmation 6:8- 11

    B. Mercy, Not Violence 7:1- 7C. Mercy, Not Political Intrigue 7:8 -16

    1. A Ruinous Policy 7:8- 102. A Futile Policy 7:11 -123. A Disastrous Policy 7:134. An Ungrateful Policy 7:14- 16

    D. Mercy, Not Law Breaking 8:1- 41. Illegitimate Rulers 8:42. Illegal Religion 8:5 -63. Reckless Sowing 8:7- 84. Disastrous Foreign Policy 8:9- 105. Multiple Altars 8:11 -126. Worthless Offerings 8:137. Neglect of God 8:14

    IV. THE CONSEQUENCES OF SIN 9:1 11:11A. Sin Results in Great loss 9:1 -9

    1. Loss of Joy 9:1 -22. Loss of Spiritual Privileges 9:3 -53. Loss of Inheritance 9:64. Loss of Hope 9:7 -9

    B. Israels Spiritual Biography 9:10 -171. An Early Fall 9:102. A Terrible Punishment 8:11- 143. An Infamous Career 9:15

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    4. A Final Rejection 9:16 -17C. Gods Judgment on Apostate Religion 10:1- 11

    1. Israels Sin 10:1- 22. Israels Sorrow 10:3 -53. Israels Shame 10:6

    4. Israels Suffering 10:7- 85. Israels Sentence 10:9- 11D. A Call for Repenta nce 10:12 -15

    1. The Exhortation 10:122. The Explanation 10:133. The Urgency 10:14 -154. The New Beginning 11:1

    E. The God of Love 11:2- 111. The Pain of Gods Love 11:22. The Picture of Gods Love 11:3- 43. The Punishment for Rejection Gods Love 11:5 -7

    4. The Perplexities of Gods Love 11:8- 95. Predicted Results of Gods Love 11:10- 11

    V. LACK OF FAITHFULNESS 11:12 14:9A. A Sin Against Ancestry 11:12 12:6

    1. Descrip tion of Degenerate Jacob 11:12 12:22. The Example of Historical Jacob 12:3- 53. The Appeal to Degenerate Jacob 12:6

    B. A Sin Against Faithfulness 12:7 -141. Rebukes for Sin 12:7- 82. A Long -standing Relationsh ip 12:9 -113. An Illustration of Gods Faithfulness 12:12- 134. Retribution Threatened 12:14

    C. From Life to Death 13:1- 81. Presen t Spiritual Death 13:1- 22. Imminent Political Death 13:33. The Justice of the Death Sentence 13:4 -64. The Severity of the Death Process 13:7- 8

    D. From Death to life 13:9 -161. Israels Rebellion 13:9- 102. Israels Retribution 13:11- 133. Israels Resurrection 13:14- 15a4. Israels Ruin 13:15b -16

    E. Final Appeal for Repentance 14:1 -81. The Call for Repentance 14:1- 32. The Immediate Results of Repentance 14:4 -53. Long -range Results of Repentance 14:6 -74. Final Appeal 14:8

    EPILOGUE 14:9

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    SUGGESTED OUTLINES:1:2 3:5 Th e sin against4:1 6:11 The sin against7:1 13:16 The s in aga inst

    14:1 -9 The final appeal

    I. Israels adultery: Ch. 1 -3A. Hosea and Gomer are used representatively of God and Israel: 1:1 2:1B. The chastisement of idolatrous Israel, their convers ion and restoration: 2:22 -23C. The prophets symbolic marriage: Chapter 3

    II. Prophetic discourses: Chapters 4 -13A. Jehovahs con troversy with Israel: Chapters 4- 6B. Israels corrupt political condition and consequenc es: Chapters 7-8C. Israels apostasy its punishment, exile, and destruction: Chapters 9 -11D. Israels apostasy and Gods fidelity: Chapters 23- 13

    III. Israels conversion and pardon: Chapter 14A. Gods grace once more will be shown those who turn to him: verses 1 -8B. Epilogue: verse 9

    LESSONS OF VALUE:1. Nothing can quench the love of God.2. God experiences deep pain when He is abandoned by his people.3. The marriage relationship is sacred. .4. Tragedy follows when one heeds unworthy teachers.5. There is no double standard of morality in Gods p lans.6. Sin destroys mans ability to make moral decisions.7. Divorce is not a solution. It is merely an effort to escape.8. Worship of God is not acceptable unless one worships with the r ight spirit (attitude) .9. Corrupt leaders will quickly corrupt a nation .10. Good relationships are important because one can become like those whom they associate .11. Forgiveness and restoration to Gods favor is found in genuine repentance.12. A natio ns inward corruption causes it more harm than external adversaries.13. Unfaithfulness to God is the root from which all other sins spring forth. .


