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  • 1. Holiday Inn Express Digital Marketing Plan New Media Drivers License By Sijie Xiao

2. Brand ValueStart your Bahamas trip from here.Let us fulfill your holiday dream. Campaign GoalBrand awarenessGain new customersMarket share 3. Target AudienceYoung couplesLooking for tropical hotels Family 4. Social Media Strategy Facebook Pinterest new ads hotel profile Categories that can be connected with hotels such as hotel pictures traveling, food, architectures and so on. hotel news (discount news, events) all other social networking website address 5. Social Media Strategy Twitter Communication Promotion Events 6. Mobile Strategy Mobile Site The content would be simplified to hotel profile, reservation, location, cont act. The reservation and location are the main functions. Social media site will be included. Apps Adventure game app 7. Mobile Strategy Mobile Advertising Advertising would be displayed on apps like Weather channel, or flight booking channels as banners. Joint Mobile Strategy Cooperate with Instagram or Vine or other apps. take pictures of family or couplesstaying in hotel, post online. 8. Internet Marketing Strategy 9. Internet Marketing Strategy The online news room in homepage is also important because every piece of press release related to Holiday Inn will be displayed in that page so that when journalists or reporters require for information, online news room would be a good resource center. 10. Budget $500,000 for Internet marketingin 2013.Ads Spending Mobile 9% WebsiteSocial MediaDesign12%29%SEM25%SEO25%