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  • 8/4/2019 Hindalco New1



    Study on

    HINDALCO Selling Process

    Project done at,

    Submitted By,

    Hindalco Ind. LtdAtul KumarVandana Tower,

    Tolstoy Marg,New Delhi


  • 8/4/2019 Hindalco New1


    My heartfelt thanks goes to Hindalco industries Ltd., an

    Aditya Birla Group, for giving me an opportunity to

    learn and complete my training. I thank Hindalco

    Industries Ltd. From the bottom of my heart for giving

    me a valuable chance to be associated with it.

    I extend my sincere thanks & gratitude towards Mr.

    Pratik Jha (Territory Manager) who shown Confidence in

    me and trained me and make me learn about the

    general selling industrial Process. In spite of his busyschedule he spend quality time with me, explaining the

    framework of the selling process of the Hindalco


    My special thanks goes to Mr. Anurag Sharma(Regional

    head, North zone), for his cooperation and healthy


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    I have covered my project report under the SELLING

    PROCESS of HINDALCO, Rolled Products, which is first

    truly MNC of INDIA.

    This report has been written in response to

    comprehensive study conduced on the DISTRIBUTION


    report mentions and evaluated the various aspect,

    pertaining to the distribution channel of the company.

    I am confident that any one who goes through

    the report will learn how much be I learn & benefited

    during this winter training period.


    ul Kumar

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    Aditya Birla Group traces its origin back from the tinyvillage of Pilani in the Rajasthan desert, where Late Shri

    seth Shiv Narayan Birla started cotton-trading

    operations in 1957. Then one visionary- Late Shri G.D

    Birla set up Indias first integrated aluminium

    manufacturing unit at Renukoot, in 1962, backed by

    captive power plant at Renusagar in 1967.


    An industry leader in aluminium and copper, Hindalco

    Industries Limited, the metals flagship company of the

    Aditya Birla Group is the world's largest aluminium

    rolling company and one of the biggest producers of

    primary aluminium in Asia. Its copper smelter is the

    worlds largest custom smelter at a single location.

    Established in 1958, we commissioned our aluminiumfacility at Renukoot in eastern Uttar Pradesh, India in

    1962. Later acquisitions and mergers, with Indal, BirlaCopper and the Nifty and Mt. Gordon copper mines inAustralia, strengthened our position in value-addedalumina, aluminium and copper product.

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    World leader in Aluminium Rolling (19% market


    Largest recycler of used aluminium cans.

    Primary Aluminium and Copper registered on theLondon Metal Exchange.

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    Profile of Aluminium Industry In India

    The aluminium industries in India are highlyconcentrated, with just five plants accounting for the

    entire production capacity of 7, 02,000 tonnes per


    The per capita consumption of aluminium in India is

    only 0.5kg. as against 25kg in USA, 19kg in JAPAN and

    10kg in EUROPE. Even the worlds average per capital

    consumption is about 10 times of that in India. The

    reason of low consumption in the country could be that

    consumption pattern of aluminium in India is vastly

    different from that of developed countries.

    The demand of aluminium is expected to grow about

    9% per annum from present consumption levels. This

    sector is going through a consolidation phase andexisting producers are in process of enhancing their

    production capacity so that demand supply gap

    expected in future is bridged. However, in India is a net

    exported of alumina and aluminium metal at present.



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    Highly concentrated industry in the country.

    Controlled by two private groups and one public

    sector unit. Energy cost is 40% of manufacturing cost for

    metal and 30% for rolled products


    Reflected through its strong manufacturing base and

    operational efficiencies across the value chain.


    Through its versatile range of products serving core

    applications for diverse industries; and


    Operations in 5 continents reaching Customers across

    more than 50 countries.


    The entry of Novelis into the Aditya Birla Group has

    provided a defining competitive edge to Hindalco as aglobal metals player. With its industry-leading assets

    and expertise.

    Novelis is the only company which able to produce

    premium aluminium rolled products on all four

    continents where it operates. As the largest producer

    of flat rolled aluminium

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    products, it ranks as number one in Europe, SouthAmerica and Asia and is the second largest in NorthAmerica.

    Hindalco units have the Quality certification of ISO9001, Environment certification of ISO 14001 as alsoOHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health & Safety. Severalunits have adopted the Integrated Management System(IMS) certification, reflecting a combined businessexcellence model.



    Mainly Hindalco deals in three types of Products,

    1. Primary Products


    3.Rolled Products


    As Indias largest producer of Flat Rolled Products,Hindalcos Aluminium Sheet is produced from its own

    cast slabs or

    continuous cast coils, rolled down to customized

    thickness, gauge and tolerances.

    Value added Product offered by Hindalco:-

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    Hindalco caters to almost every industry sector viz:-


    Closure stock for pilfer-proof bottle Caps,Foilstock for foil and packaging industry, andCan-end Stock for beverage cans.


    Lithographic Sheets and Coils for offset printing



    LampCap stock ford Tube lights, High

    conductivity sheets.