  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook





    1. To whom did the word of the Lord come to? (v. 1)

    2. Whose son was he?

    3. Which kings reigned in Judah?

    4. Which king reigned in Israel?

    5. What did the Lord tell Hosea to do? (v. 2)

    6. What kind?

    7. What kind of children was Hosea to take?

    8. What had the land done?

    9. How did they do it?

    10. Who did Hosea take? (v. 3)

    11. Whose daughter was she?

    12. What was the name of their son? (v. 4)

    13. What does his name mean?

    14. Whose blood would be avenged?

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    15. Whose house would be punished?

    16. What would come to an end?

    17. What would the Lord break? (v. 5)

    18. Where would it be broken?

    19. What was their daughters name? (v. 6)

    20. What does it mean?

    21. Upon whom would the Lord have mercy? (v. 7)

    22. What would they be saved by?

    23. What would they not be saved by?

    24. What happened a fter their daughter was weaned? (v. 8)

    25. What was their sons name? (v. 9)

    26. What does his name mean?

    27. What would the number of the children of Israel be like? (v. 10)

    28. What would be said to them?

    29. What will the children of Judah and Israel do? (v. 11)

    30. What would they appoint?

    31. Where would they go?

    32. What will be great?


    1. What would they say to their brothers? (v. 1)

    2. What would they say to their sisters?

    3. With whom would the plead? (v. 2)

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    4. What is she not?

    5. What is he not?

    6. What was she to put away from her face?

    7. What was she to put away from her breasts?

    8. What would he make her: (v. 3)




    9. How would he kill her?

    10. What would he not give her children? (v. 4)

    11. Why?

    12. What had their mother done? (v. 5)

    13. How had she acted?

    14. What did she say she would go after?

    15. What did they giver her?

    16. What would be hedged up? (v. 6)

    17. What would be made?

    18. What would she not find?

    19. What would she pursue? (v. 7)

    20. Would she find them?

    21. What would she say she would do?

    22. Why would she do this?

    23. What had he given her ? (v. 8)

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    24. What had these things been used for?

    25. What would be taken back? (v. 9)

    26. Wha t was used to cover her nakedness?

    27. What would be uncovered? (v. 10)

    28. Who would deliver her?

    29. What would he put an end to? (v. 11)

    30. What would be destroyed? (v. 12)

    31. What were they to her?

    32. Who had given them to her?

    33. What would they be made into?

    34. What would eat them?

    35. For what would she be punished? (v. 13)

    36. What had she offered to Baal?

    37. What had she adorned herself with?

    38. What had she gone after?

    39. Who had she forgotten?

    40. What would the Lord do to her? (v. 14)

    41. Where would he bring her?

    42. How would he speak to her?

    43. What would he giver her? (v. 150

    44. What would he make a door of hope?

    45. How would she sing?

    46. What would she call him at that day? (v. 16)

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    47. What would she not call him?

    48. What would he remove from her mouth? (v. 17)

    49. What would he make for them? (v. 18)

    50. What would he break (abolish)?

    51. How would he make them lie down?

    52. To whom would he betroth them? (v. 19)

    53. How would he betroth them?

    54. Who will they know? (v. 20)

    55. What would the Lord do in that day? (v. 21, 22)

    56. Upon whom would the Lord have mercy? (v. 23)

    57. What would he say to those who are not his people?

    58. What will they say?


    1. What did the Lord tell Hosea to do? (v. 1)

    2. How was he to love her?

    3. What had they turned to?

    4. How much did he buy her for? (v. 2)

    5. How shou ld she live? (v. 3)

    6. What should she not do?

    7. Who should she not belong to?

    8. What would the children of Israel dwell without for many days? (v. 4)



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    9. What would the children of Israel do? (v. 5)

