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Weekly Sports Updates

Transcript of HighPoints Magazine Weekly Sports Updates January 13, 2011

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    Whos Number One? (Left) Its the King-wood Middle School Mustangs eight graders. The Cou-gars show off their hardware, second from the right and is beaming Head Coach Matt Smith-son.

    Board Banging - The inside game of King-wood Middle School (below in white) leads to a title. The positioning under the basket was a key.

    Vol. 01 Num. 07January 13, 2011 ThursdayHighPoints Magazine

    The High School Sports Magazine for North Houston Metro Area

    Matt Smithson knows he doesnt have to worry about his Kingwood Middle School boys roundballers dedication to their sport and his responsibility. They knew that they would have to play some Basketball on their own during the Christmas Holidays, and they stayed sharp by doing that, the first year coach said.

    The graduate of Lamar University saw that focused determination pay off with the eighth grade Humble ISD tourney title won by his red clad KWMS Cougars, 38-37 in a heartstopper at Atascocita High on Saturday. A barrage of three point long distance bombs almost brought Humble Middle School back, but a costly turnover at the end put an end to the Wildcats longshot, but very effective, comeback. Well, almost completely effective, after all, the purple Cubs didnt quite catch the Coogs. Still, it was a longshot, because KWMS had built a double digit lead and the clock was running out. However, bombs away and back came Humble, only to come up short. The former Nimitz High Phys-ed. Coach,

    See Middle School Page 2

    ROBS ROLL - Weekly Sports Updates www.highpointsmagazine.com

    Kingwood MS Wins Boys Hoops Title

    Humble ISD Middle Schoolers Put on Good Show

  • Page 2 - www.highpointsmagazine.com - January 13, 2011

    says his team has come a long way.

    When we played them earlier this season in the first game of the year, we lost by 12 points, and it was my first game as a head coach here, Smithson said. He added, The thing is they had to adapt to me and me to them, but running Coach Amorosa and Coach Huismans up-tempo motion offense and man to man defense, they are coming around. Also, the fundamentals that we teach them each day are making them better basketball players, Smithson said.

    They definitely are getting to the point where not only Matt Smithson will not have to fret, but K-Park Head Coach Dominic Amorosa their future leader will be finding that no worries feeling coming down the road, right at him.(rest of the results in Basketball notes )

    Middle School Continued from Page 1

    Secondly, I was watching Ohio State this bowl season and I was also checking out the exploits of Cam Newton for Auburn, and one thing came to me like a bolt of lightning. There needs to be an ethics tattoo. Simply, when a young man comes out of high school, the college or university of their choice is required by the NCAA, Jr. College, NAIA or whatever other governing body is out there, to get two tattoos. One of those illustrated markings is whatever the wearer chooses within reason, but the other freebie skin art will say: I am a man of ethics, and under no circumstances will I cheat, or break recruiting rules.

    If it sounds a little heavy handed or draconian, dont let it trouble you. Remember, that playing sports is not a right, its a privilege, and that the athlete has a choice. If he refuses to get a tattoo, then the college can look elsewhere. If he does, just think about it! The minute an opportunity to cheat comes up, he more than likely could think twice, lest he betray the

    Robs Rhetoric ... On the Run by Rob L Sprouse

    Short but Sweet Musings

    I guess youll be the judge about the sweet part. However, with our HighPoints magazine getting close to publishing, my time is short this week. Lets get right to it, shall we?

