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Make holiday travel easy with these travel tips. #travel #travelapps

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  • 1. Holiday Travel TipsThe holiday season is underway and millions of people are traveling to their favorite destinations. Use this guide to find helpful tips to organize your holiday trips with the LifeTopix app. These tips are intended to make your holiday travel less stressful and more fun for the entire family.Happy Holidays, from Team LightArrow!

2. Organize Your Trip Create Tasks Make Checklists Schedule Appointments Set Reminders Bookmark Travel Sites Attach Travel Docs as Files Organize Travel Photos Organize Travel Videos Journal With Notes Track Expenses Add and Map Places to Visit 3. Things To Do 3-6 Months Before Travel Check or renew passport and visa. Schedule transportation. Make pet reservations. Make airline reservations. Make housing reservations. 4. Things To Do 1-2 Months Before Travel Confirm transportation. Call credit card companies. Confirm routes and maps. Copy and scan all travel documents & itineraries. Order prescription medications. Place stop on mail and newspaper or arrange for pickup. Confirm pet reservations. Record emergency numbers. Locate public transportation schedules. Make packing list. Arrange neighbor or house sitter to watch house. Notify home security. Pay and schedule bills. Set up international cell service. Ship holiday gifts. 5. Things To Do 1-2 Days Before Travel Charge devices. Check weather reports. Print boarding passes. Check in 24 hours ahead. Take pets to kennel or confirm with sitter. Pick up cash. Set house lights on timer. Take out trash. Program or change thermostat. Set home security. Unplug electronics. Clean out refrigerator. Set up "out-of-office" email reply. Download apps/movies on Wi-Fi. Confirm neighbor/house sitter. 6. Make Packing Lists Travel Docs Copies of Travel Docs Extra Eyeglasses and Contacts Cash and Credit Cards Passport / Visa IDs Maps and Directions iPhones and iPads Medications Chargers Shirts/Blouses Skirts Shoes Workout Clothing Toiletries Pants Socks Underwear Dress Clothing Headphones 7. Copy, Scan and Back Up Travel DocsMake copies or photographs of the front and back of your passport, credit cards, driver's license, insurance cards, and other travel documents in case of theft or loss. For safekeeping, associate the scanned copies or photos to a LifeTopix Trip or Project so you have an electronic copy on your smartphone or tablet that you can easily locate. Set up a LifeTopix PIN for extra security. 8. Organize Usernames and Passwords for Travel Sites 9. Map Attractions and Destinations 10. Keep a Travel Journal 11. Utilize a Comprehensive Calendar App 12. Looking for the App That Does it All?LifeTopix