    10. Who would they seek?

    11. Who would they fear?


    1. Who is to hear the word of the Lord? ( v. 1)

    2. Who did the Lord have a controversy with?

    3. What was missing in the land?

    4. What was found in the land? (v. 2)

    5. What did the land do? (v. 3)

    6. What did those who dwell in the land do?

    7. What was taken away from the land?

    8. What were they told not to do? (v. 4)

    9. When would they fall? (v. 5)

    10. Who would fall at night?

    11. Who would be destroyed?

    12. Why were the people destroyed? (v. 6)

    13. Why were they lacking?

    14. Why were they rejected?

    15. What had they for gotten?

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    16. Who would God forget?

    17. What happened as they increased? (v. 7)

    18. What Would God change their glory into?

    19. What did they eat up (feed on)? (v. 8)

    20. What were they greedy for?

    21. Why would they be punished? (v. 9)

    22. What would be reward?

    23. What is the result of their eating? (v. 10)

    24. What would be the results of their whoredom?

    25. Why would they not multiply?

    26. What takes away their heart (understanding)? (v. 11)

    27. Of whom do the people seek counsel? ( v. 12)

    28. What gives them oracles?

    29. What led them astray?

    30. What did they leave God to do?

    31. Where did they offer sacrifices? (v. 13)

    32. Where did they burn incense?

    33. What did their daughters do?

    34. What did their wives do?

    35. Who will fall or come to ruin?

    36. Who played the harlot? (v. 15)

    37. Who was not to become guilty?

    38. Where were they not to go?

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    39. What were they not to swear?

    40. What was Israel like? (v. 16)

    41. What was Ephraim joined to? (v. 17)

    42. What did they do when their drink was gone? (v. 18)

    43. What did the rulers love?

    44. Why would they be ashamed? (v. 19)


    1. Who was to listen? (v. 1)

    2. What was coming to them?

    3. What had they been?

    4. What did the revolters do? (v. 2)

    5. What would God do?

    6. Who did God know? (v. 3)

    7. Who was not hid from him?

    8. What had Ephraim done?

    9. What happened to Israel?

    10. What did their deed prevent them from doing? (v. 4)

    11. What was in their midst?

    12. Who did they not know?

    13. What testified to his face? (v. 5)

    14. Who would fall in their guilt?

    15. Who would fall with them?

    16. With what would they go? (v. 6)

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    17. Who would they seek?

    18. Would they find him?

    19. What had the Lord done?

    20. With who had they dealt treacherously (faithlessly)? (v. 7)

    21. What kind of children had they borne?

    22. What would devour them?

    23. Where were they to blow the horn? (v. 8)

    24. Where were they to blow the trumpet?

    25. Where were they to cry or sound the alarm?

    26. When would Ephraim become desolate? (v. 9)

    27. Among whom did he make known what would happen?

    28. What were the princes of Judah like? (v. 10)

    29. What would the Lord do to them?

    30. What condition is Ephraim in? (v. 11)

    31. Why?

    32. What would the Lord be to Ephraim? (v. 12)

    33. What would he be to Judah?

    34. What did Ephraim see? (v. 13)

    35. What did Judah see?

    36. Where did Ephraim go?

    37. What was not able to happen?

    38. What would the Lord be like to Ephraim? (v. 14)

    39. What would he be like to Judah?

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    40. What would the Lord do?

    41. Who would be able to rescue them?

    42. Where would the Lord go? (v. 15)

    43. How long would he be there?

    44. What would cause them to seek the Lord?


    1. To whom are they to return? (v. 1)

    2. What will the Lord do since he has torn?

    3. What will the Lord do to the smitten?

    4. What will he do after two days? (v. 2)

    5. What will he do after the third day?

    6. Where would they live?

    7. What were they encouraged to do? (v. 3)

    8. How would the Lord come?

    9. What did he ask Ephraim? (v. 4)

    10. What did he ask Judah?

    11. What was there goodness like?

    12. How did it go away?

    13. By what were they hewn? (v. 5)

    14. How did he slay them?

    15. How are his judgments described?

    16. What did God desire? (v. 6)

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    17. What did he not desire?

