Highlights from IFAD funded "Small Fish and Nutrition" project in Bangladesh

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Presented by Shakuntala Thilsted at the International Fund for Agricultural Development headquarters in Rome, July 2013.

Transcript of Highlights from IFAD funded "Small Fish and Nutrition" project in Bangladesh

  • Highlights from IFAD funded Small Fish and Nutrition project in Bangladesh Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted Senior Nutrition Scientist, WorldFish
  • Project Sites and Target Households North-west: 1,500 households with small homestead ponds North-east: community groups, 500 households managing water bodies Project duration: 32 months; completion May 2013
  • Projects Goals Increase household income Improve nutrition (focus on the first 1,000 days of life) through increased fish (nutrient-rich) production and consumption
  • Innovative Integrated Approach Vegetables (orange sweet potato (OSP)) on pond dykes and in homestead gardens Promotion of consumption of nutrient-rich fish and vegetables and increased dietary diversity
  • Project Highlights Fish production Large increases in nutrient-rich small fish production 3.5 fold increase in total fish production in household ponds 2 fold increase in fish production from waterbodies Increased production of dried small fish from waterbodies
  • Project Highlights Increased Fish Consumption Quantity and frequency of nutrient-rich fish consumed - In women - In children, starting with complementary feeding from 6 months of age
  • Project Highlights Strengthening family and community engagement Men and women in decision- making and work load sharing in production Womens work load Intra-household food allocation Mens purchase of foods Community women as promoters for production and consumption - empowered - status - mobility Adoption of pond aquaculture and OSP production by non-project households
  • Project Highlights Knowledge Sharing and Technology Transfer Government of Bangladesh: Departments of Fisheries and Extension - national and local Implementing projects - USAID Feed the Future: FTF Aqua - Multi-Year Assistance Programs (MYAPs)
  • Way Forward Within the framework of the CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems Bangladesh: e.g. IFAD funded Haor (wetlands) Infrastructure and Livelihood Improvement Project (HILIP) Regional: e.g. Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar