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1. # Hookedfest 2. Hooked Festival brings together digital product people who deeply care about including design throughout the entire development cycle 3. Cas Lemmens Product Designer - Spotify 4. art serves the few science serves the many 5. product design insight & intuition 6. data driven | AB testing | research | inspired by nature | content first | lagom Products need to grow 7. Mattias Skarin Lean Coach - Crisp 8. The person passionate about the idea takes it all the way to a happy client concept owner | no handovers 9. Organise the frame for the project with all stakeholders copywriter | account handler | client | creation | developer | designer | studio | editor 10. Tim Van Lier Product Owner - VRT 11. Get the end-user involved concepts | surveys 12. Thomas Joos Managing Partner - Little Miss Robot 13. Make the right product happen fast product design sprints strategy elevator pitch make and launch evaluate 14. Make the right product happen fast with the product design toolkit research vision goals user understanding needs & wants profiling systems what can you do? how does it work? styleguide branding moodboards 15. Peter Elst Product Technology Manager - Google 16. Obstacles for creative innovation at scale team dynamics | problem fatigue | personal empowerment | time management | infrastructure 17. Jeremiah Gardner The Lean Brand - Author 18. Great brand development is about value development aware intrigued trust convinced hopeful satisfied passionate (growth engine) 19. Reading material leanbrandbook.com 20. Antony & Jerome Ribot Founders - Ribot 21. 5 biasses to help you build better products Products of caring companies are seen as superior We're more influenced by options that are put into a relatively-large group Thinking about the past makes us want to pay more now Words that are easier to say are more trustworthy and valuable We copy others choices when we can't make informed decisions http://coglode.com 22. Danil Sytsma Creative Director - Kraftwerk 23. make it human make it a story make it count #FirstConcert | Philips brush challenge | RipCurl's surfer watch 24. Couldn't attend all session, but i'm sure they were great as well. Big up to Daredevils for hosting the event. see you next year! 25. Grow by James Keuning Light Bulb by Chad Remsing Stakeholders by Anbileru Adaleru User by Yair Cohen Fast by Irene Hoffman Tools by Stefano Vetere Hurdle by Desbenoit Graph by Ivan Colic Hand by Till Teenck Man by Lisa Staudinger The Noun Project