    18. What did he desire more than burnt offerings?

    19. What did they transgress? (v. 7)

    20. How did they act toward God?

    21. What kind of city was Gilead? (v. 8)

    22. How did the priests behave? (v. 9)

    23. What did they commit?

    24. What did he see in the house of Israel? (v. 10)

    25. What was in Ephraim?

    26. What happened to Israel?

    27. What did he appoint (set) for Judah? (v. 11)

    28. When would this happen?


    1. What was discovered when the Lord would have healed Israel? (v. 1)

    2. What did they do?

    3. What did the thief do?

    4. What did the robbers do?

    5. How d id they make the king glad? (v. 2)

    6. How d id they make the princes glad?

    7. What are they all called? (v. 3)

    8. What are they like?

    9. What happened on the day of our king? (v. 5)

    10. Who did he stretch out his hand with?

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    11. What was their hearts like? (v. 6)

    12. What happened in the morning?

    13. Wh at are they all hot like? (v. 7)

    14. Who did they devour?

    15. What happened to their kings?

    16. Who called upon him?

    17. Who did Ephraim mix with? (v. 8)

    18. What kind of cake is Ephraim like?

    19. Who devoured his strength? (v. 9)

    20. What d id he not know was on him?

    21. What testified to his face? (v. 10)

    22. Where did they not return?

    23. What is Ephraim like? (v. 11)

    24. Who did they call?

    25. Where did they go?

    26. What would the Lord do when they go? (v. 12)




    27. Why d id he pronounce a woe upon them? (v. 13)




  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    28. From what had they not cried? ( v. 14 )

    29. Where did they cry from?

    30. For what did they assemble themselves?

    31. What had God done to their arms? (v. 15 )

    32. What do they do?

    33. To whom d id they not return? (v. 16 )

    34. What are they like?

    35. How would their princes fall?

    36. Why?


    1. What were they to set to their lips? (v. 1)

    2. What was over (against) the house of the Lord?

    3. What had they transgressed?

    4. What had they rebelled against?

    5. To whom d id the cry? (v. 2)

    6. What would they say?

    7. What did Israel spurn? (v. 3)

    8. Who would pursue Israel?

    9. What did they set up? (v. 4)

    10. Who did they not do it through?

    11. What did they make with their silver and gold?

    12. What were they made for?

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    13. What did God reject? (v. 5)

    14. What burns against them?

    15. Where did the one come from who made the idol? (v. 6)

    16. What was the idol not?

    17. What will be broken into pieces?

    18. What did the sow? (v. 7)

    19. What would they reap?

    20. What did they not have?

    30. What did it not yield?

    31. What would happen if it did produce?

    32. Who is swallowed up? (v. 8)

    33. What would they be like among the other n ations?

    34. Where did they go? (v. 9)

    35. How did they go?

    36. What had Ephraim done?

    37. What would God with them? (v. 10)

    38. Why would the sorrow (writhe)?

    39. What did Ephraim have many of? (v. 11)

    40. What did these things become for Eph raim?

    42. What had God written for them? (v. 12)

    43. How was it regarded?

    44. What did the do with the sacrifices? (v. 13)

    45. Did the Lord accept their sacrifices?

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    46. What would God remember?

    47. What would God punish?

    48. Where would they return?

    49. Who had Israel forgotten? (v. 14)

    50. What had they built?

    51. What did Judah multiply?

    52. What would God send upon their cities?

    53. What would it devour?


    1. What was Israel not to do? (v. 1)

    2. Why?

    3. What would not feed them? (v. 2)

    4. What would fail them?

    5. Where would they not remain? (v. 3)

    6. Where would Ephraim return?

    7. What would they eat?

    8. What would they not give to the Lord? (v. 4)

    9. What would not please the Lord?

    10. What would their sacrifices be like?

    11. What would happen to those who eat the bread?

    12. Who would gather them? (v. 6)

    13. Who would bury them?

    14. What will possess their precious things?

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    15. What will be in their tents?

