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  • 1. Professor Adrin Placenti 1

2. Argentine Tango Osvaldo PuglieseCarlos GardelLaila y LeandroAstor PiazzollaEnrique "Minotto s OrchestraCover of an old sheet music 2 3. Synthesis 186?Origins - GestationOrgenes - Formacin1895Old GuardGuardia Vieja1925New Guard Golden EraGuardia Nueva Edad de Oro1950Vanguard - Avant gardeVanguardia1965Plateau periodMeceta - Estancamiento2000Renaissance New searchesRenacimiento Nuevas bsquedas 3 4. Origins Gestation (186?-1895) Unclear Origins Habanera Tango Espaol Zarzuelas Sainetes . Popular movement Musical theatre Musicians: Antonio Reynoso, Francisco Pay ,Eduardo Garca Lalanne,4 5. Origins Gestation (186?-1895)Magazine Caras y Caretas 1898, Buenos Aires Photo of El Deber, Zarzuela Argentina Theater Victoria 1910 Bs.As5 6. Guardia Vieja (1895-1925) Habanera rhythm Musical Structure in three parts Cuarteto del Centenario Bandonen Guitar Flute ViolinJuan Maglio Pacho quartet, 1912Arolas quartet 1913 6 7. Guardia Vieja (1895-1925)Municipal Band of Buenos AiresLabel of an old tango recordMusicians: Juan Maglio Pacho, Roberto Firpo and Vicente Greco.7 8. BandonenFree reed Accordion8 9. Nueva Guardia (1925-1950))Habanera rhythmOld GuardNew guardMarcado en 4La Cumparsita Habanera rhythmMarcado en 49 10. Nueva Guardia (1925-1950) The Arrastre (Syncopation)10 11. Nueva Guardia (1925-1950)Sexteto Tpico of Julio De CaroOrquesta Tpica of Osvaldo PuglieseOrquesta Tpica of Francisco CanaroOrquesta Tpica of Astor Piazzola11 12. Nueva Guardia (1925-1950) Tango CancinCarlos GardelTango Song began in 1917 Musical structure in 2 parts: verse and chorus Romantic lyrics with a history Carlos Gardel is the most important singerMi noche triste First Tangosong 1917 12 13. Nueva Guardia (1925-1950) Orchestral music (for dancing)Traditional wayEvolutionary way1. Francisco Canaro1. Julio De Caro2. Juan DArienzo2. Anibal Troilo3. Carlos Di Sarli3. Osvaldo Pugliese4. Miguel Cal4. Horacio Salgn 13 14. Vanguard (Avant garde) Astor Piazzolla and Gerry MulliganThe Instrumental Music changes its function:Music to hear in a concert (Not music FOR DANCING) Jazz elements Technical elements of classical music New ensembles with different instruments (electric) New rhythm is incorporated 14 15. Vanguard (Avant garde) 3+3+2 New Rhytmn Is incorporated15 16. Plateau period (1965-2000) Tango Argentino Company In New York 1986Stagnation Poor in new productions Few young musicians playing Tango Advancement of global cultural processes Globalization Tango Shows around the world 16 17. Renaissance - New searches (1985)17 18. Renaissance - New searches (2000)18