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How To Find A Good Magento Developer

Know what kind of Developer you need?The first thing to consider before you start searching for a developer is what you need exactly. By doing this, youll be able to find the right person who will help in your situation.

One time vs. ongoing projectDo you need someone for fixing one thing on your site or do you need someone to make ongoing changes?This is a really important consideration because some developers might have the time to fix something small but might not be available to work with you forthe long term.When you consider hiring someone on ongoing basis, always be sure that theyhave enough available time to work with you as a client. If theydont, it doesnt matter how good of a developer theyare. Theywont be able to deliver.Also, some developers might be looking only for a long term commitment and might not want to work on small projects.

Price vs. qualityThis might be a clich, but you get what you pay for. You cant expect an excellent job from the cheapest developer from India.There are countless situations when companies hired the cheapest talent onlyto realize these developers cant deliver. They then pay the price to hire other, more experience people to fix their crappy code which turns out, in the end, to be much more expensive.At the same time you dont always need to hire the most expensive developer to be sure theywill deliver on theirpromises. To know what kind of person you need always evaluate your project.

Make a list of competences he/she needs to haveIts really important to be aware of exactly what kind of experience and knowledge your developer must possess.What kind of languages does he need to know? What kind of frameworks does he work with? Does he work with your framework?Keep in mind that each new version of Magento requires a new framework.

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