    16. What days have come to them? (v. 7)

    17. Who is a fool?

    18. Who is mad?

    19. Why?

    20. Who was with God? (v. 8)

    21. What was his ways?

    22. What did they do to themselves? (v. 9)

    23. What would God do?

    24. What would God remember?

    25. How did God find Israel? (v. 10)

    26. How did God wee their fathers?

    27. Where did they go?

    28. What did they do there?

    29. What would happen to Ephraims glory? (v. 11)

    30. What would not be left? (v. 12)

    31. What was Ephraim like? (v. 13)

    32. Where would Ephraim lead his childre n?

    33. What would the Lord give them? (v. 14)

    34. What was in Gilgal? (v. 15)

    35. Why did God hate them?

    36. What would he do to them?

    37. What are their princes?

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    38. What is the result of Ephraim being stricken? (v. 16)

    39. What would happen when they gave birth?

    40. Who would reject them? (v. 17)

    41. Why?

    42. What would they be?

    CHAPTER 10

    1. How is Israel described? (v. 1)

    2. What did they build more of as their fruit increased?

    3. What kind of heart did Israel have? (v. 2)

    4. What would the Lord break down?

    5. What will they say they do not have? (v. 3)

    6. Why?

    7. What kind of covenant had they made? (v. 4)

    8. How would judgment spring up?

    9. Who would tremble? (v. 5)

    10. What do the people mourn for?

    11. Why?

    12. Where would the calf be taken? (v. 6)

    13. Why?

    14. What would Israel be ashamed of?

    15. Who would perish? (v. 7)

    16. How?

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    17. What would be destroyed? (v. 8)

    18. What would grow on the altars?

    19. What would they want the mountains and hills to do?

    20. How long had Israel sinned? (v. 9)

    21. What would over take them?

    22. When would they be disciplined? (v. 10)

    23. Who would be gathered against them?

    24. What binds them up?

    25. What was Ephraim like? (v. 11)

    26. What would happen to Ephraim?

    27. What would happen to Judah?

    28. What would happen to Jacob?

    29. What were they to sow? (v. 12)

    30. How were they to reap?

    31. What was it time for?

    32. What did they plow? (v. 13)

    33. What did they reap?

    34. What did t hey eat?

    35. What did they trust in?

    36. What would the result be? (v. 14)

    37. Who did Shalman destroy?

    38. What happened to the mothers?

    39. Why would this be done to them? (v. 15)

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    40. What would happen in the morning?

    CHAPTER 11

    1. When d id God love them? (v. 1)

    2. Where did he call them from?

    3. What did they sacrifice to? (v. 2)

    4. To what d id they burn offerings (incense)?

    5. What was Ephraim taught? (v. 3)

    6. What did they not know?

    7. How were they led? (v. 4)

    8. What w as taken off their jaws?

    9. What did God do for them?

    10. Where would they not return? (v. 5)

    11. Who would be their king?

    12. Why?

    13. What would be in their cities? (v. 6)

    14. What would be consumed?

    15. What would be devoured?

    16. What were the people bent on doing? (v. 7)

    17. Who would they call out to?

    18. What would He not do for them?

    19. How was His heart? (v. 8)

    20. What would He not execute? (v. 9)

    21. Why would He not destroy Ephraim?

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    22. Who was in their midst?

    23. How would He not come?

    24. How shall they go? (v. 10)

    25. What will happen when He roars?

    26. How will they tremble? (v. 11)

    27. Where will they return?

    28. What did Ephraim do? (v. 12)

    29. What did Israel do?

    30. What did Judah do?

    CHAPTER 12

    1. What did Ephraim feed upon? (v. 1)

    2. What did Ephraim pursue?

    3. How did he multiply?

    4. Who did they make a covenant with?

    5. What is carried into Egypt?

    6. Who else does the Lord have a problem with? (v. 2)

    7. How would Jacob be pun ished?

    8. When d id Jacob take his brothers heel? (v. 3)

    9. With whom d id Jacob strive (have power)?

    10. Did he prevail over the angel? (v. 4)

    11. Where did he find God?

    12. What is his memorial? (v. 5)

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    13. Who were they to turn to? (v. 6)

    14. What were they to keep?

    15. How were they to wait on God?

    16. What were in the hands of merchants? (v. 7)

    17. What did he love to do?

    18. What did Ephraim say he had become? (v. 8)

    19. What did he say could not be found in his labors?

    20. Where would God make them dwell? (v. 9)

    21. How did God speak to them? (v. 10)

    22. What did he multiply?

    23. What did he give through the prophets?

    24. Where did they sacrifice? (v. 11)

    25. What were their altars?

    26. Where did Jacob flee? (v. 12)

    27. How did Israel serve?

    28. How did the Lord bring them from Egypt? (v. 13)

    29. Who provoked the Lord? (v. 14)

    30. What would the Lord leave upon him?

    31. Why would the Lord repay him?

    CHAPTER 13

    1. When was Ephraim exalted? (v. 1)

    2. What caused him to die?

    3. How did they sin? (v. 2)

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    4. What did they make?

