HORNE Optitherm Thermostatic Taps – Medical Mixing Taps

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Transcript of HORNE Optitherm Thermostatic Taps – Medical Mixing Taps

  • Optitherm Thermostatic tapIncludes:

    Thermostatic mixing valve set to 41C safe and comfortable.

    Warm water tap for clinical hand wash

    Cold water tap for:cold water hand washdrinking water*teeth cleaning*

    Combined flow regulator and conditioner to govern flow rate to 6 L/min - reduces splashing.

    Dual levers for improved infection prevention correct usage important.* Where supplies are potable


  • Optitherm - Correct UsageWarm water hand wash left hand lever

    Open flow by pushing down on short lever with pad of thumb (long lever moves forward).

    Wash hands thoroughly

    Turn off flow by returning long lever to upright position using elbow in horizontal orientation.

    Repeat process for cold water delivery using right hand lever

    Fill glass of water (where supply is potable)

    Turn off by returning long lever to upright position using elbowNo retouch operation for effective hygiene control.Every operation turns over cold water reducing stagnation and TVC


  • Optitherm safe, controlledAccurately controls temperature at 41C

    optimal temperature for safe and comfortable hand wash

    Safe surface temperature never exceeds 42C, therefore no risk of accidental burns to patients, visitors or staff

    Lever clutch mechanism prevents accidental or intentional damage - simply ratchet back to the correct on/off position.Max: 41.8C Min 21.8C Spot 41.0C

    Test parameters:Hot water supply - 60CCold water supply - 17CMixed water setting - 41C


  • Simple Cleaning & MaintenanceVery easy to clean:

    continuous smooth curved surface easy access to entire surface no recesses or hard-to-reach angles hard, protective chromium finish

    Full access from ward-side for maintenance:

    no need to remove wall panelling routine performance testing < 1 min remove and substitute in < 2 mins

    Improves FM efficienciesEnsures continuity of water supplyLess disruption for nursing and medical staff


  • For further information please visit