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Add beautiful bedspreads, wall hangings, cushion covers, table runner to your home. visit for more info http://www.mogulinterior.com

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  • 1. Easy way to add exotic decor with this rosy brown pacca mirror embroidery bedspreads. This beautiful embroidery done by using silk threads, Can be used this bedspreads as a tapestry.

2. A gorgeous Indian wall hangings with paisley embroidery work. Hand embroidered sequins and Indian motifs in visually stunning colors add to the intensity of our beautiful sari wall hanging. 3. An easy way to add textures and patterns to a room with our beautifully handmade embroidered patchwork pillow cushion covers. 4. lovely pair of black drapes add ethnic touch and romantic breezy feel to your room. 5. Gorgeous & creative rectangular shape exquisite multi color Table Runner / Tapestry has intricate mirror and hand embroidery works add ethnic touch to your home.