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Hillary Clinton

SLIPPERY SLOPEClinton wants it to be illegal to burn flag, so then we will have a lot of people in jail and they will be violated and depressed.

Staw manClinton says that she supports the military. So she says that we have to follow her rules what military experiences did she had.

Faulty GenerralizationClinton was the senator for one term and now she thinks shes powerful and she wants it all.

Red HerringClinton wants to make drugs illegal but what about the immigrans coming into the country.

Ad HominemClinton says she supports abortion but what does she know? Nothing.

Circular reasoningClinton is a lazy person because she is inactive.

Either-Or-FallacyEither you vote against Clinton or people will die because she supports abortion.

Cause and Effect Fallacy Clinton said she supports abortion and now all woman are depressed and suffer pain.

Loaded languageClinton is lazy because she hasnt fix the immigration conflicts.

BandwagonClinton wants to be president just because her husband is president.

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