    Consumer DurablesCircles for pressure cookers, non-stick

    cookware.Roll bond sheets and coils for refrigeration


    Building and ConstructionColour Coated coils for Aluminium CompositePanels, false ceiling,etc,High Strength andCorrosion Resistant Roofing Sheets in variousProfiles and Colours.


  • 8/4/2019 Hindalco New1


    Auto Radiator Finstock, Heat shield coils, Al-CladSheet and Finstock.

    Road Transport

    Sheets/Coils for bus/ van body panelling,Chequered/ Pattern Sheets for flooring andpanelling.


    Sheets/ Plates for boats, ships etc.

    Defence and Industrial

    Strong alloy Sheets and Plates for various

    defence and industrial applications.


    Mainly there are two types of a selling Process, given


    1. Direct selling :- It is a process where there is a

    direct involvement of a seller and buyer. There are

    no mediator in this selling process.

    2. Distribution Channel:- It is a process where

    there are availability of market intermediaries like

    Wholesellers, retailers, stockist etc.

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    Industrial selling Process:-

    Industrial selling process comparises of direct selling. A

    Selling process consists of following steps in Industrialselling Market:-

    1. Identification of needs

    2. Presentation or, Demonstration

    3.Price Negotiation

    4. Proper Agreement (offer and acceptance)

    5. Product Design/ Product Planning

    6.Actual Production

    7. Shipping/ Delivery of the manufactured Product

    8. Payment Collection


    1. Identification of needs:- It the most

    important step in the selling process as it

    helps in identifying the customers needs. In

    case of Hindalco as what are the productsmanufactured by the concerned company is

    being judged and how they can modify their

    product according to their need is being done.

    2. Presentation or, Demonstration:- This is

    one of the P of the marketing process. This

    is being done by giving them certain sample.

  • 8/4/2019 Hindalco New1


    3. Price Negotiation:- This is also one of the

    Ps of marketing. Pricing is the most important

    factor in any of the process as it is the only

    factor which brings revenue. The quality of the

    product for which hindalco is being known, the

    ability to deliver the product at the right time

    and the optimal price helps Hindalco in

    dominating the customer in the price

    negotiation process.

    4. Proper Agreement (offer and

    acceptance):- This is being done by MOU or

    on the stamp paper.

    5. Product Design/ Product Planning:- This is

    also one P of Marketing Process. This is being

    done in the Plant of the Hindalco as according

    to the need of the customer. The customer has

    to provide details of the required product and

    the factory arrange meeting with the

    technical persons and manufactures the

    product. This is the sample and the customer

    checks it whether they are satisfied with the

    product or not and if not corrective measures

    are being taken.

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    6. Actual Production:- After the sample being

    okk the plant manufactures the product in the

    given quantity.

    7. Shipping/ Delivery of the manufactured

    Product:- After the production the product is

    being delivered to the concerned place

    according to the need of the customer.

    8. Payment Collection:- Generally In Hindalco

    the full payment or some of the part of the

    payment is taken in advance and if not the

    payment is collected here from the customer.

    9. Feedback:- After the sales process completes

    here comes the feedback. Feedback is very

    necessary as it helps in building future

    relationship and it also helps a firm in

    improving its product as well as in the

    development of the company.

    An example of a Selling Model:-

  • 8/4/2019 Hindalco New1


    Customer Service:-

  • 8/4/2019 Hindalco New1


    1. Regular interaction:- It helps in building a healthy

    environment.2. CRM :- Helps in making a customer loyal. Here

    Hindalco has a unique CRM where there is a

    website where the customer and the concerned

    selling person sits together online and if the

    customer is having any query then it will be solved.

    This process also helps a senior executive in

    knowing the managerial performance and the

    ability of the concerned sales executive.

    3. Survey:- Helps in knowing about the current

    market scenario.

    Observation :-

    Industrial marketing is done with proper strategy.

    A person needs to have proper market

    knowledge and the present situation as it will him

    in building strong relationship with the customer

    and it will also help him in judging the other

    competitors as comparison to his product.

    A marketing manager needs to make regular

    visits to his client list i.e, the concerned

  • 8/4/2019 Hindalco New1


    industries as they may have various issues and it

    will be very much beneficial for both of them i.e,

    for the Buyer as well as Seller for the futureprofessional relationship.

    Learnings and Findings:-

    It has been seen that regular visit to the customer

    is necessary as it helps in finding the hidden needs

    of the customer.

    Regular visits also helps a person in knowing the

    customer profile in a better manner.

    Feedback is very much necessary as from it we will

    know that Whether the customer is satisfied with

    the Product or not.

    If not then what are corrective measures which

    should be undertaken by the company to improve

    its product.

    Price Negotiation should be done with propermarket knowledge and strategy. So a marketing

    manager must have current market information.

    Regular visit to the customer is also necessary for

    maintaining the balance between Demand and


  • 8/4/2019 Hindalco New1


    If any misunderstanding is present there in

    between Buyer and Seller then in that case that

    can be solved by the mutual understanding by

    sitting together.

    If any misunderstanding is present there in

    between Buyer and Seller then in that case that

    can be solved by the mutual understanding by

    sitting together.

    Submitted by,

    Atul Kumar