    First, I am absolutely amazed at the way that the athletic ability of roundball playing middle school youngsters has progressed since my last gaze back in the eighties, no not the 1880s. The basketballers I saw last weekend were far more adept at the game than the ones I saw playing hoops thirty years ago, and I think I know why. To begin with, Club, particularly AAU ball for middle schoolers has given players super-charged competition during all parts of the year, not just the scholastic season. Secondly, advances in training, particularly the ability for kids that age to have weight resistance training, has created a much more agile athlete. Sometimes, the mind cant keep up with the body at the middle school age, and the game had a tendency to lose its discipline, but overall, I was impressed with what I saw at the middle school tourney at AHS.

    self expression on his body. One look in the mirror just might talk him out of it. The taxpayer would certainly welcome free services-like an education- to be provided by them, in a better light if they knew those tax paid for services werent just going to be window dressing for someone who was taking his motivation under the table. If they knew that said athlete wasnt going to waste a free education and without diploma in hand, head out to the pros they would like that better than the current situation. Truth is, those who leave early or after four years of playing, without a sheepskin in hand, rarely go back to get it. The stats dont lie, and neither do some tattoos.

    Finally, to continue from last week, here are a few New Years resolutions for local high schools. Number one, Kingwood should resolve to have an annual matchup with Kingwood Park in both girls and boys basketball, period. Name me a better area rivalry! Last but not least, Summer

    Creeks girls should never question the determination of their leader, Coach Angie McDonald. Resolve never to do it, if you have before. What that woman does trying to live with an obnoxious health condition is above and beyond the call of duty. If there was ever a Croix de guerre for non-combat, she should get the medal. Her husband had to quit his job as the fledgling schools head baseball coach, in order to work as a principal at Woodcreek Middle School. Thats in order to have more time to take care of their home life and kids. The health issue has brought that about. So, players dont ever have doubts. She will run through a wall for you, no doubt about it!

    Thats it, gotta run, and complete HighPoints year one. Thanks a lot-see ya next week, P.S: Our thoughts are with the folks in Arizona.

    Second Helping - A tough 38-37 loss relegated Humble Middle School to second place. A great comeback came up short in the eight grade basketball tourney at Atascocita High last Saturday.

    Tight D - (Left) That was the hallmark of both teams. But KMS came away with the title over HMS.

  • Page 3 - www.highpointsmagazine.com - January 13, 2011

    Humble,TX.- A crowded gym, and a neighborhood rival, in a district game - What do they have in common? Answer: EVERYTHING The two aforementioned factors will generally always lead to a hyper-charged atmosphere and that is what happened at Humble High on Friday night, January 7, 2011, as Kingwood Parks Boys basketballers tipped off a historical first district match with their school-and athletic-district compadre. The two teams had squared off before in a non-district, 4Avs.5A matchup in 2009, but this time much more was on the line. When it was over, Humbles hosts had grabbed an early 18-4A district advantage with a 62-54 win over KPs Panthers.

    The visitors came back from a 37-32 halftime deficit to take a short lived lead in the middle of the third quarter, but the Purple Wildcats began to crank up the defense, K-Park went cold from the floor, and Humble had pushed the lead back up to five points by the end of the third. That was the same margin that they led by at the half. Although, K-Park stayed close for most of the final quarter, Humble pulled away in the end stymieing their Forest Green

    guests, and moving into a tie with K-Park, albeit a knotting that brought with it a head to head tie-breaker advantage for the early going of 18-4A. Both teams ended the evening at 2-1 in district.

    Both teams came out of the game facing a tough week ahead. Humble travelled to Willis on Tuesday while KP headed off to Huntsville to play the undefeated (intra-district) leader. Humble then also knew it would have to follow up the trip north, with a home game against a hungry and suddenly competitive Summer Creek squad, the game is on Friday. Meanwhile, Park has to go on the road over to New Caney Friday night, and a district roadie is always a tougher proposition, no matter the distance needed to travel, nor the standing of the opposition. Stay tuned, its not historical, but it is a crucial time for both teams as they attempt to strongly stay in the playoff race.

    Postgame notes-Humble Head Coach David Martinez was happy with his interior defense, saying that the team was able to get a larger share of loose balls and grab more rebounds during the latter stages of the game. I was especially pleased with the play of Kyndahl Hill, who came back after a slow start, and did a good job in the paint for us, Martinez said.

    I was also pleased with the focus we had going into this K-Park game because we knew that we had let one get away when we lost to Huntsville the other day. The kids knew the