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A project of Hitlers life

Transcript of Hitler Project

  • 1. Hitlers Life By: Christina Mejia and Gonzalo A. Corral

2. Hitlers Roots 3. Early Life

  • Birth April 20, 1889
    • Austrian village of Braunau Am Inn
  • Attended monastery school in Lambach, Austria
    • Top of the Class and Ring Leader of friends
  • Father sent him to technical high school
  • In 1903 his dad dies of a lung hemorrhage
  • In 1907 his mom dies from cancer
  • In 1907 he traveled to Vienna to become an artist but failed the Academy of Fine Arts entrance exam twice

4. The Rise of Hitler 5. 1913-1933

  • In 1913 Hitler went to Munich, Germany and volunteered for service in German Army in 1914
  • In September of 1919 Hitler joined the German Workers Party which later evolved into the Nazi Party
  • 1923 He was Tried for treason and imprisoned
    • Writes Mein Kampf (My Struggle)
  • World depression aided the failing Nazi Party
  • In January 1933 he became chancellor of Germany

6. 7. The Nazi Regime and its Demise Georges, Grim Reaper, The Nation (April, 1933) 8. The Nazi Regime

  • The Enabling Act 1933
    • Gave Hitler Dictatorship powers
  • In 1933 the government abolished self government in German states
    • In 1934 the Reichsrat was abolished
  • In July of 1933 Nazi Party is the only legal party
  • In 1934, following the death of Hindenburg, Hitler becomes his successor


  • In November of 1937 Hitler planed his aggression against Europe
  • On September 1st of 1939 Hitler invaded Poland sparking WWII
  • June 6, 1944, Allied forces landed on Normandy Beach, France (D-Day)
  • The Battle of the Bulge in December of 1944 was Hitlers final stand

10. Hitlers Legacy

  • Approximately 6 million people died under his rule in concentration camps
    • This would be Hitlers Final Solution
  • In 1943 Hitlers health deteriorates rapidly
    • In 1944 Hitler suffers a heart attack and is confined to bed for several days
  • Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945
    • Seven days later Germany surrenders

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  • And Special Thanks to Ms. Catron