    5. What did the one who sacrifice kiss?

    6. What would they be like? (v. 3)





    7. From what land was the Lord their God? (v. 4)

    8. Who would they not kn ow?

    9. Where did God know them? (v. 5)

    10. Why did they forget God? (v. 6)

    11. What would God be to them? (v. 7)

    12. How would He come upon them? (v. 8)

    13. What would He do to their heart (breast)?

    14. How would He devour them?

    15. Who is de stroyed? (v. 9)

    16. Who was their helper?

    17. Why did God give them a king? (v. 11)

    18. Why did God take away their king?

    19. What is bound up? (v. 12)

    20. What comes upon Ephraim? (v. 13)

    21. What would they be ransomed from? (v. 14)

    22. What would they be redeemed from?

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    23. What is hidden from Gods eyes?

    24. What would come from the wilderness? (v. 15)

    25. What would be dry?

    26. What would happen to the treasury?

    27. What would happen to Samaria? (v. 16)

    28. What had Samaria don e?

    29. What would happen to their infants?

    30. What would happen to the pregnant women?

    CHAPTER 14

    1. What was Israel told to do? (v. 1)

    2. What did their iniquity cause them to do?

    3. What were they to ask the Lord to take away? (v. 2)

    4. Wh o will not save them? (v. 3)

    5. What would they not ride on?

    6. What would they not say to the work of their hands?

    7. What do the orphans find?

    8. What would be healed? (v. 4)

    9. How would God love them?

    10. What did God turn from them?

    11. What would God be like to Israel? (v. 5)

    12. How will they grow?

    13. How would they take root?

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    14. What would his beauty be like? (v. 6)

    15. What would his smell be like?

    16. How would those who return flourish? (v. 7)

    17. How would they grow?

    18. What does God do for Ephraim? (v. 8)

    19. What would God belike?

    20. What would the wise be able to do? (v. 9)

    21. What are the ways of the Lord?

    22. Who walks in them?

    23. Who falls in them?

  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook




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  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    Hoseas Marriage and Children 1:1 2:1

    Y E B B C V P A E S O H

    M C M S R H E R O B H E

    O G R A T G I T C C O W

    D G D E N I C L O H U A

    E O A B M A M N D T S M

    R M U J L I C M N R E V

    O E G L E E A I O A E S

    H R H T I Z O L S C A N

    W E T V R P R U B V T B

    O S E V P D R E E I J W

    N D R A A E V I E C D I

    S A I D D J E H U L Z E


  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    Israel is Punished and Brought Back to the Lord 2:2- 23

    D G N I R D F L P D G S F E T S P

    A A N X I H E O B L T Y K M S I E

    J K R E M W T S R S I A E E H T H

    F I O A D Y R O A E M E N A U S U

    L L B N D E R E R T S D T L S M N

    A L E S T O F L L T E T H A B I T

    X S F T H M R A E K E F E A A R H

    S L E L O A V N A W D B R B N T I

    T B S O E I M N E E E L E R D H R

    S U N H S S L E C D V J F E N U S

    E S D H T L R L F L O N O W A E T

    L Y E T I A A E N U O L R S K G Y

    U D F W T R B T H N L V E N E D C

    M O T H E R B B I T U L E A D E R

    E U K S N M J A A J B K Y R M H E

    S I G H T T R X A S L O O W S R M

    D C D P B G A T W P L E A D P S R


  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    Further Assuran ce of Gods Redeeming Love 3:1 -5

    R A I S I N S G G A M

    U H M I N E E T F I F

    L E B L E T H E C H U

    P D A V I D D W E L L

    P D H O U S E H O L D

    I A D U L T E R E S S

    L K B H O M E R L T T

    L E P H O D C A K E S

    A S S E N D O O G K O

    R G O S R B O U G H T

    D F F W I T H O U T M


  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    The Charges Against Israel 4:1- 19

