Horno Electrico

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Student: Yéssica Alejandra Cely Piña social worker Extreme wingsuit flying vuelo extremo
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Este es un documentos que caracteriza el horno electrico y su funcionamiento

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Student: Yssica Alejandra Cely Pia social worker Extreme wingsuit flying

vuelo extremo

He started flying with the paragliding.(Paragliding is taking off mountains)

in paragliding you can perform different stunts.

From there I started with skydiving.

in this picture you can see a four peoplejump.there are four people flying together.skydiving is a step to freeflying

freeflying is a type of skydiving more three-dimensional.you can see the skydiver with the red suit he's in a stand-up position.the one with the yellow-green suit he's flying head-down and the fund is Ueli Gegenschatz, carving around the whole formation Free flight step skysurfingSkysurfing with a board on feet. great force and power is exercised he pass from skysurfer to wingsuit flying

air suit is a suit which I can fly using only the bodyplacing the body properly can advanceand gain some distance