    C H E K L A C K L B Y J O I N E D S

    O F S A S Y N G U I L T Y G Y H F E

    N T U I K G O J B A R U S L S H C VT Y C O U J I B M L A N P I Y E J I

    E S C S F G T R A S E D R A H I I G

    N R A V O K N O L O D E E F S F N K

    D E S E R W E A K R H R I R I E F G

    L V T R S B T D L C S S E S N R O B

    I O U I A U N U P E E T K W U J R O

    A R B U K R O Y T M H A N O P B G U

    S T B Q E N C U T G K N O L Y L E N

    E N O N N T T C U T W D W L G O T D

    D O R I L I I A B L B I L O T O Y S

    I C N U T B D M L U I N E F S D C Y

    R R M S G V U T M C I G D M E S M F

    B J O C E R O H W O V M G Y I H L I

    Y R U Y D E E R G R C J E G R E Y S

    P Y A L P Q A D U L T E R Y P D K H



  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    Israel and Judah are Unrepentant 6:1 7:16

    A F O D H E D G Z W X B I Y B W U G

    A D N T R U O V O D S O C A A A H N

    N I U I O E P U O D B W N G S U G I

    B V S L S E L V N O N D B X K Y U O

    R E C A T D E A K E I L N E A X O G

    D E K P U E B Z L T A H U R E I D M

    G V Y P L G R L S Z D G G S R K I E

    A I E R C I A E E D I B R U B A L Z

    S L H O K F G S R R E E X C R B F H

    H H T A N L T H T S O B P H I N G A

    F E G C E A K N T D S S P R O U F I

    A A N H A E I O L S E E R I O H H R

    L T I Z D H V I E C I O S H C W E S

    S A L D I E V X N S H I T C E R W B

    E A L E N E I I W A R L H L A E N G

    L D A E G M R O B E A V O B S K G C

    Y A C D R P N V D R I E H T E A E B

    Y M G S Y K G N I N R O M C S B L D



  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    Israels Defeat Because of Sin 10:9 -15

    T S U M P H S E R H T B Q S

    C D H A E B I G N E Y B R N

    G F A I R F W S P A R E D P

    A S S E N S U O E T H G I R

    D N E Y Q P D S B T D E N I

    E G S S R C H E O F L D J N

    T W F D A A O M P B A W U I

    S O K N L E F N U A G J S Q

    U L E M J N L O T D E F T U

    R P A G A M D P J I Q R I I

    T N U T L U M U T U N K C T

    Y D E S T R O Y E D Y U E Y

    N E C K W O L L A F C F E J

    U T S U J N U H A R R O W D


  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook



    Gods Case Against Jacobs Heirs 12:1 -8

    U W S A P B T P E W T A P

    P L T C D M I N H P N C H

    U D O O S E B S G D E C G

    R O L N T R W E S O M O R

    S O A T R C I C R O T R E

    U H I I O H N N O H C D H

    E N R N V A S A B E I I T

    S A O U E N D L A S D N O

    B M M A G T E A L L N G R

    W W E L N U E B G A I C B

    A Y M L E G F A D F L W P

    C F W Y H E E E S L A F B

    L L D L O H H L W I N D D


  • 8/7/2019 Hosea Workbook


    The Lord is Angry w ith Israel 13:1- 16

    S G L F S I O N E S P H E C U B S

    M H R S P G C M M A L D O P E N N

    H D E A Y V W R O I V R E R E H W

    V T E O Z O B I A S S N I B D Z P

    S B R L L E R D E F N T E W B F V

    K S R I L G D T E D T A P M S O L

    B L I E B I N G S R R S R A V S R

    S B F K A D F I B E R O M L S G C

    L K B R Z S L D S E D U U E K N R

    G U I C L E T I I I A T C G N A E

    N R N L P E G E H E R R G N H P P

    I W O W L L O U M C D E D U I T L

    T E O I I F A P I D E A T H C W E

    S B M D V S U G A L P S G H H I H

    G R O W N A E L U R T U L G A N Z

    U C E D S I S W L E D R M C F D W

    K R U L M S W B W Y S Y N D F O E